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The Damage RePORT - Where to for SA's 'Mining Boom'?


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Dan Monceaux, director of the documentary film Cuttlefish Country offers a whirlwind appraisal of the SA mining boom, and some of its associates risks for the marine life of Spencer Gulf. You may be aware of the Kimberley Gas Hub and the Coal Port expansions of Queensland... South Australia has its own plans to join the ranks of mining titans regardless of the environmental cost.

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The Damage RePORT - Where to for SA's 'Mining Boom'?

  1. 1. The Damage RePORT:Where to for the South Australian mining boom?Dan Monceaux, Director – Danimations Pty. Ltd. May 2012
  2. 2. Where are we now?
  3. 3. Where are we going?● More investment, statewide (equivalent $ to ODX)● Subsidised exploration (PACE program, 2004-14)● Woomera Protected Area open● Unconventional Gas● Offshore oil and gas● Desal plants, freight corridors & port developments
  4. 4. Paths to market...
  5. 5. Upper SpencerGulf Ports
  6. 6. Point Lowly
  7. 7. Desalination PlantsPotential 214.5 ML brine output daily
  8. 8. So, what ifsalinity rises?Middle Eastern desalination plants in gulf systems caused increased local salinity(40ppt → 50ppt)Dodge tides may allow brine to pool & create deoxygenated zonesTotal egg mortality for Giant Australian Cuttlefish occurs at 50ppt salinitySalinity sensitivity of other species early life stages unknown Dan Monceaux, Director – Danimations Pty. Ltd. October 2012
  9. 9. Increasedshipping,so what?● Gulf at deepest is 26m, narrow channel● Cape-sized vessels need 20+ m depth● Propellers mobilise sediment (including metals)● Increase turbidity● Increase risk of accident (spill, grounding, collision)● Increase submarine noise pollution● Introduction of invasive species
  10. 10. Paths to market...
  11. 11. Lucky Bay Photo (c) Richard Wylie
  12. 12. Port Spencer
  13. 13. Cumulative impact study?● 1000 shipping movements predicted annually in USG by 2020 (Draft Marine Park Mgmt Plan)● Potential 214 million L/day of brine return to USG & 55 to 137 million L/day at Port Spencer● We recommend a Commonwealth Strategic Assessment of the region & moratorium on Point Lowly developments.
  14. 14. Documentary film coming, early 2013. Find out more at Dan Monceaux Director, Cuttlefish Country ph. 0411 039 592 Monceaux, Director – Danimations Pty. Ltd. October 2012