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Info tech ITS CIO Case study slide


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This is a case study on USG and its efforts engage and leverage the collective intellect and wisdom.

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Info tech ITS CIO Case study slide

  1. 1. Info-Tech Research Group 1Opening the flow of communication between IT andstakeholders increased organizational buy-in at UniversitySystem of Georgia.Case Study: University System GeorgiaIndustry:Source:EducationVice Chancellor and CIO, University System of GeorgiaWhen the Vice Chancellor and CIOassumed his role at UniversitySystem of Georgia, he found therewas a great deal of misinformationregarding IT initiatives throughoutthe organization. Previously, therehad been little communicationbetween IT and the rest of theUSG community, which hinderedend-user buy-in. The CIO felt thatincreased communication betweenIT and power users would increaseadoption rates.SituationThe first thing the CIO did wasmake a point of meeting businessstakeholders and customers face-to-face. He answered questions,and openly discussed upcomingchanges and initiatives. Thesediscussions worked to align IT andbusiness goals, and ensured thatbusiness end users and customerswere properly informed. Thisopenness also allowed IT toidentify and establish evangelistpower users, which helped extendIT’s reach.StrategyOpening the flow of communicationbetween IT and business workersdispels misinformation. Face-to-face candid communication,supplemented with intentional andconstructive social mediaengagement is key. IT has becomemore transparent, which has givenusers a more accurate idea of whatIT does and the monetary, delivery,and resource challenges they canface.Results