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  1. 1. By:David,Curran,Carle, and Shelby
  2. 2. Introduction Argentina, the second greatest country in the world, is located in the southern part of South America. Second to South America in size and population, Argentina is a plain, rising from the Atlantic to the Chilean border and the towering Andes peaks. Argentina is also bordered by Bolivia and Parguay on the north, and by Urugauay and Brazil on the east.
  3. 3. Climate The main climates in Argetina are four: warm, moderate, arid, and cold. Among the warm climates are the suptropical with no dry seasons. The tropical one has a dry season. Along the edge bordering the suptropical climate is the moderate variety with no winter season. The moderate climate, with an ocean influence, brings moderate temp. The arid-windy climates are charcterised by its low temp., with scanty rainfall and, in winter, strong snow winds. Oceanic cold climate is misty and cold most of the year and storms are frequent.
  4. 4. Vegetation The indigenous vegetation of Argentina varies greatly with the different climate and regions of the country. The warm and moist northeastern area supports tropical plants, including such trees as the palm, rosewood, lignum vitae, jacaranda, and red quebracho. The chief types of vegetation are herbs, shrubs, grasses, and brambles.
  5. 5. Goverment Republic.
  6. 6. History 1516- Juan Diaz de Solios became first European to enter Argentinga in search of gold. Many of the indienouns population of Argentina were killed by the diseases brought over by the Europeans. 1580- Buenos Aires was established. 1680- The Portugese made a trading post across Buenos Aires. 1776- Spain ecompassed all of its territores to create one large colony called quot;Viceroyalty.quot; 1810- Overthrow of the king of Spain by Napolean. 1812- Jose de San Martin led the Argentina fight against Spain for its independence. 1816- Officially declared indpendence 1853- Argentina established a republic goverment 1859- Buenos Aires refused to become part of Argentina and set up thier own independant state, later got counquered by General Bartalome Mitre.
  7. 7. 1943- Juan Pernon rose to power. 1945- Juan Pernon and Eva Marie Duarte married. 1952- Juan pernon was elected president and his wife was first lady. 1952- Eva died of cancer. 1956- Constitution of 1853 was restored. 1973- Pernon married again to Isabel Martinez. 1974- Juan Pernon was reelected president. 1974- Pernon died and his new wife became president. 1976- Isabel was deposed by a military coup and exiled. 1982- The Falklands War was started with the United Kingdom. 1982- Argentina surrendered.
  8. 8. Economics Argetinas economy has traditionally been based on agriculture over the years, but the industrial and service sectors have also bloomed in importance over recent years. Livestock and grains have long been the support of Argentina's wealth. * Argentina is the world's largest source of tannin and linseed oil.
  9. 9. Culture Beliefs The culture of Argentina is The Conquistadors who came varied. Modern Agriculture from Spain introduced has largely been influenced Christianity in the 16th by European immigration. century. During the centuries Buenos Aires and other cities that follow, millions of Roman show a mixture of Catholics from Spain and Italy architectural styles imported form a strong church in Argentina. from Europe. * Almost 90% of Argentineans are Roman Catholic.
  10. 10. Music Food Argentina is mostly known for Beef is the national dish of the tango, which developed in Argentina. There are huge Buenos Aires. Folk, pop, and cattle ranches in Argentina, classical music are also and the gaucho, or Argentine popular. cowboy, is a well-known symbol. Many dishes contain meat, but are prepared in different ways. A favorite main course is parrillada, a mixed grill of steak and other cuts of beef.
  11. 11. I'm tasty parrillada!!!!
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