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Post Mortem Investigations 2010


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Post Mortem Investigations 2010

  1. 1. 2009 Psychology Exam Post Mortem Assessment Components 1 & 2 Collaborative and Individual Investigations January Summer School 2010 Geoff Slater
  2. 2. General Information • Approx 2/3 had no marks changed – Teachers providing accurate guidance • Approx 1/3 had some marks changed – Most lowered due to overgenerous marking in A and B bands – A few raised due to overzealous marking in C band or below • Both quantitative and qualitative reports evident • Interpretation and evaluation still main area of difficult for students 2
  3. 3. General Information Interpretation  Describe and interpret patterns in data as it relates to the quality of the data  Discuss sample size  Discuss representativeness of the sample Evaluation  Discuss validity of results  Discuss reliability of results  Identify strengths and weaknesses  Research Ethics 3
  4. 4. Teachers should be aware of …… • Base question on simple research question/hypothesis – Relevant to class data – Avoid multiple hypotheses, complex questions • Avoid combing quantitative and qualitative data – Proposal covers only a subsection of the data – Teacher feedback essential early in process • Don’t use self made marks schemes – Usually leads to a downward shift in moderation • Adhere to 1500 word limit – Manage this during drafting stages 4
  5. 5. Students should be aware of …… • Information searches and reporting unnecessary – Extensive book and internet searhes undesirable • Do not include lengthy and detailed descriptions of methods used – These are already given to you • Avoid producing multiple statistics/graphs of irrelevant data – Does not result in higher marks – Must be appropriate to research question/proposal • Graphing raw scores is not a considered as analysis of data 5
  6. 6. Students should be aware of …… • Qualitative analysis – Summary table only include a few responses to illustrate themes – Look for a limited number of themes – Long lists of themes indicate a lack of understanding of the process of content analysis – Generally should focus on only one of the focus group questions • Describing data vs Interpreting data – Describing- tabular, graphical forms with a comment (Group A mean is significantly greater than Group B mean – Interpreting – provide meaning and context to data • Must explain clearly how ethics, strengths etc..affected the outcome of their own particular investigation – Relate discussions to own research program 6
  7. 7. It is advised that…… • Proposals are attached to investigations, • Teachers read and refer to the support materials pertaining to collaborative and individual investigations, • Teachers use the “mark scheme” and “student record for supervision and verification” available in LAM • Teachers join the “online community” for psychology, • New teachers seek clarification and advice early – Curriculum Officer – Experienced teachers 7
  8. 8. Moderation 2010 Great PD opportunity Get to know-understand processes more clearly Will help you and your students