Cydcor Reviews: Part 2


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Here is part 2 to our series of Cydcor's SlideShares, displaying samples of book reviews from the website

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Cydcor Reviews: Part 2

  1. 1. CYDCOR REVIEWS Book reviews for the on-the-go business professional
  2. 2. CYDCOR REVIEWS PROJECT Finding the time to read and grow as a professional businessperson isn’t the easiest task. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of books that we find valuable, and have written up short reviews to help you get started on seeing their usefulness for you and your business.
  3. 3. To find more in-depth reviews of these books, check out our website. You can find more awesome book reviews from Cydcor team members at the site below.
  4. 4. CRITERIA FOR A REVIEW Books we choose to review belong to one or more of the following categories: • Business Management • Biographies and Autobiographies • Development • Self-Improvement • Leadership and Coaching • Entrepreneurship
  5. 5. All of these book reviews are written by Cydcor executives or team members. We hope you enjoy them!
  6. 6. SELF-IMPROVEMENT A T T I T U D E I S E V E R Y T H I N G B Y J E F F K E L L E R Review by Miriam Caballero By examining his attitude, Jeff Keller discovered that the key factor in happiness is the way we look at life. Check this book out if you’re interested in improving your outlook when things get tough.
  7. 7. “You can’t always control circumstances. But you can control your own thoughts.” – Charles Popplestone Why Cydcor Leaders Recommend This Book: Along with being an easy read, Keller does a fantastic job of examining why attitude can affect our day-to-day life, both at work and at home. In order to find happiness, an attitude is required that is open to new circumstances and willing to change for the better For a more in-depth review of Attitude is Everything, check out the complete Cydcor Reviews website.
  8. 8. DEVELOPMENT Competitive Advantage by Michael E. Porter To create and manage an enterprise successfully, Michael Porter believes that by studying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, we can develop the critical thinking that is necessary for success.
  9. 9. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE This book is filled with real life examples of businesses that failed or executed a strong “market signals” strategy. The biggest or best idea may not be the best business strategy; instead, it’s important to identify the business’s place in the market, and stand out from the competition. Want to read more? Check out the full review at Cydcor Reviews.
  10. 10. The Good Listener: Better Relationships Through Better Communication By Hugh Mackay LEADERSHIP AND COACHING Everyone sees the world differently; why don’t we take this into account whenever we communicate?
  11. 11. THE GOOD LISTENER A guide to communication within relationships by social researcher Hugh Mackay, The Good Listener is an insightful summary of why it’s difficult for people to communicate ideas to others. Flickr CC via gfpeck Find the full review here.
  12. 12. CYDCORREVIEWS.COM Interested in reading more about awesome books that can help you in your business? Check out our blog for our latest reviews and advice on all things business related!