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Book Reviews from Cydcor for the busy entrepreneur. Don't have time to keep up with the best practices in the business world? Or to read inspirational books and absorb leadership coaching ideas? Cydcor has you covered!

Here are some short reviews from Cydcor executives, business owners, sales members, or team members on the topics of leadership, development, corporate culture, biographies, entrepreneurship, and business management. Also, there are some reviews that are just for fun.

Book reviews in this presentation include short reviews on Wooden: A Lifetime of Observation and Reflections On and Off the Court, The Leader Within, The Tipping Point, and Lean In.

These books are also all featured on our reviews site,

Cydcor Reviews
Book reviews for the busy entrepreneur
Cydcor Reviews Project
We know that as a busy professional you would like to be reading more in order to better educate yourself- but you probably don’t have time.

As such, we’ve compiled a series of books that we find valuable, and have written up short reviews of all of them to help you get the jist and see if it would be useful for you and your business.

All of these reviews are, or will be featured, in more length up on our blog. Check out our site below and check back often to find more awesome book reviews from Cydcor team members

Criteria for a review

Books we chose to review belonged to one or more of the following categories:
Leadership and Coaching
Biographies and Autobiographies
Business Management
Corporate Culture

All of these book reviews are written by Cydcor executives, business owners, sales members, or team members. We hope you enjoy them!

Gary Polson, Cydcor CEO

If you’re looking for a book from an inspirational speaker and role model, this Coach Wooden book is an excellent choice

Leadership and Coaching

This book discusses Coach Wooden’s foundation for leadership and offers his wisdom on how to succeed, achieve, compete, and lead. Favorite quote Leaders Listen. “I feel that hard public criticism embarrasses people, antagonizes them and may discourage them from being receptive to your message.”

By Ken Blanchard and others, this book helps you to determine who you truly are, as this is the only way that you can become an outstanding leader. According to one of our team members, this book challenges you to look inside to discover who you really are. It might take some work, but the book helps walk you through the process of looking at the different aspects of your self.

The Tipping Point is all about how it doesn’t take much to make a difference, and that the way things go viral in marketing is actually predetermined.

By Megan, Cydcor Consultant The favorite part of our team member’s reading of the book was the description of the Stanley Milgram small world experiment- one that helped to show how all of us

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