Rock eagle thursday presentation


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This is an information technology update to the University System of Georgia community provided as a keynote at the 2013 Rock Eagle Annual Computing Conference.

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Rock eagle thursday presentation

  1. 1. Student Success: An Update to the USG IT Community Dr. Curtis A. Carver Jr. Vice Chancellor and CIO Board of Regents
  2. 2. Agenda • System Update • Georgia Student Success • Future Trends • Services Update • Questions, Comments, a Conversation
  3. 3. ITS Services Service Availability Service 2013 20 Best Ideas to Steal:Governor’s Data Data Analytics 100.00% INGRESS Distance Ed 99.93% LMS Email 99.82% SharePoint 100.00% 99.98% PeachNet Financials (iS) Availability 99.99% 2013 ED-Tech Cover Article: PeachNet 99.98% Financials (PS) 99.88% Student 2013 GTA Innovation Award: The Advising Point GALILEO 100.00% Student Info System GIL 100.00% 2013 Information Week Top 500: #9 • Highest Ranked Educational Company • Highest Ranked Georgia-based Company 100.00% 99.95% 99.89%
  5. 5. Percent of Adults Age 25 to 34 Holding an Associate’s Degree or Higher Source: OECD Education at a Glance (2008); U.S. Census Bureau; American College Survey
  6. 6. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
  7. 7. Residential Experience Access Selective Experience Experience Student Success
  8. 8. Residential Experience Access Selective Experience Experience Student Success
  9. 9. I need a low cost, flexible higher educational experience that fits the rest of my lifestyle. Residential Experience Access Selective Experience Experience Student Success
  10. 10. I need an educational experience utilizing the latest technologies and graduate with no debt. Residential Experience Access Selective Experience Experience Student Success
  11. 11. I need a selective higher educational experience at one of the best institutions in the world. Residential Experience Access Selective Experience Experience Student Success
  12. 12. Delivery System Financial Model Affordable Resources ID Management Faculty Engagement Student Success Student Support Mobile Analytics Network Assessment
  14. 14. Security Business Intel Global Big Data Cloud Privacy Consumerization Social Location RealTime
  15. 15. This space for rent by Chinese National Army. Please contact Dr. Curt Carver as we can read all his email anyway. PREMISE 1: GROWING THREAT
  16. 16. Emerging Threats (on a scale of 1 to 10) 10 United States, United Kingdom, Russia 7 China 3 Iran
  17. 17. Can You Defend Against 100,000 Professionally Trained Hackers?
  18. 18. Consider Mandiant Report on AG1 • Believed to be People Liberation Army Unit 61398. • State sponsored, state funded, state secret. • Since 2006, they have compromised 141 companies spanning 20 major industries. • Maintained access for an average of 356 days. Longest measured access was 1,764 days.
  19. 19. Focus on Nation States If a nation state wants to break into your system, will they?
  20. 20. Quiz • Question: What happens if you Google a system error? • Answer: Nation states run a site that provides guidance on answering a system error while attacking your computer.
  21. 21. First Rule of the Internet Agreement does not scale
  22. 22. Effect of the WWW on the Normal Curve of Behavior?
  23. 23. It is the best of times, for morons and geniuses alike.
  24. 24. Quick Recap We live in a world of growing threats where a battle for the truth rages conducted by morons and geniuses alike, operating from safe havens created by a flattening of the norms of human behavior which threaten the very existence of mankind…. [run-on but very depressing sentence continues]
  25. 25. Emerging Opportunities Well, we have the geniuses….
  26. 26. 6.8 billion people…. 5.1 own cell phones…. 4.1 own toothbrushes….
  27. 27. Security Business Intel Global Big Data Cloud Privacy Consumerization Social Location RealTime
  29. 29. Desire2Learn • On budget and on time • Strong adoption by campuses – 100% system availability in first year – 50 million hits a day on ITS hosted services – more than 160 times a day per student – 15,000 concurrent sessions at any given time • Version 10.3 release in December
  30. 30. Desire2Learn • Intelligent agents available now (think free predictive analytics) • 7, 8, 9 campuses implementing D2L analytics • Functionality Support (think open enrollment) • MOOC Support (particularly state MOOCs) – Need more student registration support – Need more peer assessment support
  31. 31. Central Banner • New Banner Managed Services going very well: – Campus control, cost effective, high availability – 9 institutions in new model – Two more 2 institutions transitioning in FY15 • 1/3 of Banner Georgia Mods retired allowing increased focus on important mods like HOPE. • Increased communications with campus communities on desired functionality.
  32. 32. Banner Contract • Up for renegotiation in 2017. • Campuses who bought services are contractually bound to those services until 2017. • There is limited flexibility to prematurely curtail the contract.
  33. 33. DegreeWorks • All USG and TCSG institutions are utilizing this software. • 11 institutions are hosted by ITS. • Complete campus control and lowest possible cost. • Scribing available at no additional cost (2 scribes).
  34. 34. PeachNet • Major Upgrade to backbone underway from 2 -> 10 Gbps. • Dual homing of institutions bid and work underway. • Working on finding a dual path to the last institution (Coastal). • Department of Education is likely join PeachNet in FY15. Will create tremendous opportunities for USG.
  35. 35. PeachNet • • • • Storage as a service Backup as a service Virtual Data Centers as a service Virtual Computers as a service (maybe, soon, you tell me) • Services run about 25% less expensive than Amazon.
  36. 36. GALILEO • New GALILEO Discovery Tool (think Google of Steroids) • Possible reinvestment in GALILEO – Focus on affordable resources – New Library Management System – Possible greater inclusion of other educational state agencies
  37. 37. Other Topics Consumerization of IT • Bring Your Own Device Standard • Cell Phone Stipends • Mobility – Ellucian – N2N • IT Handbook – Change Management • Data – Regent Mobile App – Desire2Learn – Banner • Cloud – PeachNet – Amazon, Microsoft 365, Google, PeachNet
  38. 38. Questions, Comments, A Conversation? Dr. Curtis A. Carver Jr. Vice Chancellor and CIO Board of Regents