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Affordable Seafood Restaurent in Indonesia–


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If you are searching best seafood Indonesia choose our restaurant is a best seafood restaurant in Jakarta and we providing seafood with your affordable cost. For more details about restaurant Jakarta mail at

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Affordable Seafood Restaurent in Indonesia–

  2. 2.  Indonesia is perfected located in waters full of fishes and had a long tradition of fishing. The country is among the hugest producers of seafood in the world. In addition, Indonesia is one of the most productive nation states in aquaculture. When it comes to best seafood Indonesia, the country has much to offer since there is a clear decline of wild stocks in the seas. This explains why the importance of the country in the global market is increasing further.
  3. 3.  While being the fourth country of the world with a high number of inhabitants, Indonesia is also a big consumer of seafood. The mixture of export potential and domestic demand leads to business openings for seaweed, shellfish, and fish producers working out of the country, as well as for suppliers of logistics and equipment and processing firms. A close look to the numbers reveals that the future of best seafood jakarta is bright.
  4. 4.  The fishery production of the country reached recently 15.26 million tones. In this figure, 5.81 million tones account for wild capture while 9.45 million tones account for aquaculture. This is according to the report released by the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ranked the country third in the world when it comes to marine and inland catch. In terms of aquaculture output, Indonesia was ranked fourth.
  5. 5.  In recent years, fishery exports grew strongly as it reached $3.9 billion USD few years ago. Most shipments go to Japan and the United States of America, followed by the European Union. In Indonesia, East Java is the foremost production region of the country and accounts for approximately a third of shipments. The exports of the country are dominated by shrimp, fresh fish, and frozen fish.
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