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Proverbs against women


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Here is a collection of proverbs against Human's better half - The woman. Culturally, this gender biasness is prominant in folklores & Proverbs. When we consider that proverbs are nuggets of practical advice, such sayings make us rethink when man is projected as the ideal representation of our being while the female image is tarnished. Find more thought provoking & meaningful proverbs at

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Proverbs against women

  1. 1. Image Credit: © Werg | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free ImagesProverbs against WomenAnti-Feminist Sayings
  2. 2. Who is tired of happy days,let him take a wife.(Dutch Proverb)
  3. 3. A woman has long hairbut short brain.(Estonian Proverb)
  4. 4. The biggest trouble - a shrewish wife.(Yiddish Proverb)
  5. 5. He who marries a beauty marries t(African Proverb)
  6. 6. A brilliant daughter makes a brittle wif(Dutch Proverb)
  7. 7. The jealousy of a wife is the key to her divorce.(Egyptian Proverb)
  8. 8. He who has a white horse and a fair wifeis seldom without trouble.(Danish Proverb)
  9. 9. Smoke and a scolding womandrive one out of the house.(Rumanian Proverb)
  10. 10. A mans best friend is his dog,better even than his wife.(Icelandic Proverb)
  11. 11. Good wine and pretty wife are two sweet poisons t(Rumanian Proverb)
  12. 12. Gold is tested with firand woman with gold.(Yiddish Proverb)
  13. 13. A beautiful woman is a beautiful trouble.(Jamaican proverb)
  14. 14. A bad wife is poor harvefor sixty years.(Japanese Proverb)
  15. 15. The more a woman admires her facethe more she ruins her house.(Spanish Proverb)
  16. 16. The woman cries beforeand the man after.(Polish Proverb)
  17. 17. Love your wife like your soul,shake her like a pear tree.(Russian Proverb)
  18. 18. Beware of a bad womanand put no trust in a good one.(Spanish Proverb)
  19. 19. A woman is never satisfied.(African Proverb)
  20. 20. Living by yourself is betterliving with a bad woma(African Proverb)
  21. 21. Your first wife is sent to you by God,the second by man and the third by the devil.(Russian Proverb)
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