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Proverbs about women


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No wonder why there is so many proverbs & sayings about the better half of humans. We admire the enigma, beauty and power of womanhood through centuries though

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Proverbs about women

  1. 1. Sayings about Women
  2. 2. A good woman worth more than rubies.(Philippine proverb)
  3. 3. A plain woman with moral beautyis better than a beautiful woman.(Vietnamese proverb)
  4. 4. He who marries a young womangets welfare and a treasure.(Moroccan proverb)
  5. 5. A girl unemployed is thinking of mischief.(French proverb)
  6. 6. When a girl is refined,the wife is a little dove.(Yiddish proverb)
  7. 7. A girl is like a shadow;Follow her, she runs;Flee from her, she follows you.(Russian proverb)
  8. 8. A bad wife takes advice from everyonebut her own husband.(Irish Proverb)
  9. 9. A girl draws more than a rope.(Spanish proverb)
  10. 10. A lovely girl attracts attention by her good looks,an ugly girl by the help of a mirror.(Maltese proverb)
  11. 11. A wife is one’s heart’s delight.(Hebrew proverb)
  12. 12. A pretty girl is the kind of goodsthat is always in demand.(Yiddish proverb)
  13. 13. A bad wife is a poor harvestfor sixty years.(Japanese proverb)
  14. 14. A thrifty woman is the wealth of her house.(Maltese proverb)
  15. 15. A wife gives beauty to a house.(Indian-Tamil proverb)
  16. 16. A wise woman will marry the man who loves herrather than the one she loves.(Slovenian Proverb)
  17. 17. Girls are wont to say ‘no’ with their lips,but with their lips, they say ‘yes’.(Mexican proverb)
  18. 18. He fasts enough whose wifescolds all dinner time.(English proverb)
  19. 19. A woman can beat the devil. (Irish proverb)
  20. 20. When you have a pretty wife,You are a bad friend.(Yiddish proverb)
  21. 21. A woman and melon are hard to choose.(French proverb)
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