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Derek Williams Presentation from The Loving the Customer Conference


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Derek Williams Presentation from The Loving the Customer Conference

  1. 1. 4 FEAR 21/06/2011
  2. 2. Customers only everwant to complain....
  3. 3. Let’s judge people onwhat we can see tocontrol what we can’tsee....
  4. 4. Jayne Tilt, UK Customer Service Manager, Cadbury “We’ve dropped all the old KPIs and now focus purely on The WOW! Awards nominations.”
  5. 5. Only financialincentives willwork....
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Softness isweakness....
  8. 8. “Hi i wud like to thank u al 4that award today in 9 yrs ofcare ive never been thankeduntil today it means a lot andwe did wot we had to 4 mikecuz he not just a resiedent he afriend and we love him x thanx”
  9. 9. When you canovercome yourfears....
  10. 10. “Nominations are fantastically powerful. Team members feel recognised, appreciated & uplifted by the comments clients have taken the time to offer.” Engagement
  11. 11. “This has a knock on effect and is infectious.” Energy
  12. 12. “This has been a key instrument in understanding our team’s needs & strengthsand has enabled us to keep the team focussed during turbulent times.” Motivation
  13. 13. “Employees have been significantly moreengaged and proactive. They are always passing on ideas to improve the business.” Creativity
  14. 14. “Employee absence is down to 1 day peryear on average. From 6 days per year.” Efficiency and service
  15. 15. “When we are hiring people for our peak periods, we give priority to people who haveworked at other WOW! Awards organisations.” Recruitment
  16. 16. “Employee turnover is down by 25%.” Costs
  17. 17. “Customer retention is up 125%!” Service
  18. 18. “This is a powerful marketing tool.” Differentiation
  19. 19. “We have increased our Gross profit by 289%since we have started using The WOW! Awards.” Bottom line
  20. 20. 1. Look beyond your fears!2. Everything that you do is sending a message. And is an opportunity!3. Always with integrity.4. Encourage magic!5. Let them fall in love!