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OPA Research Presentation 2009


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Presentation on research initiatives and advertising trends in South Africa delivered at an Online Publishers Association breakfast in Johannesburg, South Africa

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OPA Research Presentation 2009

  1. 1. About Me  Passionate about digital media and publishing  Served on the OPA Exco as head of the research portfolio since 2007  Represent the OPA on the South African Advertising Research Foundation (SAARF) board since 2009  Previously Publisher of The Times Online and Head of the AvusaiLab  Currently Head of Digital at Auto Trader (Trader Media Group)
  2. 2. Research Portfolio  Conduct surveys and commission research reports  Strive to keep members well informed and abreast of industry trends  Collaborate with other portfolios on promoting the online industry and securing representation on media boards and organizations
  3. 3. Online Media in South Africa 2009  In 2008 the OPA commissioned World Wide Work (Arthur Goldstuck) to produce a report on the status of online media and advertising in SA  44 publishers participated – largest and most comprehensive study of its kind to date  A number of questions were repeated or amended from a 2006 survey, allowing for trends & comparisons to be made for the first time  The report includes a case-study section which provides rare insight into successful local online campaigns & business models  All OPA members entitled to a free copy
  4. 4. Key Findings: Online Advertising  Online advertising in SA grew at the fastest rate of all countries in the English-language world in 2008, and it’s likely to be replicated in 2009 Year Ad Revenue Growth Rand Growth Total Adspend 2003 R 67,624,867.35 0.5% 2004 R 104,466,201.48 55% 37m 0.7% 2005 R 151,757,599.75 45% 47m 0.9% 2006 R 188 807 314.00 24% 37m 0.9% 2007 R 240 968 659.00 27% 52m 1.0% 2008 R 318 969 793.00 32% 78m 1.3% 2009 R 419 133 256.00 32% 101m 1.7% (forecast)
  5. 5. Key Findings: Online Advertising  This robust growth rate reflects growing confidence in the medium by advertisers & the ability of online to deliver a ROI  Furthermore, the adoption of the medium by traditional and specialized digital agencies has increased their contribution to ±50% – could rise to as much as 60% in 2009  The fact that this growth rate is taking place in the midst of a global economic recession is testament to the power & strength of the medium – Online is here to stay!
  6. 6. Research Initiatives 2009/2010  Quarterly/bi-annual updates (member climate survey)  Links to relevant local/international industry news and trends (newsletters)  Additional categories in monthly Netratings reports eg. blog networks and social media, directories and search etc.  2010 major research project scheduled
  7. 7. Questions? @youngblood on Twitter on LinkedIn