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Brochure invest eng

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Brochure invest eng

  1. 1. BROME-MISSISQUOI: LEADING INDUSTRIAL ZONE Everything leads to your success
  2. 2. Brome-Missisquoi: A choice locationyour host, your network, Close to the United States, Montréal and Sherbrooke, the Brome-Missisquoi region is extremely well-served:your partner • Highways, railroads and airports (including Bromont Airport) • Several border crossings in the areaRegardless of the size of your business, • Highly accessible key servicesas soon as you decide to locate in Brome-Missisquoi, (water, electricity, natural gas, telecommunications) • 9 universities + an industry-based research centreyou will receive a superb welcome, and enjoyperfectly functioning services and infrastructure,all adapted to your industry’s many needs.Whatever your projects, we are with you, A high-quality industrialresponding to your needs and helping you communityto achieve your aims. Several leading industries and their sub-contractors already make for a significant proportion of the businesses in our parks. Key among them are researchers, designers and developers. With its stimulating, dynamic and bilingual work environment, Brome-Missisquoi is the new industrial “valley”.
  3. 3. Microelectronics and Limestone extraction in Bedfordthe Bromont Technopark and the surrounding area Here were created the camera for the Spirit probe that Graymont (North America’s third-largest producer landed on Mars and the WATSON supercomputer that of quicklime) and Omya (an international producer) ex- caused such a stir on the Jeopardy show. Here, too, are tract a limestone of very high-quality from the local soil. produced the microprocessors found in game consoles, This they transform into various products, including telephones and cars. IBM and Teledyne Dalsa form quicklime, calcium carbonate and construction impressive force in the field of nanotechnologies and semi- These products are used particularly in mining extraction and waterconductors; these companies alone employ a specialized treatment, and as inputs in a multitude of products, including tooth-workforce of almost 3000 employees. They are currently paste, latex paint, agricultural fertilizers, concrete, asphalt and paper.collaborating in the construction of a large research centre led by theUniversité de Sherbrooke. Agri-food, an innovativePlastics at Cowansville, and prosperous nicheEast Farnham and Farnham. From Brome Lake Ducks (known for their foie gras) to the Domaine Pinnacle’s ice cider (known even in Rotoplast, Kaytec, Polyplus: companies that restore China), our agri-food businesses are of great repute. to the art of plastic-making its former glory. Here, They include foodmakers operating at both craft- biodegradable bags are made, and there is an (cheesemakers, restaurateurs, well-known caterers) emphasis on recycling, innovation and the development and industrial levels (Bonduelle and Arctic Gardens), as well as of revolutionary new processes. the seventeen vineyards that make Brome-Missisquoi the cradle of wine-making in Québec.
  4. 4. Open spaces, A CHOICE GEOGRAPHICALat attractive prices LOCATIONRoom for expansion. Brome-Missisquoi offers tailor-made sites that QUÉBECcan grow with you. The prices are affordable, with production costsand tax rates being among the lowest in North America. montréal BROMONTAn affordable workforce (Knowlton)With its large network of people, interested in both their work COWANSVILLEenvironment and the unique atmosphere of the region, Brome-Missisquoi may be regarded as a veritable nursery for your industry.We are known for attracting and retaining the personnel in ourindustrial parks. SUTTON LAKE CHAMPLAIN MAINE USA NEW YORK VERMONT New Hampshire Massachusetts BOSTON Connecticut NEW YORK
  5. 5. www.brome-missisquoi.caTo contact our team:1 855 266-4928Extension 236Benoit LévesqueIndustrial Advisorblevesque@cldbm.qc.caExtension 254Michel BrissonIndustrial Advisormbrisson@cldbm.qc.ca30% postconsumer waste paper