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  1. 1. Running head: Coaching and mentoring 1 Coaching and mentoring School Name Student Name
  2. 2. Running head: Coaching and mentoring 2Coaching and mentoringIntroductionCoaching and mentoring are processes that help individuals to develop their career in aparticular direction. It is can also be defined as the support given to individuals in their careergrowth and development both for long term and short term. Usually coaching and mentoringis being administered by an experienced professional or expert in a particular field. Thecoaching and mentoring program helps individuals to get new ideas on how to carry out theirdaily job operations and duties. The individuals under coaching and mentoring program willlearn new ideas on how to manage their jobs.Case studyBen has jut been promoted to a management position in a company. He has never been in amanagement position before. Ben confronted Sandra, her predecessor to offer him withadvice and counseling on his new role. In the coaching relationship Ben would like Sandra togive him some specific management tips regarding his new role.Answer to question aIn the process of getting management advice from Sandra regarding his new role, Ben has toask some questions to Sandra. Some of the questions that Ben should seek from Sandra basedon her experience on the job are discussed below.The requirements of the new roleIn order for Ben to successfully manage his new management role, he would like to knowfrom Sandra, her predecessor what is required from him. Management position of any levelhas some requirement which must be fulfilled by individuals to be successful in their
  3. 3. Running head: Coaching and mentoring 3management roles. The requirements must be fulfilled by the respective managers to ensurethe smooth running of the organization. Sandra in response will be expected to give Ben thebasic requirement of a good manager.Behavior and conductManagement positions will require a good management of the self behavior and conduct.Managers should set the example of good behavior to other fellow employees. They shouldrespect their job and obey all the rules and regulations of the company. Managers should bedisciplined, honest and time conscious. A good manger should be respectful to the employeesand should be readily available to listen to them.Decision makingThe important issue in any managerial position is decision making process. Managers of allorganizations are required to make decisions regarding some issues. The decision made bythe managers will be crucial in the operations of the organization. The decisions made bymanagers can determine the success or failure of a company. Bad decision making can resultinto the failure of the company while good decisions will always result to the success of thecompany (Leatherman, 2008). Hence decision making will determine the success or failure ofa manager. Managers should make good decision based on extensive research andconsultations. In making of decisions there should be wide consultations on the issues fromvarious people within the organization.Delegation of dutiesAs a manager Ben should be advised on the importance of delegating duties to employees.The delegation of duties should be based on experience and skills of the staff members.Delegating of duties will give managers ample time to supervise the work with ease and
  4. 4. Running head: Coaching and mentoring 4monitor the progress of the organizations. Staff will have confidence in their managers whenthey are delegated duties and will be encouraged to work hard.Developing and motivating of staffA manager should be involved in initiatives that help in the motivation and development ofthe staff. The manager should encourage regular training of the staff on various issues. Thetraining will help in the development of the staff (Kathy & Tim, 2009). The staff can also bemotivated by giving of various incentives to those who meets the deadlines or targets. Thiswill encourage the staff and help in motivating them. The motivated staff will developpositive attitude to the company and work to improve the performance of the company.Effective communicationBen as a manager is expected to communicate effectively to the employees and the clients ofthe company. The communications should be clear and on a regular basis. This will ensurethat all the employees are updated on the progress of the company.Managing of the workBen will also be expected to manage his work effectively to ensure that there is productivityand performance of the company. Management is all about the performance of anorganization hence Ben should put effort to ensure that the company is performing well interms of productivity.Answer to question bBasic elements of the coaching/ mentoring relationshipThe coaching relationship should be able to explain the roles of the mentor and the leader tobe trained. This will demonstrate the commitments and faithfulness of the parties involved to
  5. 5. Running head: Coaching and mentoring 5the coaching or mentoring relationship. It will also helps in the identifications of theframework of operation for the parties and how they will meet their commitments of thecoaching program.The performance expectations and the outcome of the coaching relationship should bespecified. The coaching relationship is meant for the achievement of certain goals andobjectives. Failure to achieve the goals of a coaching program is an indication of a poormentoring relationship. Specifications of the outcomes and expectations of a coachingrelationship will therefore act as guideline to ensure that the program is successful.The coaching relationship should have elements of performance measurements and theachievement of the specific goals of the coaching relationship. No differences should bemaintained in the process of coaching relationship. The existence of differences in therelationship will make a coaching program valueless. Coaching relationship should beaccompanied by constant evaluation, review of performance, and the advance in therelationship between the parties involved. This will keep the coaching relationship focusedtowards meeting specific objectives and performance. It also ensures that the relationshipremain relevant towards growth, productivity, and development.A coaching relationship should also have a time frame. The time frame should be created soas to help monitor the performance expectations of the relationship. The accomplishment ofchanges can be defined within a time frame. The mentor and the leader can monitor theprogress of the relationship based on the specified timeframes. This will help in evaluatingwhether the relationship is successful or not.
  6. 6. Running head: Coaching and mentoring 6Answer to question cCoaching relationships should be narrowly defined instead of being open and available to allissues and circumstances. A coaching relationship which is narrowly defined has someadvantages over the open coaching which is open to all issues and circumstances.Some of theadvantages of a narrowly defined coaching program includes the following.It will help in meeting the specific needs of a leader. The coaching relationship will befocused on meeting specific needs of an individual leader hence help develops his or herleadership skills towards a desired direction (Gorrell, & Hoover, 2009).A narrowly defined coaching program will meet the specific need of a company. Thementorship relationship will develop individual skill towards a specific company of interestand this will enhance his leadership skills towards his or her company of interest.The narrowly defined coaching program will enable the mentor to offer in depth training tothe leader regarding a specific area of interest. It will encourage job specialization andencourage productivity in organizations. The relationship will also save time and cost to theindividuals involved. Open coaching relationship will touch on many issues and will require alot of time and cost. Some of the coaching elements in open coaching relationship might beunnecessary to the leader. This can be avoided by designing the mentorship relationship in away that it meets the specific needs of an individual.Answer to question dPros of written coaching relationship 1. Written coaching relationship can be used for future reference by the learner. The records of the written coaching relationship can be stored and used by the learner as
  7. 7. Running head: Coaching and mentoring 7 reference. The leaner can always refer to the written statements on his or her daily management roles when need arises. 2. It can also act as an evidence of the training program. The leader can use the written documents to prove that he or she has undergone a mentorship program. The proof can be used as an evidence of a professional training by the leaner. 3. Written coaching relationship is effective in case filing of information or documents is required. The filing of the written documents can be used for future references by the parties involved. In verbal coaching relationship no evidence can be traced by the parties since the agreement is by the word of the mouth. 4. It will be very easy to trace the progress of performance of coaching relationships using written materials than verbal means. The trainer will easily be able to identify the area covered and those that need to be covered. In verbal communication there is no clear way to monitor the progress of the coaching relationships.Cons of written coaching relationship 1. It is costly and time consuming in comparison to the verbal coaching relationship. The written coaching relationship will require both the mentor and the leaner to spare their time so as to draft the agreement. Where as verbal coaching relationship will only require discussions between the parties involved. 2. Witten coaching relationship is also costly to the individuals involved. The relationship will require some paper work and this will involve some costs to the learner and the mentor. Verbal communications will not require any paper work hence it will be less costly to the parties involved.
  8. 8. Running head: Coaching and mentoring 8Answer to question eElement of a coaching contract for Ben and SandraThe contract between Ben and Sandra should have some elements that contain theirexpectations, commitments and goals. The following are some of the elements that should bein the contract of Ben and Sandra.VoluntaryThe learner or the leader should be clear that the contract they are engaged in is voluntary.The leader should behave in a way that will show that the services offered to him or her isthrough the good will of the mentor (Guptan, 2006). In this case it is the responsibility of Bento understand that the contract is voluntarily being offered by Sandra.The contract should be clear and specificThe contract between Ben and Sandra should have a clear language and specification. All thedetails in the contract should be illustrated clearly and understood by both Ben and Sandra.There should be no guess work left for Ben and Sandra in the contract details. Theirexpectations should be clearly outlined in the contract. The performance factors of Ben andSandra should also be clearly indicated in the contract agreement.Sandra should accept the elements of agreementsSandra should be able to agree and abide by the coaching contract and the commitments theyhave made between themselves. Sandra should also be able to demonstrate the agreedbehaviors in her role (Megginson, 2006). Through demonstrating of the leadership behaviorto Ben, the mentorship relationship will be enhanced towards achieving its goal.
  9. 9. Running head: Coaching and mentoring 9Contract adjustmentsThere should be an agreement between Ben and Sandra towards the adjustments of thecontract. The commitments made by the two individuals should not be permanent. Theyshould be able to adjust the commitment whenever there is a need. The change of the contentof the contract should be reflected in their coaching agreement. The contract can beredesigned to reflect changes in the expectations of the individuals. It can also be altered toreflect changes in the new behavior patterns. Sandra and Ben should agree on the need tomake changes in their coaching agreement when need arises.
  10. 10. Running head: Coaching and mentoring 10ReferencesGorrell, P., & Hoover, J. (2009). Coaching Connection: A Managers Guide to DevelopingIndividual Potential in the Context of the Organization. American Management Association.Guptan, S. (2006). Mentoring : A Practitioners Guide to Touching Lives. Response Books.Kathy,M & Tim, P (2009). The quantum leader. Application for the new world of work.Second edition. Jones and Bartlett publishers.Leatherman, D. (2008). Quality Leadership Skills: Standards of Leadership Behavior. HRDPress.Megginson, D. (2006). Mentoring in Action: A Practical Guide. Kogan Page.