Non-Technologist’s Guide to Technology Support of Adult Learners


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This presentation provides an update and venue for a conversation regarding Desire2Learn, PeachNet, GALILEO, INGRESS, GaVIEW, and related technologies.

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Non-Technologist’s Guide to Technology Support of Adult Learners

  1. 1. A Non-technologist Guide to USGEnterprise TechnologyDr. Curtis A. Carver Jr.Vice Chancellor and CIOBoard of Regents
  2. 2. Agenda• Services and Priorities Update• Desire2Learn• DegreeWorks• GALILEO• INGRESS• PeachNet• Questions, Comments, a Conversation
  3. 3. 3,300 mile Private CloudVirtual LibrarySoftware StoreEnterprise Security and ePrivacyDistance Education Learning ManagementEnterprise Financials Enterprise BILibrary OperationsStudent InformationCollaboration
  4. 4. Chancellor• Consolidation Complete College Georgia Space UtilizationData Driven Decision Making Distance Education1• Core PeachNet Service Core Vista Service State Longitudinal Hosting HR IT Contract MgmtCore GALILEO Service Core GIL Service State Incident Response Race to the Top Core Help DeskBanner Base Image/Modules Deploy Desire2Learn Core PeopleSoft Service Core Email Services Salary InequityHope Redesign (Basic) Banner Hosted Services GOML ServiceDegreeWorks Deployment DegreeWorks Hosting SharePoint Services Full Cost Implementation IT Handbook2• Replace PeachNet Infrastructure Upgrade Exchange iStrategy Service Facilities Data Collection GTRACS Acad CloudManaged Banner Services SSC Support SciQuest Service Energy Mgmt Data Server EAS Data MigrationNew DegreeWorks Hosting HR Portal PeopleSoft Upgrade System Space/Facility Mgmt Historical HR/ADP DataEnd Point Management GIL Express Service Teammate Service Facilities and Capital BI GALILEO DiscoveryCell Phone Stipend BYOD Georgia Summit Georgia Knowledge RepositoryRock Eagle DOE PeachNet Expansion Backup as a ServiceStorage as a Service VDCs/Service Network Security Suite Common Remitter Service3• Dual Homing Institutions New Banner Hosting Alternative Data Center Old Data System Single Sign OnUpgrade D2L to version 10 Add new functionality to D2L Ingress 2 (Distance Education) Banner 9 Audit DashboardHOPE Redesign (SOA) Windows 8 Upgrade GALILEO Database of Subscriptions Base Camp XAPFederated Identity Mgmt BLIPP Next Generation Library System Multi-Platform Banner eBuilderPPV/GHEFA/Lease Mgmt Integrated Facility Mgmt Talent Mgmt System Project and Portfolio Mgmt VTC as a ServiceCentralized Job Listing Enterprise Risk Mgmt Student Affairs Business Analyst Unified Communications Social MediaData/Computer Forensic Capability USG MobileLegendExecutingResourceConstrainedAwaitingResources/PriorityNote: Resources are time, space, money, people, or priority.Line Gap isintentional
  5. 5. FY 2013 ITS Service AvailabilityWorld Class OperationsService Availability Service AvailabilityData Analytics 100.00% Governor’s Data 100.00%Distance Ed 99.93% LMS 100.00%Email 99.98% PeachNet 99.98%Financials (iS) 99.82% SharePoint 100.00%Financials (PS) 99.88% Student Advising 99.95%GALILEO 100.00% Student Info System 99.89%GIL 100.00%StandardsWorld Class > 99.90% 3rd Party SLAspenalty clauses < 95.00%Acceptable 99.xx%
  6. 6. Desire2Learn UpdateDesire2Learn is a software as service cloudbased learning management system utilized by30/31 institutions. Provides such functionality ascontent management, discussionboards, assessment, file upload, coursedesign, and other services to support studentlearning.
  7. 7. Desire2Learn Update(continued)• 100% System Availability since launch in May 2012.• 34 million hits a day(soon to be an estimated 50 million hits a day)• Mobile enabled and powered.• Well received by the campuses.• Gwinnett and Colquitt county have bought it for every K-12 student as well .Video Time!
  8. 8. Desire2Learn(Intelligent Agents)
  9. 9. Desire2Learn(Intelligent Agents)What Does this do?
  10. 10. DegreeWorks• The TCSG and USG are pleased to announce the release ofDegreeWorks! DegreeWorks is a web-based tool to help studentsand advisors monitor a students progress toward degreecompletion.• DegreeWorks combines the university’s degree requirements andthe coursework completed into an easy-to-read worksheet thathelps see how courses completed count toward degreerequirements, and that helps to see what courses and requirementsstill need to be completed. This system is designed to aid andfacilitate academic advising.
  11. 11. GATRACSThe Georgia Transfer Articulation CooperativeServices (GATRACS) portal is a fully digital, single-source of information for students who want totransfer courses between Georgia’s institutions.Students can access the portal by logging in to thewell-known GACollege411 web site, and researchcredit transfer opportunities at 60 institutions in theUSG and the TCSG. Soon we will add 16 moreinstitutions from the Georgia Independent CollegeAssociation (GICA).
  12. 12. GALILEO• Raising the state of education across the stateone student at a time through an enhanceduser interface (think Google on steroids).• Efforts are underway to examine a potentialenhancement to support open resources,transformational educational pedagogies, andlifelong learning.
  13. 13. INGRESS• Intra-Georgia Registration Sharing System (INGRESS) wasdeveloped by ITS as an alternative solution to meet theneeds of USG institutions. It is a middle-ware applicationintegrated with the Ellucian Banner Student InformationSystem (SIS) and Desire2Learn (D2L) LMS to process cross-institutional registrations and to automate the creation ofonline and blended course shells on the LMS. The primarygoal of INGRESS is to deliver a scalable solution thataccommodates decentralized registrations among multipleinstitutions, while supporting a centralized seat-management process.
  14. 14. INGRESS• Used by 18 USG institutions• Recognized by 2012 GTA Innovation Award• Unique in the United States
  15. 15. PeachNetGeorgia’s Private Cloud providing:• Bandwidth as a service• Storage as a Service• Backup as a Service• Virtual Data Centers as a Service• Used by:– 31/31 USG institutions,– 7/28 TCSG institutions,– Potentially all DOE schools
  16. 16. SummaryThe University System of Georgia provides anumber of modern tools to support adultlearners anywhere in the state or the world.
  17. 17. Questions, Comments,a Conversation?Dr. Curtis A. Carver Jr.Vice Chancellor and CIOBoard of Regents