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Virtual Cyber Job Fair Guide for Job Seekers


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A step-by-step guide to getting the most from your Virtual Cyber Job Fair experience. Have this guide handy for your next event with us.

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Virtual Cyber Job Fair Guide for Job Seekers

  1. 1. Virtual Cyber Job Fair Guide for Job Seekers 1. Take advantage of our pre-event training to familiarize yourself with how virtual events run. Visit the job fair page of the event you’ll be attending for training details. 2. Research the companies who will be attending and the positions they will be recruiting for. 3. Dress professionally and be prepared to be on camera in case an employer invites you to use the platform’s video or audio chat feature. 4. Run this service check link to make sure you can access the event without firewall or other connectivity issues. No software download is required. 5. If you run into technical issues, email 6. Make sure you have a good internet connection. 7. Turn up your volume so you can hear notifications chime when you’re connected with a recruiter. 8. If you prepared a text document with your brief introduction and answers to commonly asked questions, open that document. Before the Cyber Job Fair Begins Visit | | 703-249-5040, Option 4 Prepared Chat Examples Since many of your conversations at the virtual job fair will be strictly text-based, prepare ahead of time by writing a brief introduction for yourself as well as answers to commonly asked interview questions. This is your chance to craft clear, concise responses about you, your experience, and your goals that you can easily copy and paste into the chat window. It’s also helpful to prepare questions that are specific to each employer you hope to chat with. Thoughtful questions should be about the company culture and climate, their hiring process, professional and staff development, etc. Elevator Speech: I’m Jane Job Seeker, an award-winning UX designer. I’ve been recognized by my customers for fulfilling user needs and delivering a finished product that exceeds project requirements. Talking Point for XYZ Company: I recently led collaboration between multiple teams to implement successful interface designs, which increased adoption rates and process improvement. My proven ability to translate complex issues quickly and effectively in a fast-paced environment may be a good fit for your Sr. Web Designer opening in Huntsville. Questions: What is your hiring process like? Are there opportunities for remote work at your company? What are your goals for the position over the next six months? Exit Sentence: I’ve appreciated the opportunity to speak with you today and look forward to connecting with you soon to further discuss the position. Thanks for your time!
  2. 2. Visit | | 703-249-5040, Option 4 3. If you click Manage Your Chats, you’ll see a pop-up with wait times for each booth. Toggle the Employers of interest to get in line for their booth. The software algorithm will automatically place you in the next available booth. 2. There are two ways to chat in an Employer’s booth: a) Enter the employer’s booth directly from the Lobby and select Chat. b) Go to Manage Your Chats to get in line for multiple Employer booths. 1. When you log in, you’ll see the Lobby where you can scroll to view all the participating employers. Your navigation bar is on the left. During the Virtual Job Fair
  3. 3. Hello Sara. What specific positions do you have an interest in? Please give me a moment while I review your resume. Hi Bob. My intelligence analysis and program management background may be a good fit for your Program Manager opening in Reston, VA. 8. The Chat conclusion page lets you ask a follow-up question and thank the Recruiter, rate your chat (which is only visible to you), and take notes for your reference. 4. Your chats are timed to either 8 or 10 minutes in length. Either you or the recruiter may end the chat. 5. When you enter a Chat, be prepared to tell the Recruiter which of their positions interest you, or why you are there. They are reviewing your resume, so give them a moment. 6. In your first chat you can set a Standard Greeting. It’s a friendly way to get the conversation started. 7. During your text-based chat, an employer may invite you to video or audio chat. When they invite you to an audio or video chat, you’ll see a notification pop up on your screen asking if you’d like to accept or decline the invitation. Click“accept”to begin your chat.
  4. 4. 9. If you’ve got questions during the event, visit the Virtual Job Fair Information Booth. We’ll be there to help you throughout the event. 10. Be sure to check out the Resume Review Booth to get feedback on your resume. 11. If you need to take a break, toggle your Chat Availability button to Unavailable. Your current chat will finish, and new chats won’t start until you toggle back to Available (red). 1. Review your chats, visible via the History icon in the navigation bar. Makes notes of all follow-up and act on it! 2. Be sure to thank the recruiters you talked to and provide any follow-up details that were discussed. 3. Complete the online survey we’ll send you about the event. We really value your input! When the Virtual Job Fair Is Over Visit | | 703-249-5040, Option 4