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How does your media product represent particular social groups?

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D:\College System Files\Media\Magazines\Coursework\Powerpoints\Q2

  1. 1. How does your media product represent particular social groups?
  2. 2. In my media product, a music magazine, I’ve aimed to represent women and therefore that’s why I only featured women in my magazine. On the cover page I have reinforced dominant ideology of women because I’ve got the model to pose in a fun and playful way however you could argued I’ve shown some emergent ideology and helped to break down stereotypical views of females also. This is because the female model is fully clothed; if I was trying to represent women how they normally are, in a sexualised way, then the model would wear more revealing clothing. Also I would have chosen a medium close-up, here I have chosen a full body shot. The mise-en-scene of my front cover shows the model in a fully clothed and dignified yet fun pose. This shows emergent ideology as it represents women in a less sexualised way.
  3. 3. Another way in which I have shown emergent ideology is through women using modern technology. A stereotypical view of women would be that they wouldn’t be associated with the use of new technology and therefore my by model being female and competently using technology of the front cover it breaks down this stereotype and shows emergent ideology that men and women are equally capable of utilising new technology.
  4. 4. In my contents page I continued to follow emergent ideology with the model still interacting with new technology but also this time I used a medium close up. The medium close up was used but the model remained fully clothed and it was asked when posing that she make the scarf more visible, covering up her neck more, to this helps to prevent her from becoming sexualised.
  5. 5. My double-page spread again continues with the same emergent ideology used on the cover and contents page. The model is posing on a full-body shot but the pose is playful and fun and remains innocent so as not to sexualise the image or give it other connotations. The reason behind that is that in particular pop music appeals to the social group of females (although my magazine is aimed at both genders) who like listening to pop music because of its fun nature. The picture connotes playfulness and so keeping it not sexual is in the best interests, of the magazine and it does support emergent ideology because its keeping females and representing them in a non-sexual way.
  6. 6. The fonts used were meant to be simplistic and were sans serif, this was to help reach out to a wider audience. The colour scheme used reflects my target audience, 16 to 25 year old males and females, the use of purple over another colour scheme is to help appeal to and represent this particular social group (i.e. not using bright pink which would stereotypically appeal to females)