In what ways does your media product use develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?


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In what ways does your media product use develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

  1. 1. My media product of creating a magazine cover featuring my trailer features a variety of conventions which are seen in real media products this includes the title of the magazine which on all of the magazines are the largest piece of text to give the page identity and let viewers know what magazine it is. The second largest piece of text on a movie magazine is conventionally the main movie being featured which I have decided to follow as it shows viewers that this magazine is featuring that particular movie as its main feature. Also whilst doing my magazine research I found that the magazines don’t only feature the main movie but also other movies on the front page, however in terms of layout they are a lot smaller and don’t interfere with the main feature movie, this is apparent in my movie magazine where they are featured at the bottom so they don’t interfere with the main feature movie. Another convention I have used is whilst researching the movie magazines featured film used the iconic characters as the main images to give the page and magazine identity and allow viewers to know that this movies its main feature. Also the magazines use minimal objects to not over complicate the magazine which I have used so that its clear my trailers the main feature, this is also why other text are at a smaller font as its less important and not the main feature of the magazine. Also other conventions I have followed are putting the barcode on the magazine as well as putting the date and price of the magazine which is priced low so that it will be affordable for my target audience. Finally whilst researching movie magazines I found that some of them feature a slogan whilst others don’t, I chose to incorporate a slogan into my magazine as I believed it broadened the audience “the magazine for film lovers” meaning it will attract not only the target audience of trailer but also a wider age and diverse audience of people who enjoy to watch and review films. Also each magazine has a colour scheme e.g. “Total Film” uses blue red and white, I have also used a colour scheme of black red and white which fits with the genre and context of the film as it contains a dark nature.Real media products6513195-63500Ancillary task 2 (Magazine cover)-565150177800 <br />3225800254000<br />66611503111500My movie poster uses, develops and challenges many of the conventions you see in real similar media products today. This includes the use of portraying the main iconic characters on the front of the poster to give the poster identity, this Is used to attract some of the audiences who may like these iconic actors who may have been featured in similar films, this is also presented by putting the main characters name on the poster as well, this is conventionally placed above the title of the film in a smaller font so it doesn’t interfere with the most important text which is the title of the film which is conventionally the largest text on the poster as well as being a different colour to help it stand out e.g. “NUMBERS” in red and “WATCHMEN” in yellow. I have also followed the convention of making reference to the director of the film which may attract more of an audience who may like the director’s previous films. As well as this I have also put on the poster the credits from the film, this includes actors, directors and music and studio producers which is usually placed at the bottom of the poster but due to my unusual style of poster and layout using a tile format I have placed it in the middle of the poster. Another convention I have used is using reference to external critics of films e.g. “A frantic up beat British thriller” Empire ***** this also establishes what genre the film is if the poster is the first viewing of the film by audiences and it is also used to promote positive feedback about the film which may attract people. As well as making reference to external critics I have found another convention where the production company is mentioned this is through the use of their production logo. Another convention I have used is using a slogan for the movie this is conventionally placed under the title of the film. Another convention I followed was putting the date the movie is out, this is conventionally put at the bottom of the poster which is usually the same colour as the title of the film to let the viewer know that this is the date that this movie is coming out. As well as following many conventions of movie posters I have also developed some of the conventions such as the real media products are all seen as being one merged image on one tile which shows an image from the movie. I have developed this in my poster design by using a variety of separate tiles which show a variety of shots from the trailer this is so that those who haven’t seen the trailer can have more of an idea of what the movie is about without seeing the trailer, also it is to differentiate my poster from others in terms of layout and design. Finally I noticed whilst doing my research that thriller posters mainly use dark colours as they contain a dark nature such as the dark colours in the taken poster, also in terms of colours I found that movie posters all have their own colour scheme, I have incorporated this into my movie poster by using colours mainly found in thriller posters which are mainly dark colours e.g. black, white and red which links to the context of my trailer as the dark colours compliment the dark nature found in the trailer. These are commonly used in trailers due to the representations behind the colours e.g. red represents blood which can be linked to the crime aspect found in crime thrillers and black represents the dark nature found in the movies. Real media products6661150-12700Ancillary task 1 (Poster)-895350-127000<br />