Cybermedia - Digital Communication Japan 2009


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Welcome to CyberMedia!

Cybermedia is one of Japan's leading digital communications agencies. Our work is based on strategic thinking, is creatively driven and employs the latest global technologies across different media channels.

Our tech-savvy, innovative specialists are constantly developing new ways to communicate our clients' messages effectively via award-winning interactive creative. Our association with the Ad-comm Group offers our clients unmatched integration of their Web and mobile strategies with the rest of their communications vision.

Cybermedia is multinational, multicultural, multilingual and we are highly passionate about our clients and the work we perform.

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Cybermedia - Digital Communication Japan 2009

  1. 1. Welcome to CyberMedia Creative and marketing driven online communication
  2. 2. overview  Founded: 1987 in Tokyo, Japan  Consolidated revenue: 25 million USD  Employees: 100 multinational staff  Offices: 5 cities worldwide  President & CEO: Andreas Dannenberg
  3. 3. Welcome to CyberMedia CyberMedia is one of Japan’s leading digital communication agencies. It’s work is based on strategic thinking, is creatively driven and employs the latest global technologies available. Leveraging the strength’s of the Ad-comm Group, Cybermedia is multi-national, multi-cultural, multi-lingual and highly passionate about it’s clients and work performed.
  4. 4. Empowered by group synergies…
  5. 5. The ad-comm group Advertising: Strategic Digital Communications, Building & Management of Brand Equity Planning, Creative, PC & Mobile Applications Media Strategy and Media Buying Public Relations, Event Marketing, Corporate Crisis Communications Space Design & & Government Relations Exhibitions Investor Relations Mar-comm based Pharmaceutical & & Communications Venture Fund Healthcare Marketing
  6. 6. CyberMedia Client selection
  7. 7. Website Examples :
  8. 8. Website Examples :
  9. 9. Website Examples :
  10. 10. Website Examples :
  11. 11. Website Examples :
  12. 12. Website Examples :
  13. 13. Website Examples :
  14. 14. Website Examples :
  15. 15. T9 Friends Web
  16. 16. Case Study Web…
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Case Study:Web In 2003 CyberMedia became the online lead agency for Renault Japan with the mission to completely revolutionize the car makers 0 online communication strategy. Since then CyberMedia turned Renaults Japanese static website into a fully interactive communication platform.
  19. 19. Case Study:Web 0 Site evolution
  20. 20. Case Study:Web Cars Racing 0 Fun Lifestyle F1 Rich content
  21. 21. Case Study:Web 0 Lifestyle related
  22. 22. Case Study:Web 0 Interactive
  23. 23. Case Study:Web 0 Personalized and database driven
  24. 24. Case Study:Web 0 Sales tool
  25. 25. Case Study:Web 0 Loyalty building
  26. 26. Case Study:Web Result: 215% growth of the user database (from 6,500 to 31,000) 0 25% of first time visitors become members (before 7%) 60% of the members read the monthly newsletters
  27. 27. Mobile Expertise CyberMedia also has over 6 years of experience in mobile marketing, being responsible for the Japanese mobile strategy of many international brands …
  28. 28. Mobile Site Examples Porsche Whitebook Heineken/Warner Campaign GotchaTV
  29. 29. Mobile Site Examples T9 mobile site T9 Games T9 Friends Monthly Manga
  30. 30. Mobile Site Examples Brita Main Page Brita Flashlite Games Brita Flash screensaver
  31. 31. Mobile Site Examples Oxygen O2 Mobile Site O2 Flash Wallpaper O2 Flash Game
  32. 32. Mobile Site Examples RedBull Main Page RedBull Media Section RedBull GPS locator *sample design
  33. 33. Mobile Site Examples Moet Mobile Site Moet Campaign Section Moet Screensaver *sample design
  34. 34. Case Study Mobile…
  35. 35. Case Study : Mobile Lufthansa Japan - introduction From January 2006 CyberMedia developed and is currently maintaining the Lufthansa Japan mobile site. Japan was the first country for Lufthansa to launch a mobile platform and it plays a key role in Lufthansa's future global mobile strategies.
  36. 36. Case Study : Mobile Lufthansa Japan - Site features Lufthansa Firstclass Interactive city guide Blog featuring the Lufthansa Baer German Style Section about seasonal events, locations and places Flash Games Soccer Games, Travel Games Monthly Lufthansa mobile present Sounds for download, screensavers, picture frames, Flash wallpapers Monthly campaign quiz Win tickets to Europe and other Lufthansa “goodies” Monthly mobile newsletter Monthly special flight offer & “Miles and More” promotion
  37. 37. Case Study : Mobile Lufthansa Japan - Site features Main page Lufthansa First Class Lifestyle
  38. 38. Case Study : Mobile Lufthansa Japan - Site features Euro Travel Game Discover Germany Game Soccer game
  39. 39. Case Study : Mobile Lufthansa Japan - Site features Flight Screensaver Flash Flightschedule Wallpaper Collection
  40. 40. Case Study : Mobile Lufthansa Japan - Site features City Guides Europe Blog in Flashlite
  41. 41. Case Study : Mobile Lufthansa Japan - a loyalty driver 26% of first time visitors become members 70% of visits to the site are returning visitors 65% of members access the website at least 2-3 times every month 35% of all members access the website within 6 hours following a mobile newsletter delivery
  42. 42. Case Study : Mobile Lufthansa Japan According to the Financial Times, CyberMedia has created a website that is regarded as the most cutting edge mobile site in the airline industry.
  43. 43. THANK YOU CyberMedia K.K.