Today [You] i'm a sucker for huge faces


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Today [You] i'm a sucker for huge faces

  1. 1. Today [You] i'm a sucker for huge faces Flox silk floss silk Flude flood Fluff gib an explosion of gunpowder Flyte flite a scold Flyte she fling she whether she scold or kick go into a fit of anger Fitting badgering scolding Foin to thrust in fencing Foisonless unsubstantial Foist and a warming pan It was a popular report that the Pretender was a supposititious child and was introduced into the royal bed within a warming pan Followers of Minerva those who have address and intelligence Folter kammer a torture chamber Fool carle a clown a stupid fellow Foranent in front of opposite For bar to deny to refuse Forbears forefathers ancestors Forbye besides Fore To the fore in front Fore bar the part of a court room reserved for counsel Foregather draw up together become intimate Fore hand first in order the part of a horse before the rider Forfairn exhausted by fatigue or decay sadly worn out Forfeit offence trespass Forfend to forbid to prevent Forfoughen breathless exhausted forgfen forgiven Frae from Fraim fremd strange Frampal unruly evil conditioned Frampler a disorderly pereon Frampold unruly peevish Frangistan the country of the Franks ie Europe Frank the Oriental name for the peoples of Western Europe Franklin a small gentleman or freeholder Fray to frighten Freats superstitious notions fret worry annoyance Freedom of the rules freedom granted to a Scots advocate to plead at the English bar Freit an omen French crown a mediaeval coin about the size of the modern English florin Freris friars Friar's chicken chicken broth boiled with eggs Friended befriended Frippery old clothes Fnst to postpone give credit Frontless shameless Frounce a distemper Frumps a sulky fit Fuff puff whiff Fugie fugitive Fugie warrant a warrant to prevent flight Fule fool Fule body a foolish creature Fulish On Sat, Oct 9, 2010 at 8:56 AM:
  2. 2. most brilliant series i have ever seen. mega crush on john safran. i emailed him once when i lived in amsterdam, and asked him on a date. he wrote back, but distance got between us. huge faces? yeah, big ones that you can use like one o those photo reflectors if the lights go out
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