LIFE - 4/7/2010 - Lavender


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LIFE - 4/7/2010 - Lavender

  1. 1. Wonders of Lavender<br />Kata Fountain & Cheryl LeJune<br />
  2. 2. Aromatic, evocative, nostalgic, soothing, romantic, healing… let’s meditate! <br />
  3. 3. History of Lavender <br />Used over 2,500 years ago <br />Latin root, lavare meaning “to wash” or livendulo meaning “livid” or “bluish” <br />Egyptians used in mummification process <br />Christian reference in the Bible <br />The Phoenicians and the Arab World used it as perfume<br />Roman Empire and North Africans used the oils for bathing, cooking, and to freshen the air<br />
  4. 4. History of Lavender (Cont’d)<br />Around 600BC, spread across Europe from Greece to France and England <br />In Medieval and Renaissance Europe, was used to protect against infections such as plague or cholera <br />European royalty fondness for lavender during Victorian Era (Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, and Charles VI of France)<br />In modern times the plant was rediscovered by Rene Gatefosse for its essential oils and aromatherapy<br />World War I. wound dressing, disinfect in hospitals<br />
  5. 5. Benefits of Lavender (in general)<br />Lavender produces slight calming, soothing, and sedative effects when its scent is inhaled.<br />Its fragrance is used in soaps, shampoos, balms, perfumes, cosmetics, and topical applications <br />Used in sachets for scenting clothes or wedding confetti <br />Repels insects and moths<br />
  6. 6. Benefits of Lavender (in general) Cont’d<br />Calming effect on pets and children in vehicles <br />Used in Integrative medicine, such as massage, acupuncture, chiropractic manipulation <br />Aromatherapy to slow nervous system<br />Essential oils will help with re-growth of hair <br />
  7. 7. Benefits of Lavender <br />Benefits of Lavender in modern day medicine<br /><ul><li>Antiviral
  8. 8. Antifungal, also treats eczema and acne
  9. 9. Antiseptic/external disinfectant
  10. 10. Anti-inflammatory
  11. 11. Relieves muscle tension and pain
  12. 12. Speeds healing – after surgery</li></li></ul><li>Benefits of Lavender in modern day medicine<br />Benefits of Lavender <br /><ul><li>Prevents/reduces scaring
  13. 13. Relaxes brain waves/reduces stress/dizziness/headaches
  14. 14. Anti-depressant, anti-moodiness
  15. 15. Circulatory stimulant
  16. 16. Other: microbial activity on gums, nervous stomach irritations</li></li></ul><li>Available Forms <br />Flowers, essential oil <br />Bath gels<br />Extracts <br />Infusions<br />Lotions<br />Soaps<br />Teas<br />Tincture<br />Whole, dried flowers <br />
  17. 17. How to take it<br />How to Take it <br /><ul><li>Children: oral use is not recommended since it is toxic used topically, but diluted to treat skin infections, minor cuts and scrapes; use it in aromatherapy by dropping oil in boiling water, inhale vapors for headache, depression, or insomnia
  18. 18. Adult: Internal use
  19. 19. Tea – 1 to 2 tsp whole herb per cup of hot water;
  20. 20. Tincture (1:4 ratio) 3 times a day
  21. 21. Inhalation – 2-4 drops of oil in 2-3cups of boiling water, inhale vapors for headache, depression, or insomnia; Tropical external application: add 1-4 drops per tbsp of base oil such as almond or olive oil. </li></li></ul><li>Precautions<br />Precautions <br /><ul><li>Precautions!!!
  22. 22. Herbs of any kind can trigger side effects and can interact with other herbs, supplements, or medications. It is strongly suggested that pregnant women should not be using lavender. </li></li></ul><li>Field of lavender in Provence<br />Photo credit:<br />
  23. 23. Village of Gordes in Provence<br />
  24. 24. Gardening<br /><ul><li>Lavender likes/dislikes
  25. 25. Likes well-drained soil
  26. 26. Likes full sunshine
  27. 27. Likes plenty of room – mature plant can be 3 feet in diameter
  28. 28. Doesn’t like ‘wet feet’ – plant away from sprinkler system
  29. 29. Challenge along the Texas Gulf Coast
  30. 30. Hot, humid summers
  31. 31. Heavy, ‘Texas Gumbo’ soil</li></li></ul><li>Gardening<br /><ul><li>Container gardening is a good option
  32. 32. Put a pot of lavender on your porch, enjoy the aroma and maybe, harvest enough flowers for lemonade!
  33. 33. Suggested varieties – lavandin hybrid lavenders
  34. 34. Provence – transplants or cuttings
  35. 35. Grosso – transplants or cuttings
  36. 36. Sweet – transplants or cuttings
  37. 37. Spanish – L. stoechas – can be grown from seed
  38. 38. Experiment with different varieties</li></li></ul><li>Gardening<br /><ul><li>When planting, water the plant well and continue to water the baby plants until roots are established
  39. 39. Once established, plant is drought-tolerant and needs much less water
  40. 40. Prune back 1/3 of plant between Nov/Feb to promote new growth
  41. 41. Plants/seeds can be found at local nurseries
  42. 42. Wildseed Farms – Pack (l. angustifolia)$1.25 to cover 15-20 sq ft
  43. 43. Plants on sale now at Chappell Hill Lavender Farm - $3.00/plant</li></li></ul><li>Recipes<br />Lavender has been used in most any type of food<br />Lavender Sugar<br />Cookies<br />Lemonade<br />Vinegar<br />Honey<br />Jelly<br />Coffee Cake<br />Potatoes<br />Pork Chops<br />Pound Cake<br />Biscuits<br />Oatmeal<br />Photo credit Murry Grigsby<br />
  44. 44. Crafts<br />Sachets<br />Kitchen angel<br />Lavender wands<br />Potpourri<br />Tussie Mussie<br />Lavender wreath<br />Lavender-scented candles<br />
  45. 45. Lavender Farms in Area<br />Chappell Hill Lavender Farm – Chappell Hill<br />Becker Vineyards – Stonewall<br />Hill Country Lavender – Blanco<br />Lavender Ridge Farms – Gainesville<br />Texas Lavender Hills – Blanco<br />Texas Lavender – Webberville<br />Wimberley Lavender Farm – between Wimberley & Blanco<br />Hummingbird Farms – Johnson City<br />
  46. 46. Thanks to …<br /><ul><li>Debbie and Jim McDowell
  47. 47. Located in nearby Chappell Hill, Texas
  48. 48. About 3,000 lavender plants
  49. 49. Blooming and cutting season August-October
  50. 50. No fee to visit farm</li>