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Com 509

  1. 1. This is the Twitter page I have created. There isn’t much here yet but will be in weeks to come. I plan to start networking and get my Twitter community to grow.
  2. 2. Source: The twitter glossary
  3. 3. 16 Tweets 19,940 Following 93,247 Followers 2,800 Listed Source: Twitter
  4. 4. •22Tweets •80,607Following •1,120,567Followers •16,621Listed Source:Twitter
  5. 5. “Finding people on Twitter is actually easy, but tedious to set up. I started by making announcements on the message board that I frequented to let everybody know that they could now follow me on Twitter. And then, once I was on Twitter, I’d find [Twitter accounts for] websites, like Naturally Curly, who have a target audience similar to mine, and I’d follow their followers. Or I’d add people who were following natural hair blogs like Afrobella. [My following] just kind of grew from there.” Chanel Huston, owner of Boutique de Bandeaux “Take your time. There are different levels of interaction. You don’t have to jump from step one, expecting that everyone’s going to be tweeting at you and following you. It’s such a dynamic world that it’s going to be changing every day. Even the platform just changed in the past couple of weeks. Figure out what you want to do with it, find the right people, find your space and it will all fall into place.” Alexandra Moskovitz, Marketing Manager at Epicurean Management, owners of Italian restaurants L’Artusi, and Anfora wine bar Source: E. Swallow/ Mashable
  6. 6. •Share links to cool stuff your followers will like. •Engage your followers directly: ask questions, throw a statement out there, do something to trigger a conversation. •Directly addressing something someone else has tweeted with your own reply. •Tell people about promotions, discounts, news, blogs, webinars, & news. •Retweet others when they post tweets you like and want to share. •Use multimedia tools, such as Utterli, TwitPic to bring some variety to your tweets. Source: Twitter
  7. 7. “If [the tweet] is a direct question to us, I’ll respond 99% of the time. And I like to follow people. We have 14,500 followers, and we follow 12,000 people, just so I can pick up on comments, views, and everything. Tweeting is all about preference and depends on what type of business you are working for. It also depends on how much time you have. If you are a person who travels and is accessible to a cell phone then it will be much easier than a person who is working at a restaurant. The best solution is to “tweet” as much as possible but sometimes that is not an option. Lev Ekster, owner of Cupcake StopSource: E. Swallow/ Mashable
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