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  1. 1. Running Head: Philosophy of Education 1 Philosophy of Education Student Name: School Name:
  2. 2. Running Head: Philosophy of Education 2 Philosophy of Education Society is always trying to improve itself through any means possible. This urge toimprove has over time brought people who share the same thirst to form institutions of learning.Society has consequently bonded with institutions of learning and both have helped in thedevelopment of children.Delivery of knowledge is important therefore in learning. My perfect idea of a teacher is onewho is able to deliver the required information to all students effectively. At the same time, as ateacher I should depict exemplary morals and ethics to the students. Therefore to be able to teachin a classroom, I should work on enhancing a good and friendly atmosphere in a classroom. To be able to achieve these goals, I will first look into the different aspects that have beenput forward on the philosophy of education. But, specifically I will focus onPragmatism/Progressivism. Effective teaching calls for a student centered approach. Students should find classenjoyable. This way it encourages the student to yearn for knowledge. I will focus on the studentas the most fundamental person in the classroom. Therefore whatever I teach should go a longway into ensuring the needs of the student are met. This can be done through various ways, butgroup work seems to score highly. Reason being, other students in the group might be able toassist the weaker student understand more. I do believe that students should learn throughexperience as proposed by Rousseau. Instead of continuous lecturing, I will ensure the studentsare given a chance to experience knowledge first hand and practically (Gordon & Thomas,2007). I will use any method to enhance student participation in the classroom and improve thestudent centered approach. Curriculum is important, and I concur with pragmatism (Dewey, 1902). My purpose as
  3. 3. Running Head: Philosophy of Education 3the tutor or instructor is to teach or train the student how to think. The mistake that teachers do istrying to teach students what to think. This is wrong as the student will not be able to think underdifferent circumstances than the ones taught. Curriculum helps in producing all round students. Itfurthermore assists the student to see issues differently and be able to develop different ways toreason. As a teacher I know reasoning has got profound effects on a student. It makes a studentcare and respect others according to Rousseau. This is evident because in life one has to makedecisions, and making the right decisions count. As a tutor I know for a person function properlyin society, they should be able to read and write properly. A child’s or a student’s environment is important to their knowledge acquisition. Theenvironment natures a person’s personality; and there is no doubt that children or students are thebest imitators. I will ensure that the students get the care and respect they need when learning.By doing this the same values are instilled on the child or student and they end up imitating thesame. Pragmatism expresses that when a person wants to learn they are considered exploring andexperiencing individuals. The way a child behavior is externally influenced by any one, thus astudent’s nature is created and is not instinctive. Assessments of students should always be fair to all learners. I shall try and use acurriculum that takes into account the interest of the learner. Furthermore it should promotereading and writing and provide skills that are essential to the two. I will make sure that theassessments make the students think critically and make them stimulate questions that go hand inhand with the teachings received in the classrooms. I will use Formal and informal assessmentsto capture wholly the potential of a student. Exams are more formal ways of assessments;however, I will also use observation as informal way of assessment.
  4. 4. Running Head: Philosophy of Education 4 In order to establish and encourage student self-control, class management becomesimportant. I will involve class management in order to promote the positive aspects of studentbehavior and consequently a student’s achievement. Therefore my efficiency as a teacher isinter-related with the behavior of a student. When it comes to classroom management I willconsider three major components. To begin with, I will consider covenant management.Secondly, I will consider conduct management conduct and thirdly I will consider contentmanagement. The disciplinary issues of a class have got a huge brunt on learning and teachingeffectiveness. The three major components of education are important, I will use covenantmanagement to assert the position of a class as a group. The roles that the students play coupledwith my role as a teacher will help in turning a classroom into a better if not best learningenvironment. I will use conduct management to integrate my beliefs about people into a certainphilosophy. I will use Content management to emphasis on proper management of skills acrossactivities and subjects (Froyen & Iverson, 1999). I will use it to maintain learning activities andencouraging student cooperation.
  5. 5. Running Head: Philosophy of Education 5 ReferenceDewey, John. [1902] 1956. The Child and the Curriculum. In The Child and the Curriculum,The School and Society, ed. Leonard Carmichael, 3-32. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.Froyen, L. A., & Iverson, A. M. (1999). Schoolwide and classroom management: The reflective educator-leader (3rd Ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall.Gordon, Mordechai, and Thomas V. OBrien. 2007. Bridging Theory and Practice in Teacher Education. Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense Publishers.