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Where does traditional marketing fit into a Web 2.0 world?


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Presentation given on April 22, 2008 at the Doxim Exchange 2008 conference in Toronto by Tim McAlpine of Currency Marketing. With the sex appeal of blogging and social networking taking center stage, you may be tempted to kiss those old boring marketing tactics goodbye. Not so fast! Integration is the name of the game. Tim McAlpine will explore how your credit union can marry the best of online and offline marketing and communications tactics to deliver killer results.

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Where does traditional marketing fit into a Web 2.0 world?

  1. 1. DOXIM EXCHANGE 2008 Where does TRADITIONAL marketing fit in a WEB 2.0 world?
  2. 2. Tim McAlpine President Chief Strategist Currency Marketing
  3. 3. nion advocate +C redit u eative l eader + Cr +M arketer + Sp eaker + Bl ogger + Cheerl eader
  4. 4. The new TRUTHS
  5. 5. Old is dead!
  6. 6. OLD
  7. 7. Bring Back the Love by Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions
  8. 8. Your is critic al!