Cycle Simcoe: two year project overview


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The following provides a brief overview of what Cycle Simcoe has accomplished since the Welcome Cyclist workshop in spring of 2013 and describes the work which will be implemented during the next two years.

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  • The main goals of the Club’s two year cycling strategy development project is to create a bicycle safe, and friendly environment for families, and cyclists of all types within the County. It’s hoped that through this work, greater tourist traffic, and economic development will also be generated.
  • Participation in cycling is on the increase across Canada & Ontario, as more people recognize the potential of this activity as a healthy, fun and green sustainable transportation option. As consumers make this shift, cycling becomes more mainstream and is incorporated into everyday living. Making use of the bicycle as a form of transportation to commute to work and to access holiday destinations is increasingly prevalent across Canada, and world wide. 2010, 2 million Canadian visitors went cycling while travelling in Ontario and spent $391 million, (an increase of 25% and 18% respectively from 2009.) In both 2009 and 2010, around 3% of all Canadian visitor expenditures in Ontario can be attributed to those who went cycling.
  • Cycle Simcoe: two year project overview

    1. 1. CYCLE SIMCOE
    2. 2. Today’s Agenda Time: 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. 1. Introduction from Cycling Strategy Coordinator 2. Peek at the Research - Robert Wong, Partner, RMCG 3. 2 year Project Overview 4. Workshop – How to become cycling friendly 5. Next Steps
    3. 3. WHERE HAVE WE BEEN Progress made in 2013
    4. 4. Where we have been 1. Opportunity Identified 2. Welcome Cyclist Workshop 3. Cycling Market Research 4. Trillium Grant Obtained 5. Cycling Strategy Steering Committee Created 6. Two Year Work Plan Developed
    5. 5. About Cycle Simcoe The Barrie/Simcoe Cycling Club, a not for profit organization, have recently partnered with the County of Simcoe, and the Township of Oro-Medonte to develop a sustainable Cycling Strategy which can be adopted by, and rolled into the rest of Municipalities and separated Cities which exist within Simcoe County.
    6. 6. Peek at the Research –BruceGreySimcoe September 2013 6
    7. 7. Cycle Tourism in Ontario Increasing number of visitors and residents participating in cycling 2010 Canadian Tourism Stats • 2 M Canadian visitors participating • • in cycling in Ontario, spending $391 M (↑25% &↑18%). 3% of all Canadian visitor expenditures in Ontario can be attributed to those who went cycling Ontario also saw a larger proportion of Canadian visitors who went cycling anywhere in Canada (38%) Georgian Bay Cycling Route Feasibility Study November 2013
    8. 8. Our Ride Today! The Cycling Experience Research about Cycling Markets • Gearing Up Online Survey of Club Riders • Toronto Bike Show Survey • Centurion Canada at Blue Cycling Guests Feedback Getting Market Ready! 8
    9. 9. Experience Oro-Medonte 9
    10. 10. Huge Climbs on Quiet Roads Mobile ethnography participant in Oro-Medonte endured the challenge of hills… 10
    11. 11. Downhill Runs Followed by downhill runs…WOW! 11
    12. 12. Through Winding Roads …canopy covered windy roads 12
    13. 13. Road Conditions & Safety Cyclists preferred bike lanes on busy roads, swept lanes & shoulders, roads in good condition, and quiet roads with few cars Safety is not mentioned but always in cyclists’ minds 13
    14. 14. Sharing the Road Motorists generally accommodating of cyclists & cyclists obeying the rules of the road 14
    15. 15. Cycle Friendly a Bonus Oro-Medonte Bike friendly businesses but not a lot businesses open for cyclists Need more to join the Ontario Cycling Network 15
    16. 16. Amenities in Oro-Medonte Some rest stops available • Necessities: A few port-a-potties available but washrooms even better • Businesses could offer bike racks, repair service kit available, join Welcome Cyclist Network 16
    17. 17. Creating Memories …Surprising stop at the Guardians of the Forest 17
    18. 18. Creating Memories 18
    19. 19. Research about Cycling Markets 19
    20. 20. Demographics & “Cyclegraphics” Road cyclists are typically male (77%) and fall into the age bracket 45 – 64 (62%) 55% of road cyclists have graduated college or university and 25% completed post-graduate studies 72% of road cyclists have taken self-guided trips in the past 24 months 2 0
    21. 21. Ideal Cycling Trips Self-guided road tours, selfguided trips from a central hub, and charity rides Cycling routes, infrastructure, amenities and accommodations Road cyclists who go on overnight trips share the same preferences 2 1
    22. 22. Information for Trip Planning Planning the next road cycling trip Word of Mouth 71% Promotions at Cycling Conventions and Events 39% Cycling Club Information 66% Cycling Print Material 45% Travel Websites 46% Social Media 39% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% Word of mouth and cycling club information are the most used resources Q15. Where do you look for information to plan your next road cycling trip? (Please check all that apply) 2 2 80% n = 249
    23. 23. Awareness of Cycling in BGS York Durham Hills of Headwaters Similar trend among road cyclists who go on overnight pleasure trips Q10. Which of these locations do you consider prime road cycling destinations in Ontario? (Check all that apply)
    24. 24. Awareness of Cycling in BGS Road Cycling Destinations BGS as Prime Road Cycling Destinations Cyclists who visited BGS and think it's prime 50% Simcoe 64% Cyclists who visited BGS 52% Grey 61% 43% Bruce 48% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% n = 269 Q10. Which of these locations do you consider prime road cycling destinations in Ontario? (Check all that apply) Q20. Which of these locations have you visited for a road cycling trip? (Check all that apply) 24
    25. 25. Toronto Bike Show Survey 2013 Intercept interviews at the Toronto International Bike Show March 1-3, 2013 The Resource Management Consulting Group March 2013 25
    26. 26. Toronto Bike Show - March 2013 Purpose • Measure the market for cycle tourism Method • Intercept interviews with cyclists at or near Simcoe County Tourism booth at the Toronto Bike Show Sample • Interviewed 417 cyclists during three days 26
    27. 27. Characterizing the Cyclists Cyclists in their prime working years of age (45-64) • • Road cyclists – 45-54 (30%) Mountain bikers– younger – 35-44 (30% ) Well educated market • • Education N=413 Road – post-graduate (23%) Mountain – post-graduate (10%) 60 52 50 Age N=413 40 % of respondents % of respondents 40 28 30 23 18 20 10 17 10 30 20 17 13 10 6 <25 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ 27
    28. 28. Characterizing the Cyclists Cyclists riding road (43%) most frequently followed closely by mountain bikes (34%) then hybrid (14%) Riding an average of 3.7 times per week Bikes Cyclists Ride Ride Most N=417 Ride N=417 43 Road 34 Mountain 14 Hybrid 53 20 6 6 Cyclocross 55% of cyclists riding between 25-150 km per week • Road – 60% under 150 km per week • Mountain – 66% under 75 km 55 0 20 40 % of respondents 60 80 Distance per Week N=414 % of respondents 40 30 30 20 25 19 14 12 10 <25km 25-75 76-150 151-250 >250 28
    29. 29. Past & Future Biking Interest In the next two years, strong interested in cycling in BruceGreySimcoe Past Ontario Destinations Overall N=408 Road N=173 Mountain N=136 62 In the past 5 years, 36% of the cyclists biked in BruceGreySimcoe GTA 70 53 46 Niagara 52 41 36 Bruce, Grey, Simcoe 37 37 0 20 40 60 80 % of respondents 29
    30. 30. Prepared for: Rider Survey 2012 Image: BMVA Prepared by: The Resource Management Consulting Group December 2012 December 2012 30
    31. 31. 2012 Research Plan  Online survey post-race to ~ 4000  riders 20-30% response rates 2012 2011 2010 Total Riders 3955 3350 1319 Sample 813 765 613 Response Rate 21% 23% 47% December 2012 31
    32. 32. Generating an Economic Impact  54% of training visitors spent the majority of their time at Blue Mountain  Village, followed by Collingwood Although only 10% stayed at paid accommodation, 80% ate at a restaurant, 68% purchased gas and half shopped Activities During Training Trip % of respondents n=301 Ate at restaurant 80 Purchased gas 68 Shopped 49 Stayed with friends & family 31 BMR attractions Stayed at paid accommodation December 2012 17 10 32
    33. 33. Centurion Building a Riding Destination at Blue  42% of the riders (321) did at least one training trip to Blue Mountain area in 2012  Overall they took an average of 6.3 trips in 2012  50% stayed at least overnight during one of the trips Training Trips to BM Area in 2012 Nights in Area for Training Trips % of respondents n=321 % of respondents n=321 37 49 20 24 20 21 17 7 1 2 3-7 none 7+ 1-2 5 3-4 5-7 >7 times/season December 2012 33
    34. 34. Cycling Guests’ Feedback 34
    35. 35. Bass Lake Beauty Ride (35 km) Couple, 30’s, riding 3-4 years, recreational & charity rides, road bikes Route: Carriage Hills, Bass Lake, Mount St Louis, Line 8 then back to Carriage Hills The varied terrain is nice. It’s nice to have those flat rolling hills that you can just pedal, not really think about it and just watch the scenery. Once in a while you have an uphill that you say why am I doing this? And there are downhill runs where you say now I know why I’m doing it. So you have a bit of a elevation change that really makes for an interesting ride. Well I’m glad you said that it was a workout because now I don’t feel so bad. I thought it was only me. I guess I’ll just say it was beautiful scenery and a physical challenge at the same time. So it was nice to have that varied terrain … nice flat straight parts and a beautiful ride through trees 35
    36. 36. Bass Lake Beauty Tour (35 km) Male, 40s,cycling 10 years, Charity rides and rides with cycling team, first time to Oro-Medonte Route: Carriage Hills, Bass Lake, Mount St Louis, line then back to Carriage Hills For 40 k—well 30 some kilometers, it was challenging….I didn’t expect those <hills> … you get up a hill and finish it and the next one comes up…It’s fun. For that low amount of kilometers, to be able to get the kind of a workout in and to enjoy it was [gives thumbs up]. 36
    37. 37. Bass Lake Beauty Tour (35 km) Male, 50s, cycling lots, ironman in 2005, 4 day mtn bike tour in Costa Rica, first time to Oro-Medonte Route: Carriage Hills, Bass Lake, Mount St Louis, line then back to Carriage Hills I did an adventure race, Tough Mudder up here. It was so much fun. But we never got a chance to see the area. So now that I had the chance, I’m going to tell them that it’s great up here. You just don’t realize what’s up here. You have opened my eyes to Simcoe County and its beauty. I will definitely be talking about this gem….. 37
    38. 38. Chocowonder Tour (BTRB)(20 km) Female with male friend, 40’s, cycling 2-3 years, rides with group on weekend excursions with TCN, first time to Oro-Medonte Route: Chocolate Ride – Carriage Hills - Craighurst Overall, this is a fabulous idea to introduce <the area> to the Torontonians. I think it’s brilliant; good for you guys. That’s awesome. it’s pretty good. I think it’s a beautiful setting…the nature itself. The route gave enough shade in the beginning and the little gift shops were really nice. I liked that. 38
    39. 39. Getting market ready? 1. Cycling routes mapped & graded 2. Map ready for the Toronto Bike Show 3. Web site ready and populated with cycling enticing photos and videos 4. Businesses – Welcome Cyclists Network ready!! 5. Build rave reviews of: 1. 2. Cycle friendly hospitality Memorable experiences on: 1. 2. 3. 4. The roads At accommodations At the restaurants Attractions along the way 6. Other business opportunities!!
    40. 40. When can we be here? 40
    41. 41. It has been a great ride! Robert A. G. Wong, Partner 41 Email:
    42. 42. WHERE WE ARE HEADED Two Year Strategy Overview
    43. 43. 2 Year Work Plan Year 1: Road Focused Year 2: Trail Focused
    44. 44. Defining “Cycle Simcoe” Branding: The brand “Cycle Simcoe” has been identified as the face of cycling within Simcoe County and will be released in early 2014. Website Development: You can stay posted on our progress by visiting It will house marketing assets, which local businesses can use to make their establishment cycle friendly.
    45. 45. Signage Share the Road In spring of 2014, locals of OroMedonte will notice Share the Road signage being placed along designated routes. This will be the foundation of our education and awareness project. Wayfinding Wayfinding signage will also be installed along our four identified routes. Oro-Medonte will be an innovative leader by using wayfinding signage along rural routes in Ontario!
    46. 46. Oro-Medonte Routes Four routes have been mapped and approved in Oro-Medonte. Next steps will be to print and distribute brochures in Bicycle Stores and other local businesses.
    47. 47. Public Education Program In 2014, a cycling education program will be designed, partnering with local community ambassadors, with the goal of educating both motorists and cyclists alike. Some specific deliverables include; - Cycling 101 - Road Cycling Etiquette - Share the Road (both motorist and cyclist)
    48. 48. Stakeholder Support/Partnership Infrastructure is a critical component of a Cycling Tourism Strategy. It requires the support of local stakeholders, such as; restaurants, bicycle stores, Bed & Breakfasts and other businesses that cross a cyclists path. Over the next two years, the Barrie/Simcoe Cycling Club, in partnership with Simcoe County and Oro-Medonte will work to establish a consistent message and provide all local stakeholders with the tools and information they need to run a cycling friendly business.
    49. 49. WORK SHOP Are you cycling friendly?
    50. 50. Are you Cycling Friendly? In Groups, take 15 minutes to think of 10 way’s to make your business cycling friendly. Then, present your top two ideas to the other groups and explain your reasoning. Consider: • Safety • Accessibility • Promotion • Education • Transportation and Tourism
    51. 51. Thanks for your help! Brendan Matheson @CycleSimcoe