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Threat assessment new normal


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This was the keynote presentation at the Denver CIO Executive Leadership Summit.

Emerging threats and significant security compromises are the topic of daily news. In this thought-provoking presentation, Dr. Carver examines the underlying causes and reasons for both concern and optimism. It is the new normal which challenges our ideas of privacy, confidentiality, and ultimately our perception of the truth. Are you ready to operate and thrive in the New Normal? Attend this executive briefing to test the waters and see what lurks below.

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Threat assessment new normal

  1. 1. Threat Assessment: the New Normal Dr. Curtis A. Carver Jr. Vice Chancellor and CIO Board of Regents University System of Georgia
  2. 2. Agenda • Emerging Threats • Emerging Opportunities • Business Impact
  3. 3. Virtual Library 3,300 mile Private Cloud Distance Education Enterprise Security and ePrivacy Enterprise Financials Collaboration Student Information Enterprise BI Software Store Learning Management Library Operations
  4. 4. This space for rent by Chinese National Army. Please contact Dr. Curt Carver as we can read all his email anyway. PREMISE 1: GROWING THREAT
  5. 5. Emerging Threats (on a scale of 1 to 10) 10 United States, United Kingdom, Russia 7 China 3 Iran
  6. 6. Can You Defend Against 100,000 Professionally Trained Hackers?
  7. 7. Consider Mandiant Report on AG1 • Believed to be People Liberation Army Unit 61398. • State sponsored, state funded, state secret. • Since 2006, they have compromised 141 companies spanning 20 major industries. • Maintained access for an average of 356 days. Longest measured access was 1,764 days.
  8. 8. Focus on Nation States If a nation state wants to break into your system, will they?
  9. 9. Quiz • Question: What happens if you Google a system error? • Answer: Nation states run a site that provides guidance on answering a system error while attacking your computer.
  11. 11. First Rule of the Internet Agreement does not scale
  12. 12. Effect of the WWW on the Normal Curve of Behavior?
  13. 13. It is the best of times, for morons and geniuses alike.
  14. 14. Quick Recap We live in a world of growing threats where a battle for the truth rages conducted by morons and geniuses alike, operating from safe havens created by a flattening of the norms of human behavior which threaten the very existence of mankind…. [run-on but very depressing sentence continues]
  15. 15. Emerging Opportunities Well, we have the geniuses….
  16. 16. 6.8 billion people…. 5.1 own cell phones…. 4.1 own toothbrushes….
  17. 17. Security Business Intel Global Big Data Cloud Privacy Consumerization Social Location RealTime
  18. 18. Response as important as Prevention Get Agile Get Big Think Social Think Consumerization Build Mobile First
  19. 19. Questions, Comments, a Conversation Dr. Curtis A. Carver Jr. Vice Chancellor and CIO Board of Regents University System of Georgia