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Making Education a Lot More Relevant


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The Center for Curriculum Redesign (CCR) is a global non-profit organization dedicated to improving Education via answering the question:

“What should students learn for the 21st century?”

The CCR brings together international organizations, jurisdictions, academic institutions, corporations, and non-profit organizations including foundations. It focuses on both designing and propagating new curricula.

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Making Education a Lot More Relevant

  1. 1. Making Education Relevant A LOT MORE > © Center for Curriculum Charles Fadel, Founder
  2. 2. Mission Statement Help humanity meet its potential, while facing A.I., via deep redesign of Education
  3. 3. Standards/ Curriculum + Assessments* First organization to focus on the What of Education in an age of A.I * Scorecards drive behavior…
  4. 4. with key global players International Organizations International Organizations International Organizations Jurisdictions International Organizations Academia International Organizations Foundations & Non-Profits International Organizations Corporations
  5. 5. © Center for Curriculum Redesign 21st Century  Versatility
  6. 6. © Center for Curriculum Redesign Renaissance Humans Needed
  7. 7. © Center for Curriculum Redesign Success around the world Source: Brookings 2016 – “Visualizing the Breadth of Skills Movement across Education Systems (Esther Care, et al)
  8. 8. © Center for Curriculum Redesign “Clear and actionable, first-of-its-kind organizing framework of competencies needed” Andreas Schleicher OECD “Educators worldwide need to rapidly operationalize these dimensions” Todd Rose Harvard University Download: Framework in 16 languages Cornerstone of OECD’s Education 2030 “Required reading for everyone involved in education and education reform.” John Abele Boston Scientific
  9. 9. © Center for Curriculum Redesign Major on-going engagements 9 Whittle global schools Brazil/Somos OECD/PISA Varkey/EqualEd Australia/ACARA South Africa/NECT CCR
  10. 10. © Center for Curriculum Redesign
  11. 11. © Center for Curriculum Redesign Redesign Philosophy Focus on deeper learning goals of modern education: 1. Relevance (motivation)  Personalization 2. Versatility (robustness) 3. Transfer (actionability) • Selective modernizing/emphasis on important areas of traditional knowledge • Adding modern(ized) knowledge • Focusing on Concepts not just Topics • Interdisciplinarity, using real-world applications • Development of Skills, Character, Meta-Learning
  12. 12. © Center for Curriculum Redesign SYNTHESIZE: - 35 prior & existing frameworks - input from employers - research from the learning sciences - future studies and global trends ANALYZE: - surveys from teachers - feedback from global conferences - social media - literature reviews + expert panels ORGANIZE: - comprehensive: no major elements missing - compact: actionable and deployable - uncorrelated: no duplication or confusion - appropriate layer of abstraction: sensical - globally relevant: for broad acceptability CCR Research Process
  13. 13. © Center for Curriculum Redesign How did we Proceed ? Synthesized then refined a composite of 35 frameworks from around the world: • CAEC • Character Counts! Coalition • CharacterEd.Net • Character Education Partnership • China MoE • Facing History and Ourselves • KIPP Schools • • Royal Society for the Arts • Singapore MoE • South Korea MoE • Success DNA • Sweden MoE • Thailand MoE • Young Foundation • Etc. Refined even more with inputs from 500+ teachers
  14. 14. © Center for Curriculum Redesign Top Qualities Associated Qualities and Concepts (non-exhaustive) Mindfulness Wisdom, self-awareness, self-actualization, self-control, observation, reflection, consciousness, compassion, gratitude, empathy, caring, growth, vision, insight, equanimity, happiness, presence, authenticity, listening, sharing, interconnectedness, interdependence, oneness, acceptance, beauty, sensibility, patience, tranquility, balance, spirituality, existentiality, social awareness, cross-cultural awareness, gregariousness, warmth, sympathy, deliberation, esthetics ... Curiosity Open-mindedness, exploration, passion, self-direction, motivation, initiative, innovation, enthusiasm, wonder, appreciation, spontaneity, activity, imagination, actions, excitability, play, … Courage Bravery, determination, fortitude, confidence, risk taking, persistence, toughness, assertiveness, adventurousness, unconventionality, zest, optimism, inspiration, energy, vigor, zeal, cheerfulness, humor… Resilience Perseverance, grit, tenacity, resourcefulness, spunk, self-discipline, effort, diligence, commitment, self- control, self-esteem, confidence, stability, adaptability, dealing with ambiguity, flexibility, feedback, … Ethics Benevolence, humaneness, integrity, respect, justice, equity, fairness, compassion, kindness, altruism, inclusiveness, tolerance, acceptance, loyalty, honesty, truthfulness, straightforwardness, authenticity, genuineness, trustworthiness, decency, consideration, forgiveness, virtue, love, care, helpfulness, generosity, charity, devotion, belonging, civic-mindedness, citizenship, ... Leadership Responsibility, abnegation, accountability, dependability, reliability, conscientiousness, selflessness, humbleness, modesty, self-reflection, inspiration, organization, delegation, mentorship, commitment, compliance, dutifulness, achievement, heroism, charisma, followership, engagement, leading by example, goal-orientation, focus, results orientation, precision, execution, efficiency, negotiation, consistency, socialization, social intelligence, diversity, decorum... Finally Unveiling in 2014: 6 Qualities
  15. 15. © Center for Curriculum Redesign Matrix between Knowledge & other Dimensions Competencies are expressed through Knowledge domain Some Competencies will need out-of-school development Deliberately, comprehensively, systematically, demonstrably
  16. 16. © Center for Curriculum Redesign
  17. 17. © Center for Curriculum Redesign Flipping the Curriculum Transfer Expertise Understanding Knowledge Information Data Transfer Expertise Understanding Knowledge Information Data Algorithms
  18. 18. © Center for Curriculum Redesign CCR Dashboards
  19. 19. © Center for Curriculum Redesign Visualizing Knowledge Interdisciplinarity CCR Online Tool
  20. 20. © Center for Curriculum Redesign Music Analogy Composing  Improvising Grand Mission (personal/local choice) Discovery Project (e.g. Water) Discovery Project (e.g. Energy) Playing with orchestra Playing a piece Exploratory Module (e.g. Zika) Exploratory Module Exploratory Module …. Direct Instruction Playing scales
  21. 21. © Center for Curriculum Redesign CCR Project (10) UN Sustainable Development Goals (16) MP Global Challenges for Humanity (15) NAE Grand Engineering Challenges (14) WEF Deep Shift Technologies (21) Water Clean Water & Sanitation Clean Water Provide Access to Clean Water Food Zero Hunger Life On Land Life Below Water Health Good Health & Well-being Health Issues Engineer Better Medicines Advance Health Informatics Implantable Technologies 3-D Printing for Medical Needs Designer Beings Neurotechnologies Resources Responsible Consumption & Production Population & Resources Manage the Nitrogen Cycle 3-D Printing for Personal Products Cities Sustainable Cities & Communities Restore & Improve Urban Infrastructure Smart cities Driverless cars Climate Climate Action Sustainable Development & Climate Change Develop Carbon Sequestration Methods Education Quality Education Education & Learning Advanced Personalized Learning Gender Equality Status of Women Reduced Inequalities Global Ethics Sharing Economy Security Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions Peace & Conflict Transnational Organized Crime Democratization Secure Cyberspace Prevent Nuclear Terror Blockchain & Governments Energy Affordable & Clean Energy Energy Make Solar Energy Economical Provide Energy from Fusion Connected Home Work & Innovation Decent Work & Economic Growth No Poverty Rich–Poor Gap Industry Innovation & Infrastructure Global Convergence of Information Technology Global Foresight & Decision- making Science & Technology Enhance Virtual Reality Reverse-Engineer the Brain Engineer the Tools of Scientific Discovery Digital Presence Vision Interface Wearable Internet Ubiquitous Computing Pocket Supercomputer Storage Internet of Things Big data for Decisions A.I. for Decisions Robotics 3-D Printing/Adv. Manufacturing
  22. 22. © Center for Curriculum Redesign #4DEdu @CurrRedesign Let’s shape education for the future we want!