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Cyberoam security on amazon web services


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Businesses both big and small have found a great alternative in cloud due to its variable cost and pay-as-you-go utility model of computing, allowing clear gains and flexibility over traditional capital expenditure models of IT computing infrastructure deployment. Besides the obvious economic sense that goes in cloud, platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) also provide benefits of elasticity, dynamic scalability, built-in high availability and redundancy. While unprecedented market growth has been witnessed in the number of organizations embarking on cloud infrastructure, a survey also highlights that nearly 64% enterprises consider security concerns as the biggest barrier to adoption of public cloud platforms like AWS. Cloud adoption has reached a point where enterprises are turning to public cloud services like AWS for their tier 1 applications and critical customer data. However, there's a need for better security solutions for enterprise-class cloud infrastructure. This webinar explains Cyberoam's comprehensive security for AWS cloud and discusses opportunities for partners.

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Cyberoam security on amazon web services

  1. 1. Cyberoam Security-as-a-Service on Amazon Web Services Cloud Presenter:
  2. 2. About Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  3. 3. What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)? Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud  Rent computing capacity or infrastructure on the cloud  A Web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud  Pay only for what you use  Elastic in nature - On-demand instances - Auto-Scaling - Elastic load balancing You can rent  Computing power of a Super computer  Hosting Servers  Applications e.g. Video streaming applications  Space on the Internet  Everything on the Internet
  4. 4. Customers using AWS Application Hosting Backup & Storage Content Delivery NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab ECommerce High Performance Computing Media Hosting On-demand Workforce Search Engines Web Hosting
  5. 5. The Opportunity: Security on AWS hosted Infrastructure
  6. 6. Not Available Securing the AWS set-up The Opportunity: DESIRED SECURITY ! Protecting Web servers from Hackers ! Malware Propagation on/from Websites ! GeoPolitical Control – Country Wise Traffic Control ! Secure access to AWS Hosted Infrastructure ! Visibility into network traffic Available LIMITED SECURITY offered by AWS  Physical security of the data centers  Securely isolating environments running in the VPCs  Simple port based firewall and NAC - govern what can enter and leave VPCs
  7. 7. Introducing Cyberoam Security as a Service on Amazon Web Services Cloud
  8. 8. Introducing Cyberoam Security as a Service on AWS Anyone with an Amazon Web Services account can use the pre-built Cyberoam AMI
  9. 9. Introducing Cyberoam Security as a Service on AWS  AMI (Amazon Machine Image) Virtual Appliance  Cyberoam Security as a Service on AWS o WAF for AWS hosted websites o Full Security for Amazon Cloud Infrastructure o VPN Connectivity to Private Cloud o Full Traffic Visibility and Control - E.g. Country based rules  Comprehensive Value Subscription (CVS) Security  Licensing options  Hourly ‘On Demand’  Bring Your Own License – BYOL Cyberoam Security on AWS allows customers to use advanced protection that they’re used to in the real world
  10. 10. Use-cases
  11. 11. Securing AWS hosted Websites  Prevent hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities in websites and web-apps hosted on AWS  Cyberoam Protection - Web Application Firewall - Layer 8 Geo-based Traffic Control - On-appliance Logging & Reporting AWS ERP Websites, Web-apps Cyberoam AMI
  12. 12. Securing AWS hosted Servers Cyberoam Protection  Firewall  Intrusion Prevention System  Web Application Firewall  AV scanning for uploads /downloads  Regular security updates  Logging & Reporting - Attacks - Attackers - Severity - and more… Web Server Application Server Email Server AWS Cyberoam AMI
  13. 13. Securely Connect Branch Offices via IPSec VPN  Securely connect branch offices with IPSec VPN  Threat Free Tunneling  VPN reporting Enterprise Server/ Data Center Remote office 1 Remote office 2 AWS Cyberoam AMI
  14. 14. Secure Remote Access to Users  Ensures secure remote access with IPSec VPN and SSL VPN  Enforce user control, time-based policies and granular policy controls  Threat-free Tunneling technology scans traffic for malware, intrusion attempts  Reports on VPN users and traffic Remote office Enterprise Server/ Data Center AWS Cyberoam AMI
  15. 15. Full Security for Amazon Cloud Infrastructure  Augment or Replace AWS Firewall  Threat Protection with IPS, AV, AS  Protect web-apps with WAF  Securely remote access with VPN  Complete Visibility into user and network activities - Visibility into attacks, attackers - Visibility into source and destination countries - VPN reports - Inbuilt compliance reports
  16. 16. AWS Pricing EC2 Usage fee varies across regions Instance types comprise varying combinations of CPU, memory, storage, and networking capacity Per hour EC2 Usage charges by Amazon • Per hour Software charges by Vendor • • Zero in case of BYOL Per GB – Per Month Storage Charges by Amazon
  17. 17. Licensing Options for Cyberoam Security-as-a-Service PAY-AS-YOU-GO Hourly Pricing  Varies by Instance Type  Hourly Price includes 24x7 support  EC2 usage charged by Amazon  Software charged by Cyberoam BYOL Bring Your Own License • Buy subscriptions from partners and resellers • EC2 usage charged by Amazon • No Software Charge (This is covered in License) Cyberoam Security-as-a-service can be launched into any one of the three AWS Instances: • C1.Medium • M1.Small • M1.Medium
  18. 18. Channel Partners For BYOL Licensing Option  Existing Cyberoam Partner and Reseller Network For Pay-as-you-go Licensing Option  Existing Cyberoam Partners who are Service Providers  Building a new dedicated channel ( - Qualified partners to resell AWS services to both commercial and public sector end customers - Partners Own the customer experience from end-to-end for AWS-based offerings
  19. 19. Workflow
  20. 20. Step 01 Search AMI with the AMI ID Click Launch
  21. 21. Step 02 Choose an Instance Type Click Next
  22. 22. Step 03 Configure Instance Details Choose your VPC and Subnet Settings Click Next
  23. 23. Step 04 Add Storage Click Next
  24. 24. Step 05 Tag Instance Click Next
  25. 25. Choose your Security Group OR Go ahead with the default Step 06 Configure Security Group Click Review
  26. 26. Step 07 Access Authorization Click Launch
  27. 27. Step 08 See the Launch Status
  28. 28. Step 09 Running Instance
  29. 29. Step 10 Open Cyberoam using Elastic IP Standard Login/ Password: admin/ admin
  30. 30. Step 11 Register Appliance Screen
  31. 31. Step 12 Start Using Cyberoam CVS Subscribed for One Year
  32. 32. Thank you