CUES Young & Free Presentation - Part 1


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Currency is in the middle of a wonderful social media experiment with Alberta’s Common Wealth Credit Union. To promote Common Wealth Credit Union’s new Young & Free account to Alberta’s 17 to 25 crowd, Currency has created an integrated marketing program centered around the microsite. The thrust of the program is finding and hiring a spokesperson from Gen Y to represent the product, the credit union and their generation. Tim McAlpine and the 2008 Y&F Spokesperson, Larissa Walkiw, spoke about the Web 2.0 dos and don’ts that they have learned and how this program is authentically appealing to a new generation of potential credit union members.

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CUES Young & Free Presentation - Part 1

  1. 1. Y Engaging GEN on their own terms PART 1
  2. 2. Larissa Walkiw 19-year- old member of Gen Y
  3. 3. okesp erson + Sp + Artist + Filmm aker + Mu sician +W riter
  4. 4. Tim McAlpine 38-year-old member of Gen X
  5. 5. n adv ocate + Cred it unio ative l eader + Cre + Mar keter + Sp eaker + Blo gger heerle ader +C
  6. 6. The FACTS
  7. 7. ans are unbanked. What “An es timated 40 million Americ people and make them are we d oing to reach out to these nsider the need to attract cre dit union members? Or co ulation is aging in general younger m embers. Yes, the pop ember is now nearly 50 —but the average credit union m market penetration is years of age an d our lowest rate of under the age of 25. The se ‘Generation Y’ young for people just starting out on their adult s are the people who are ces, buying homes. own, b uying cars, buying applian s dream, and too many They’re a loan and mortgage officer’ finance and mortgage of them are going to banks, companies.” ris, CUNA Chairman Allan Kemp McMor
  8. 8. Credit u need to nions with ne connect w young membe rs
  9. 9. Our goal:
  10. 10. To get you thinking differently about ho w you can make th ese new con nections
  11. 11. GEN
  12. 12. Genera tion Y
  13. 13. A.K.A. Millenn ials
  14. 14. A.K.A. Echo Boomer s
  15. 15. 1 4 to 28 years old in 2008
  16. 16. KE Y VALUES & CONCERNS Distrust media
  17. 17. KE Y VALUES & CONCERNS Technologically savvy
  18. 18. KE Y VALUES & CONCERNS Au thenticity and a utonomy im portant
  19. 19. KE Y VALUES & CONCERNS Question traditional racial categories
  20. 20. CURRE NT & N EXT LIF E STAG ES Entering middle school a high sch nd ool
  21. 21. CURRE NT & N EXT LIF E STAG ES Finishin and unig colleg versity e
  22. 22. CURRE NT & N EXT LIF E STAG ES Planning years ah five ead
  23. 23. CURRE NT & N EXT LIF E STAG ES Looking to long-forward relation term ships
  24. 24. EMOTIONS & AFFINITIES Confident but wary
  25. 25. EMOTIONS & AFFINITIES Practical Wo rld view
  26. 26. EMOTIONS & AFFINITIES Goal oriented
  27. 27. EMOTIONS & AFFINITIES Respect parents and education
  28. 28. EMOTIONS & AFFINITIES Friends are very important
  29. 29. PHYSIO GRAPH IC PRO FILE Role rev males c ersal: oloring hair and their jewelry, wearing doing h females ome rep airs
  30. 30. PHYSIO GRAPH IC PRO FILE Not hea they ha lth obse ve their ssive; lives ah own ead of t hem
  31. 31. SOCIAL ACTIVITIES & LIFESTYLE Shop ping is an event, no t a chore
  32. 32. SOCIAL ACTIVITIES & LIFESTYLE Raised in an instant message, e-m ail, social netwo rk global community
  33. 33. SOCIAL ACTIVITIES & LIFESTYLE Aware of their personal brand
  34. 34. PURCH ASING BEHAVIO RS Quality is cool
  35. 35. PURCH ASING BEHAVIO RS Spend t have fu o n
  36. 36. PURCH ASING BEHAVIO RS Heavily influenc e family purchas es
  37. 37. PURCH ASING BEHAVIO RS Respon truthful d to aware o advertis f image ing; celebrit and y hype
  38. 38. WEB 2.0
  39. 39. Courtesy of Brent Dixon from Trabian
  40. 40. Courtesy of Brent Dixon from Trabian
  41. 41. Courtesy of Brent Dixon from Trabian
  42. 42. Courtesy of Brent Dixon from Trabian
  43. 43. Courtesy of Brent Dixon from Trabian
  44. 44. OLD
  45. 45. NEW
  46. 46. SOCIAL MEDIA Keep track of chaos!
  48. 48. SOCIAL MEDIA Blogs
  49. 49. SOCIAL MEDIA Vlogs & Podcasts
  50. 50. SOCIAL MEDIA D iggnation has 400,000 subscribers
  51. 51. SOCIAL MEDIA CNN has 400,00 0 average daily viewers
  52. 52. SOCIAL MEDIA Social networks
  53. 53. The new TRUTHS
  54. 54. Old m arketing is dead!
  55. 55. ‘Ban k Junior’ is not a su stainable position
  56. 56. You are only autnot the your brhor of and
  57. 57. Everyone has a voice!
  58. 58. Geeks w rule the ill world!
  59. 59. Social m edia and credit u nions can b uild com munity
  60. 60. And... Social media can drive sales!
  61. 61. Stars ALIGN
  62. 62. PERFECT SCENARIO Courageous Real Freedom credit union budget & trust Relevant Integrated Long-term product marketing commitment Differentiated Authentic brand Defined voice market Senior-level Social media involvement & Web 2.0
  63. 63. The PITCH
  64. 64. A gency brief: to co nnect We want outh m arket with the y ern Alberta in North
  65. 65. Introduce a free youth account product to the 17–25 group Raise awarenes s and acceptance of under-the-r adar credit union Crea te excitement and understandin g with all 400 staff members
  66. 66. Connect wit h a under-served segment in an authentic voice Direct prospects to the website that is full of user-driven content Bring a vibrant you th brand to life in a way young peo ple would accept
  67. 67. PROGRAM OVERVIEW Youn g & Free The Launch Story
  68. 68. Larissa Walkiw
  69. 69. Tim McAlpine