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Customer Case Studies

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  • Results:
    Avoiding $275,000 in annual salary costs for SAP and database administrators
    First-year costs with NetSuite are just half of what company would spend to stay with SAP
    Employees maintained ease-of-use and continuity with the familiar NetSuite interface.
    SAP inflexible and inappropriate for the custom demands of commercial clients; required manual overhead for change orders
    Needed own enterprise solution after RedBuilt, formerly the Commercial Division of Trus Joist, became independent from corporate parent Weyerhaeuser
    Rapid turnaround required, as former corporate parent would terminate access to SAP just 6 months after independence.
    Transition from SAP to NetSuite completed in just 86 days
    NetSuite managing all corporate office activity as well as production plants in four cities
    Customizable NetSuite solution supports rapid changes in work orders and materials
    Payroll and expenses easily transitioned from PeopleSoft
    Inventory management, sales, marketing, reporting, and analysis all handled in NetSuite
    Dashboards provide management with real-time insight.
  • NetSuite Customer Case Studies

    1. 1. Office:+1 646 459 2754
    2. 2. Software Customers
    3. 3. Overview ‒ Producer of barcode software ‒ Founded in 1995 ‒ Based in Phoenix, AZ ‒ NetSuite replaced legacy software and spreadsheets ‒ Running NetSuite across ERP, inventory, CRM and eCommerce Challenges Lowered productivity and increasing operational costs Challenging to keep up with 25,000 customers Billing processes suffered from errors and delays resulting from lack of coordination Remote access was cumbersome NetSuite Benefits Cut administrative operating costs by 35% Reducing outstanding receivables by 80% and the number of past-due customers by 47% Integrated business processes have eliminated redundant and overlapping customer data Cut Administrative Costs by 35% While Boosting Productivity NetSuite gives us the ideal platform for flexibility, from our 360-degree view of the business to our fully integrated application workflows.“
    4. 4. Overview ‒ Business enterprise software company ‒ Founded in 2002 ‒ 225+ employees ‒ Based in Sydney, Australia ‒ Replaced MYOB and spreadsheets ‒ NetSuite OneWorld and Financial Planning Challenges Couldn’t handle rapid growth with existing software Needed to consolidate across subsidiaries, while managing 15,000+ customers Manual currency conversions increased risk of error NetSuite OneWorld Benefits Real-time consolidation across 7 subsidiaries based on sales into 138 countries Automated multi-currency management Leveraging integrated budgeting and planning NetSuite OneWorld Helps Enable 200% Growth at Atlassian Software No one at Atlassian has to maintain NetSuite... and it has allowed us to build a stable and reliable financial platform to support the company through its dramatic growth. “
    5. 5. Overview ‒ Provider of automated marketing and demand generation software ‒ Founded in 1999 ‒ Based in Vienna, VA ‒ NetSuite OneWorld Challenges Required multi-entity and global currency management to support rapid growth Subscription billing model and multi-element contracts meant revenue recognition complexity Lacked dashboards for clear view into business NetSuite OneWorld Benefits Transparent roll-up of operations in six countries and four currencies Integrated, sophisticated, and EITF 08-01 compliant revenue recognition functionality Streamlined invoice and contract management Provides headroom for long-term growth Eloqua Gains Worldwide Visibility and Room to Scale with NetSuite OneWorld You can't grow if you spend all your time in the auditor's department. As a venture-backed company, the transparency and accurate revenue recognition NetSuite provides are critical “
    6. 6. Overview ‒ Provider of mobile capacity management applications ‒ Founded in 2000 ‒ 249+ employees ‒ Based in Sydney, Australia ‒ NetSuite Financials Challenges Previous ERP solution proved too expensive to maintain as the company grew Required several hours of weekly maintenance Required complex overhead to maintain NetSuite Benefits 50-55% reduction in ERP system expenditures over 5 year period with NetSuite Accelerated financial close process Multi-currency management and instant consolidation Deploying to hundreds of employees at Bytemobile’s 24 national subsidiaries Bytemobile Saves 50% on ERP System Costs Using NetSuite Financials We were growing very rapidly, opening offices around the world, and our previous ERP solution was making it difficult and expensive to sustain that growth. NetSuite has proven itself far more cost-effective. “
    7. 7. Overview ‒ Provider of antivirus software ‒ Founded in 1992 ‒ 250+ customers ‒ Based in Bratislava, Slovakia ‒ NetSuite Financials, CRM, and Ecommerce Challenges Business multiplied annually, outgrowing small office software Had no unified view of customer Needed enterprise grade infrastructure without IT staff NetSuite Benefits Scaled efficiently with monthly E-store orders from 4,000 to 30,000 in 4 years Reduction in chargebacks by a factor of 8 Managing over 1,000 customer support contacts daily with reduced error rate and greater efficiency NetSuite Helps ESET Increase Ecommerce Revenues Tenfold We have been able to customize NetSuite to meet most of our needs, faster and at a lower price than we would have with any other system.“ ”
    8. 8. Overview ‒ Provider of project cost management systems ‒ Founded in 1989 ‒ 50+ Employees ‒ Based in Scottsdale, Arizona ‒ NetSuite CRM, SFA, Financials, and OpenAir PSA ‒ Replaced Intacct and Challenges Limited visibility due to multiple business systems International expansion created taxation challenges Inability to get clear consistent view of customers NetSuite Benefits ROI in just 12 months, with 20% lower costs Proposal generation times slashed over 80 percent Reduced one FTE by automating contract generation and client renewal processes Greater visibility and control over sales process OpenAir provides detailed project management integrated into financials and customer data. Hard Dollar Cut Costs by 20% with NetSuite From an accounting perspective, it is so refreshing to see all the detail in the reports from NetSuite—the transactional searches are extremely detailed and rich. “
    9. 9. Overview ‒ Provider of utility infrastructure services ‒ Founded in 2005 ‒ Based in Coventry, England ‒ Chose NetSuite over SAP, Challenges Lacked visibility into financial information Financial and customer information was inaccurate Lack of reliable business data NetSuite Benefits Financial transparency, helped secure ₤5 million in venture capital Revenues have grown by 250% since NetSuite Reliable, up-to-date information improved confidence and decision-making. NetSuite’s ERP and CRM Solution Helps Raise ₤5 Million in VC for i-Nexus There's no doubt that NetSuite has continued to help us increase sales. Over the five-year period NetSuite has helped us grow revenue by 250 to 300%.“ ”
    10. 10. Overview ‒ Leading provider of Service Experience Management ‒ 260 employees ‒ Based in Sunnyvale, CA ‒ Replaced Epicor and Microsoft Dynamics ‒ NetSuite OneWorld, Financial Planning, Revenue Recognition, Adv Financials, Projects and Billing, and Platinum Support Challenges Hairball of several disconnected systems Manual consolidation of spreadsheets Required analytics for global visibility Required an ERP that could be quickly implemented for acquisitions NetSuite OneWorld Benefits Seamlessly acquired three businesses in 6 months Financial close time 33% quicker Order processing time reduced by over 20% Consolidated product catalog from 1000 items to 100+ Stable and integrated platform across 3 continents Significant Reductions in turn-around time and Global Visibility with NetSuite We now trust our numbers, and that improves our ability to collaborate and make better business decisions.“ ”
    11. 11. Overview ‒ Provider of healthcare software ‒ Founded in 2006 ‒ Based in Golden Valley, Minnesota ‒ Chose NetSuite over Microsoft Dynamics GP Challenges Needed to tightly integrate accounting with forecasting and planning functions Improve support with sales and billing processes Reduce high IT costs Ensure systems aligned with fast moving needs of healthcare startup NetSuite Benefits Saving $75,000+ annually on IT Reduced yearly audit fees by 30% Driven budgeting, planning and forecasting Able to outsource data entry while maintaining HIPAA compliance Kardia Reduces Audit Fees by 30% Using NetSuite In addition to saving us time and money, NetSuite helps keep management focused on our organization and our business goals, rather than on smaller parts.“ ”
    12. 12. Overview ‒ Provider of education curriculum and web assessment programs ‒ Founded in 1999 ‒ Based in Portland, Oregon ‒ Chose NetSuite to run ERP and CRM ‒ Replaced QuickBooks and Challenges Wanted to expand sales across US and Canada Needed to add remote sales people and build third party sales partner channel Fragmented IT systems NetSuite Benefits Saved $150,000 per year over in-house IT costs Able to calculate commissions in hour not days Invoicing takes 2 days instead of a week Strengthened sales force and partner channels Automated revenue recognition processes Using NetSuite, Saves $150K Annually Without NetSuite's integrated architecture it would have been near impossible to expand as smoothly as we did.“ ”
    13. 13. Overview ‒ Provider of communications solutions ‒ Founded in 2005 ‒ Based in Troy, Ohio ‒ Replaced Goldmine and QuickBooks ‒ NetSuite running across Financials and CRM Challenges Business model required complex billing, customer service processes Needed integration with custom databases Increasing company visibility NetSuite Benefits Grew from $2M to $8M in revenue without growing finance staff Customer support time decreased by 75% Reduced customer setup time from hours to seconds Grew more than 35% annually NetSuite ERP and CRM Grew One Call Now’s Earnings from $2M to $8M We didn't want to add servers — we've got 180 triple-redundant SQL servers right now — but we needed a way to manage all that information, so we chose NetSuite. “
    14. 14. Overview ‒ Leading provider of on demand IT security risk and compliance management solutions ‒ Founded in 2009 ‒ 250+ employees ‒ Based in Redwood Shores, CA ‒ Replaced Epicor and ‒ NetSuite OneWorld and Revenue Recognition Challenges Financial processes struggling to keep up Growth Pains: siloed systems hampered international expansion NetSuite OneWorld Benefits Improved financial processes and data accuracy Decreased billing cycle from 10 to 2-3 days Revenue grew 132% Expanded from 3 to 10 international locations Increased annual order volume 66% Automated Order Management Qualys grew 132% with NetSuite OneWorld In the past, we didn’t know which data is up to date between our two systems. Today, NetSuite functions as our data warehouse: one real-time version of the truth.“ ”
    15. 15. Overview ‒ Provider of point of sale technology for pharmaceutical companies ‒ Based in Olympia, Washington ‒ Replaced Siebel/Upshot and Peachtree Software ‒ Running NetSuite across financials and CRM Challenges Pharmacy software company responding to fast market growth Needed to hire geographically dispersed talent Needed to improve efficiency over fragmented IT systems NetSuite Benefits Saved more than $125,000 over hosted IT system Saved more than $150,000 on personnel while growing at 25% Grew revenue from existing customers by 50% Integrated UPS shipping saves $10,000 / month Retail Management Solutions Saves $300,000 Using NetSuite We couldn't live without it. We would never have been able to grow the way we've grown without NetSuite.“ ”
    16. 16. Overview ‒ Provider of SaaS applications ‒ 499+ Employees ‒ Based in San Mateo, CA ‒ Replaced Siebel, Epicor, Excel ‒ Chose Netsuite over Acclique Challenges Multiple systems for ERP and CRM activities Lengthy professional services sales cycles Needed sophisticated revenue recognition support NetSuite Benefits IT spend reduced, saving $240,000+ Advanced billing capabilities Streamlined purchase order entry, routing, and approval Customer support data integrated with sales/accounting providing 360◦ customer view Satmetrix Cuts Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in IT Spending with NetSuite Everything from information extraction to expense accounting to budgeting has been made easier with NetSuite.“ ”
    17. 17. Overview ‒ Producer of digital signage ‒ Founded in 1987 ‒ Based in Exton, PA ‒ NetSuite OneWorld replaced QuickBooks, Sage MAS 50 and 200 ‒ Running NetSuite across ERP, Inventory, CRM and eCommerce Challenges Needed to improve operational efficiency to maintain competitive position Wanted to continue its global expansion into India and other countries Needed to improve website sales efficiency NetSuite OneWorld Benefits Month-end closing takes five days instead of three weeks Budgeting with real-time data from 11 subsidiaries and 9 holding companies around the world Web-based product sales processes are integrated with accounting, inventory and other processes NetSuite Helps Manage 11 Subsidiaries With Real-Time Data NetSuite helped us combine multi-company, country, language, and currency silos into one data center, and now lets us view all this information globally or locally.“
    18. 18. Overview ‒ Search engine and resource that focuses on finding jobs ‒ 249+ Employees ‒ Founded in 2000 ‒ Based in McLean, VA ‒ Replaced QuickBooks and spreadsheets ‒ Running NetSuite across SFA, CRM and Financials Challenges Existing combination of small-business software unable to support fast growth Needed sales forces automation/CRM solution to manage substantial planned expansion Needed system to support subscription-based pricing and revenue accounting complexities. NetSuite Benefits Five-fold revenue growth since 2006 with minimal new staff in finance and administrative functions Reduced new-account setup time by 10% Work-queue automation reduced cost-of-service delivery to customers by 20% NetSuite Helps Drive Five-Fold Growth NetSuite provided us a holistic, closed-loop solution that let us scale the business dramatically, while at the same time improving our processes and reducing costs. “
    19. 19. Overview ‒ Developer and marketer of network, application, and storage management software ‒ 249+ Employees ‒ Founded in 1998 ‒ Based in Richmond, VA ‒ Replaced QuickBooks ‒ Running NetSuite OneWorld integrated with Challenges Global software maker had difficulty keeping up with accounting demands of 60,000 customers Complex revenue reporting requirements Fragmented IT software NetSuite OneWorld Benefits Cut administrative costs by 30% Achieved 3 month ROI Instant visibility across customers, geographies, products, and employees International roll out in just 6 months to 10 subsidiaries Using NetSuite Solution, Solarwinds Cuts Administrative Costs By 30% We needed more than just a good accounting solution. We had to responsibly manage growth, and NetSuite provided the business application infrastructure to do exactly that. “ ”
    20. 20. Overview ‒ Provider of network monitoring software ‒ Founded in 1998 ‒ Based in Brisbane, Australia ‒ NetSuite ERP, CRM, and Ecommerce ‒ Replaced MYOB and Sage ACTI Challenges Manage efficient global growth Wanted to upgrade its business processes Accounting processes were inefficient and unreliable NetSuite Benefits Saved $200,000 yearly in internal development Saved $300,000 compared to a comparable SAP on premise system Saving $150,000 yearly in finance admin costs Profit margins improved to 30% Reduced customer-support response times by 40% Statseeker Saves $200K in Maintenance Costs We needed an enterprise-wide solution so we could scale our business without adding headcount, and NetSuite is a great fit.“ ”
    21. 21. Overview ‒ Provider of business execution software ‒ Based in San Mateo, CA ‒ Replaced QuickBooks ‒ Running NetSuite OneWorld Challenges Wanted to exploit growth potential of international markets, but avoid the costs Key business processes were hampered by bottlenecks in existing software Financial reporting slow and unreliable NetSuite OneWorld Benefits Saved $250,000 annually in IT salaries that would be required for on premise ERP software Instant consolidation across 19 subs in 19 countries Saved 33% of equivalent costs of on premise software Facilitated financial reporting and compliance SuccessFactors Consolidating Financials Across 19 Subs Using NetSuite OneWorld We now have a world-class SaaS ERP system in NetSuite OneWorld with our multiple subsidiaries in North and Latin America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, yet the software is so easy to use that we can get new users up to speed very quickly. “ ”
    22. 22. Overview ‒ Provider of mobile communications software ‒ Founded in 2001 ‒ Based in Malmo, Sweden ‒ Running NetSuite CRM+ Challenges Couldn’t efficiently keep up with global growth Couldn’t keep track of skill sets of 1,700+ engineers in 11 different countries Achieving consistent resource management NetSuite Benefits Consistent skills assessment processes between local and functional managers Automated skills tracking, development, and compensation plans Optimized employee utilization and improved new-business planning Teleca Automated Resource Management Using NetSuite CRM NetSuite CRM+ has helped us very quickly transform from a company with different, inconsistent processes into an organization with a global view of our resources and performance. “
    23. 23. Overview ‒ Provider of business integration software ‒ Based in New York, NY ‒ Switched from QuickBooks ‒ Running NetSuite OneWorld Challenges Kept adding wide-ranging, disparate point solutions Employees tied up in data processing tasks Limited data on professional services availability or client engagement profitability NetSuite OneWorld Benefits Reduction in tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance spend Deployed across 5 GL’s and 5 separate currencies Improvement in visibility and SOX compliance Freed up tactical roles to focus on analytical needs Optimized resource utilization and gained clarity into customer profitability TradeCard Consolidating 5 Subs Using NetSuite OneWorld NetSuite was the perfect partner to help us clean house, and it has improved our visibility and SOX compliance having our books on a single system.“
    24. 24. Wholesale Distribution Customers
    25. 25. Overview ‒ Distributors of supplies for electronics companies ‒ Based in Wickingham, Berkshire ‒ NetSuite OneWorld ‒ Chose NetSuite over and Sage Challenges Fragmented sales software couldn’t keep up with business growth in Europe ACAL sales teams couldn’t access customer data Manual lead processing, lack of pipeline visibility hindered sales performance. NetSuite OneWorld Benefits All 14 operations have a single view of sales and customer information Overall sales team efficiency increased significantly Automated processing of website speeds integration with sales pipeline Used NetSuite Web services to integrate with ACAL's JD Edwards deployment ACAL Consolidates 14 European Sales Operations Using NetSuite OneWorld With NetSuite we all work on one system, and that means we can work together as a single team.“
    26. 26. Overview – Pediatric nutrition specialists – Based in Manila, Philippines – Replaced MYOB and Access – Chose NetSuite over SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics GP Challenges Multiple, disparate applications created errors, delays, and inventory inaccuracies Lack of consistent process controls and scalability Disparate systems meant no real-time visibility No sales visibility into back office data NetSuite Benefits NetSuite's full enterprise functionality is one-fourth cost of other options Faster delivery and more consistent customer experience due to superior inventory controls Home delivery business has grown 250% Antech Saved 75% On IT Costs While Growing 250% Using NetSuite NetSuite has a best-in-class system with controls that are tested and proven in the real world.“
    27. 27. Overview ‒ Products and services for the industrial market ‒ Based in Alberta, Canada ‒ Founded in 1974 ‒ Replaced ERP system, quoting package, CRM, email, technical support, and service and repairs databases ‒ NetSuite ERP and CRM Challenges Fragmented accounting applications Spreadsheet-based sales-order systems couldn't supply timely information on status of custom orders NetSuite Benefits Automated sales-order, purchase-order, inventory- management, and shipping processes Reduced operating expenses by 30% Time to process in-stock order dropped from 30 minutes to 5 minutes Time to compile 100-line custom-order proposal dropped from 3 hrs. to 30 min. NetSuite Reduces Operating Expenses by 30% for CB Engineering NetSuite gives us a central place to manage and access all our information, so we can keep our hands on the business at all times, and not worry about losing track of anything. “
    28. 28. Overview – Worldwide provider of check scanning equipment – Founded 50+ years ago – 250+ employees – Based in Northfield, IL – Switched from QuickBooks, Sage, Exact, Spreadsheets, Access – Running NetSuite across finance and CRM Challenges Fast-growing market challenged ability to handle substantial new business Error prone spreadsheet based reporting Multi-location and serialized inventory posed challenges for QuickBooks and Sage No sales visibility into back office data Switched to NetSuite in 2007 Grew 350% in 6 years without adding staff Saving $300K annually in maintenance Saving $150K+ annually in customer service Reduced open inventory by 54% NetSuite Helps Digital Check Save $300,000 a Year in Maintenance NetSuite has helped us become more efficient, more responsive to customers, and more profitable.“ ”
    29. 29. Overview ‒ Retailer of excess DVDs, Books and Toys ‒ Founded in 1998 ‒ Based in Los Angeles, CA ‒ NetSuite ERP, CRM, Ecommerce, and NetSuite for iPhone ‒ Replaced SAP R/3, Microsoft Great Plains, and QuickBooks Challenges Fast growing distribution business couldn’t keep up with sales Unable to track inventory across multiple warehouses Information access difficult for traveling executives Former IT software solutions were costly and limited NetSuite Benefits Saving more than $120,000 annually on costs Now able to track inventory in real time Reduced order-to-cash time / rekeying of data NetSuite for iPhone simplifies executive access to sales, finances and other information DV&A Saves $120,000 Using NetSuite We went from the most expensive piece of software on the planet—SAP—down to QuickBooks and then to Great Plains. They were all either limited, costly, or both. We finally realized that we had to get on a single system. “
    30. 30. Overview ‒ Distributors of shipping supplies ‒ Based in Austin, TX ‒ NetSuite ERP, CRM and Ecommerce ‒ Chose NetSuite over Peachtree and Sage ACT! Challenges Needed to expand online and retail business while minimizing costs Required ability to make rapid pricing changes essential to profit in a commodity business NetSuite Benefits Doubled revenues to $3,000,000 without adding administrative staff Website sales grew from $20,000 to $1,000,000 Company saved $100,000 over on-premise software costs Achieved 20% online marketing conversion rate Reduced per order shipping time by 20% EcoBox Saves $100,000+ Versus On- Premise Software With NetSuite we've got a platform that lets us expand any way we want, whether online or by opening new stores.“
    31. 31. Overview ‒ Manufacturer of gastroenterology devices ‒ Founded in 2008 ‒ 90 employees ‒ Based in Alpharetta, GA ‒ Replaced Quickbooks ‒ NetSuite ERP, CRM, Advanced Inventory and eCommerce Challenges Inadequate functionality to handle growth Zero inventory and manufacturing controls Complex supply chain: China, Korea, EU, USA NetSuite Benefits Fully implemented in two months NetSuite webstore delivers 15% of revenue Configured Case Management for FDA compliance Reduced 4 FTE IT staff and $8K per user license vs. on-premise solution 300% Annual Growth and FDA Compliance with NetSuite NetSuite is the only Cloud based solution that was built from the ground up., Great Plains and SAP BBD are all patch-up solutions.“ ”
    32. 32. Overview ‒ Company that focuses on wholesale/ distribution ‒ Based in Holland ‒ NetSuite OneWorld ‒ Replaced Microsoft applications Challenges New company required easy-to-install IT system with worldwide access and corporate transparency Managing network operating in 25+ countries, multiple currencies and languages NetSuite OneWorld Benefits Real-time management across all local subsidiaries, supporting multiple currencies and languages Helped support 50% YoY company growth Managing all local subsidiaries, supporting multiple currencies and languages Anytime, anywhere access to financials NetSuite OneWorld Supports 50% Year- on-Year Growth at Fasten We've evaluated the competition and came to the conclusion that NetSuite is leagues ahead in terms of functionality, ease of use and price.“
    33. 33. Overview – Manufacturers and distributors of wheels – Based in New York – Chose NetSuite over Microsoft Dynamics GP Challenges Company wanted to grow its custom wheel business in the U.S Challenged to meet the rapid-delivery demands of its 350 chain stores and wholesale customers Needed fast response from its own suppliers NetSuite Benefits Doubles sales in four years, while saving $120,000 per year over on-premise applications Just-in-time shipments reduce need for physical inventory by 25% Automated EDI order fulfillment simplifies transactions and enhances relationships with suppliers and customers NetSuite Saves $120,000 Yearly for König NetSuite lets us look into our suppliers' workload, and lets our customers see our inventory. And it lets us monitor our entire business from anywhere in the world, all in real time. “ ”
    34. 34. Overview – Manufacturer and provider of woodworking machines – Based in Irvine, CA – Customer base of 35,000 and more than 120,000 contracts – Replaced multi-vendor IT system Challenges Fragmented IT systems added to business costs, slowed product shipments Lack of visibility into lead generation Wanted to expand online sales — difficult with existing systems NetSuite Benefits Saving nearly $90,000 annually in IT over old system Online sales leads now entered automatically into NetSuite to eliminate manual data entry Average order-to-ship time cut from 3 days to 2 days Online sales with live inventory updates take just 30 seconds, compared to 30 minutes with the old system Laguna Tools Saving $90,000 Annually with NetSuite NetSuite has helped us streamline our operations, become more profitable, and it has given us the ability to grow without any limitations.“ ”
    35. 35. Overview – Develop, market and distribute consumer products – Based in Greenwood Village, CO – Replaced QuickBooks and manual processes – NetSuite OneWorld Challenges New-business incubator faced sudden, rapid growth Risked alienating major retail chains due to slow, unreliable IT resources Needed upgrade of manual order processing, inventory management and other processes NetSuite OneWorld Benefits Two-year growth in transactions of 500% while adding only three extra staff Average time-per-order cut from 10 minutes to less than 2 minutes. Automated inventory management eliminates risk of penalties due to shipping mistakes. Launch Using NetSuite OneWorld to Manage Rapid Growth We couldn't be handling this volume of business without NetSuite. We’d need an army of extra staff, and even then it wouldn’t work because of the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of spreadsheets and manual processes. “
    36. 36. Overview ‒ Worldwide supplier of marine parts and products. ‒ 20 employees ‒ Based in Bainbridge Island, WA ‒ Replaced Sage ACCPAC, Quickbooks ‒ NetSuite ERP, CRM, Ecommerce and Advanced Partner Center Challenges Siloed order & content management system Multiple entries to reconcile data and constant batch update between webstore and previous system NetSuite Benefits Fewer employees processing more orders SuiteTalk and SuiteScript integrate sales tax, EDI, shipping EDI Integration saves hiring extra staff during peak season Better customer service using cases and forms Drop ship from 200 suppliers direct to consumers in over 170 countries NetSuite gives control back to drop shipper Our accounting team found Sage ACCPAC’s modular set-up to be very difficult to use. NetSuite is easier, and the flexibility is outstanding.“ ”
    37. 37. Overview ‒ Manufacturers and distributors of outdoor apparel ‒ Based in Jackson Hole, WY ‒ Replaced QuickBooks and spreadsheets Challenges Rapid growth required robust back-office system QuickBooks and spreadsheets couldn’t cut it anymore Competing with well-known brands such as North Face, Columbia and Patagonia. NetSuite Benefits Company growing with fewer people and resources than typical for company with large channel Able to do business with the largest retailers (REI, Cabelas, etc.) who demand EDI compliance Company has grown tenfold with the help of NetSuite Boosted yearly units shipped from 20,000 to 300,000 Currently the top-selling pant line in the outdoor specialty retail space. Mountain Khakis Manages Growth with NetSuite Our business was growing at a rate that challenged our IT systems, and fortunately we chose NetSuite at just the right time.“
    38. 38. Overview – Producers and distributors of vitamin supplements – Based in Beijing, China – Replaced Sage with NetSuite – NetSuite OneWorld – Running two-tier deployment Challenges Sage Accpac ERP system was too time-consuming and inflexible to support explosive growth. Sage financial reporting was slow and cumbersome On-premise ERP expansion of Lawson ERP system used at headquarters would require extensive networking and localization NetSuite Benefits Two-tier ERP deployment provides U.S. corporate parent with real-time web-based visibility. Flexible business management platform helps support rapid growth in expanding China market. Avoids cost of at least three FTE’s at the sub level NetSuite OneWorld Foundation for Two- Tier Delivery at NBTY NetSuite is a very good system that beats everything we compared it to and it makes the globe small.“
    39. 39. Overview – Global manufacturer of imaging, medical, life sciences, and industrial products – 40,000 employees – Running corporate SAP – Running NetSuite in North America, India, Japan subsidiaries – Olympus NDT subsidiary running NetSuite across multiple factories Challenges Running an aging proprietary system Poor visibility to KPI’s No unified system for distribution channels Difficult to enforce business rules or workflows Little disaster recovery knowledge/experience Highly distributed business NetSuite Benefits Eliminated need for multi-year, multi-million dollar deployment Only a small IT team required to maintain NetSuite effectively supports multiple locations Customization ensures support for ongoing change Olympus Deploys NetSuite Across North America, India and Japan We can create quotations and sales orders, and measure the forecast by product — something we couldn't do previously.“ ”
    40. 40. Overview ‒ Worldwide distributor of plastic products and manufacturing services ‒ Founded in 1914 ‒ 40+ employees ‒ Based in San Diego, CA ‒ Replaced Peachtree and Custom developed software ‒ NetSuite W/D Edition, ERP, CRM and Ecommerce Challenges Focus on managing and growing business without the hassle of managing servers Managing multiple disparate systems Growth meant adding more IT staff NetSuite Benefits Increased productivity of every employee Complete Integration: NetSuite, POS, Shipping and Yahoo Hours saved reconciling sales orders Automated POS system saves 2-3 hours of staff time daily Integrates 3 websites Grew 60% since using NetSuite without adding additional backend employees NetSuite is a very powerful tool that allows us to focus on our business from all points. We can easily customize to make it fit our specific business model without having a full time IT position. “
    41. 41. Overview – Fashion accessories retail company – Based in Stuart, FL – Replaced Sage MAS 90 – Using NetSuite for ERP, CRM and Ecommerce Challenges Add Ecommerce to existing business-to-business model On-premise accounting and manual warehouse- management couldn't keep up with order increase Avoid building an in-house IT group NetSuite Benefits Grew customers to 5,000+ while adding minimal administrative staff Saving $50,000 yearly in extra staff with automated order processing Bulk-invoicing cuts processing time for daily billings from half day to 1 hour NetSuite Helps Room It Up Save $50,000 Using Automated Order Management NetSuite has helped us open an Ecommerce channel and take on a much larger workload, all without adding the costs of IT servers or staff.“ ”
    42. 42. Overview – Producer and distributor of skin care products – Based in Carlsbad, CA – NetSuite Solution – Replaced QuickBooks, Sage ACTI, and Challenges Wanted to expand business beyond resellers to reach customers directly Needed to track inventory closely, since component suppliers are in China and Korea. NetSuite Benefits Saving $100,000 per year versus on-premise Advanced inventory module and threshold alerts help maximize customer satisfaction through on-time product deliveries Integration of Ecommerce, inventory, and customer information helps speed special promotions Role-based dashboards provide management with real-time visibility into supplier performance Skin Authority Saving $100,000 Annually Using NetSuite We knew we'd need top-quality products and service to succeed in this competitive business. NetSuite helps us do just that.“
    43. 43. Overview – Provider of special needs software – Based in Underwood, Queensland, Australia – NetSuite OneWorld – Replaced QuickBooks, Outlook, and Access Challenges VPN solution for multi-user access to corporate systems was a serious bottleneck Siloed departments lacked integration and data integrity between systems NetSuite OneWorld Benefits Web based access frees them from VPNs and removes bottlenecks between international offices Accelerates expansion from Australia and New Zealand into other APAC markets Seamless consolidation adheres to tax regulations Marketing ROI has increased due to better customer data integration Improved experience for partners and customers Flexible and customizable using SuiteCloud Spectronics Improved Customer Service With NetSuite It was obvious to us that the other products were stitched together. NetSuite is built to be integrated from the ground up.“
    44. 44. Overview ‒ NYSE: STP ‒ $3BN revenue ‒ Running corporate SAP Challenges Uneconomical to deploy SAP within Americas division Required elastic system to scale with rapidly growing distributor network NetSuite OneWorld Benefits Manage complex chart of accounts in real time (used to take 5 days with prior systems) Manage all sales opportunities for SunTech sales and distributors EDI integration for real-time inventory and order generation to partners All financials in NetSuite roll-up to parent company Suntech America Runs on Cloud Connected to SAP @ Corporate In less than five years, there will be more than 20,000 solar installers around the country, and NetSuite will help us reach the partners and customers we want. “
    45. 45. Overview ‒ Manufacturer of potato chips ‒ Based in Buckinghamshire, UK ‒ Chose NetSuite over Microsoft Great Plains Challenges Support fast growth of a new food brand Avoid large capital expenditure Access real-time business information from UK and Peru Needed software that automatically translate multiple languages and currencies NetSuite Benefits Achieved immediate ROI Double growth from £1M to £2M in two years Has been able to minimize plant and salary overhead Company management is now able to focus on distribution growth Launched New Brand, Doubled Growth in First Two Years with NetSuite NetSuite is helping us grow to become an international brand while keeping our overhead to an absolute minimum. Our directors can go anywhere in the world and still have real-time access to business information. “
    46. 46. Overview – #1 rated online wine store – Based in San Francisco, CA – Chose NetSuite over open source and wine-specific alternatives – Running NetSuite across financials and CRM Challenges Prepared to launch a new division at the end of 2009 Urgently needed an IT platform that could be up and running fast enough to capture sales for the 2009 holiday season. NetSuite Benefits Met’s stringent time requirements as well as required integration with parent system of record Logistics was able to save substantial costs and labor, avoiding hiring any permanent IT staff Tied new Logistics division into system of record via Web Services, allowing a direct flow of data between Logistics customers and Launched New Division in Record Time Using NetSuite The NetSuite system was up and running for our new logistics division within an incredibly short amount of time, and it helped us close a significant amount of business when we needed it most — in December, our busiest month of the year. “
    47. 47. eTail & Retail Customers
    48. 48. Overview – Wholesale Distributors of outdoor lifestyle products – Based in Edinburgh, UK – Replaced Sage – NetSuite OneWorld for Finance, Inventory and eCommerce Challenges Rapid growth required accessible, user-friendly system to scale with the business Needed efficient way to promote specific brands through multiple websites NetSuite Benefits NetSuite has helped support a 95% increase in revenues without adding staff Integrated business processes, new website saved 25% of sales staff’s time Warehouse distribution efficiencies have cut need for warehouse space by 40% NetSuite Helps Grow 2Pure 95% Without Adding New Staff NetSuite saves us time and allows us to focus on running the business, and that has helped us increase our turnover—our revenues—by 95%“ ”
    49. 49. Overview ‒ Sign Making Equipment & Supplies ‒ Based in Grand Rapids, MI ‒ NetSuite ERP, CRM, and Ecommerce ‒ Replaced Counterpoint Challenges Wanted to attract more franchise customers Fragmented IT systems meant challenge to manage inventory of 15,000 SKUs IT systems overloaded by 8,000 orders a month across 9 warehouses NetSuite Benefits Order processing time cut by 66% Decreased monthly inventory by $500,000 (15%) Saved $1,000 per month in mailing Web channel now accounts for 11% of revenues Cut pricing update time from 2 hours to 10 minutes NetSuite Cuts Order Processing Time by 66% for Advantage Sign Supply NetSuite has simplified our company's operations, given us great efficiency, power, and flexibility, helped us do business on the Web, and has helped unify our customer touchpoints by linking CRM with ERP and Ecommerce. “
    50. 50. Overview – Distributor of healthcare products – Based in Cheshire, UK – Replaced bespoke CRM application – NetSuite CRM+ Challenges Needed better support of inbound and outbound customer service due to tremendous growth Didn't want to build a customer management system from scratch or use a pre-packaged solution NetSuite Benefits Able to manage all inquiries from website, reducing overheads previously incurred with manual processes Easily create and execute email campaigns and track campaign ROI Easily integrated 3rd party telephony system Scaled with customer base growth of 60%+ All About W8 Streamlined eMarketing and CRM With NetSuite CRM+ The NetSuite system we needed works out at about £4 per user per day—so deciding to use NetSuite was really a no-brainer!“ ”
    51. 51. Overview – Online shopping club – Based in Montreal, Canada – Replaced QuickBooks and in-house software – Chose NetSuite OneWorld Challenges Disparate systems provided no visibility into profit and cost across global operations Inventory turnover created significant inventory management challenges Avoid additional hiring for IT operations and system administration NetSuite Benefits 1,100% growth in sales 8x FTE growth in 12 months Eliminated order processing delays Seamless multi-location inventory management Streamlined process for adding hundreds of new products daily Beyond The Rack Serves 4 Million Customers with NetSuite OneWorld Using NetSuite rather than a traditional in-house solution allows us to reduce upfront investment and keep our money focused on growing the business.“
    52. 52. Overview ‒ World’s leading mobile accessories brand ‒ Founded in 2006 ‒ 100+ employees ‒ Based in Tucker, GA ‒ Manufacturing in Taiwan and Korea; Retails in 76 countries ‒ NetSuite OneWorld replaced QuickBooks Challenges Demand planning around new devices Multi-country inventory management Currency conversion issues with manufacturers NetSuite OneWorld Benefits Able to monitor re-order points, stocking levels, etc. – using KPIs and reports International revenue grew from 12% to 40% Real time inventory allows easy movement of stock around the world Better purchasing power with automatic currency adjustment NetSuite OneWorld helps manage retailers in 76 Countries The advanced features in NetSuite OneWorld 2011 allow us to further drive the efficiency, speed and control of our financial process across our international operations “
    53. 53. Overview – Maker and distributor of childcare products – Based in Portland, OR – Replaced with NetSuite CRM Challenges Needed ecommerce capabilities with integrated financials and CRM Parent company's Oracle ERP could not meet goals due to time and budget constraints Aggressive goal to launch in just 5 months NetSuite Benefits Intuitive Ecommerce interface enabled rapid expansion from 200 to 4,000 products Complete visibility into financial status of the company Child Care Marketplace operational within 5 months 360-degree view of customers for marketing and merchandising Child Care Marketplace Launches in Just 5 Months Using NetSuite We were looking for a solution that would provide a full view of our business activity as well as the agility to implement an integrated ecommerce, CRM, and back office system. “
    54. 54. Overview – Retail and Online sales merchant – 18 websites & 11 retail stores – Based in Urbana, IA – Replaced QuickBooks and spreadsheets – NetSuite ERP, eCommerce, CRM and Inventory Management Challenges Needed to quickly tap a market growing at 25%+ YoY Manual order processing slowed sales processes and risked errors Lack of analysis and reporting NetSuite Benefits Growing 40-90% annually with only 5 additional FTE Saving $70,000 per year on IT support versus hosted Nearly doubled shipping output without adding warehouse staff stores integration saving 5-10 hours Produce custom reports in minutes not hours Product profitability reports maximize ad value Clickstop Doubles Shipping Output Using NetSuite We knew that we couldn’t continue manually typing and retyping information like we were with QuickBooks. It was slowing our sales down and was much too error-prone for our multi-brand retail business. “
    55. 55. Overview – Online Exchange for Consumer Goods – Based in Funchal, Portugal – Replaced Sage Trading 100 with NetSuite – NetSuite ERP, Inventory and Analytics Challenges Managing operations in Portugal, England and France Multiple currencies, trading regulations and languages Needed global access to key business metrics Required a system that would allow integration with complex website front-end NetSuite Benefits Increased the efficiency of operations, logistics and finance by 20% by reducing manual processes Access to real-time reporting and KPI’s Remote, real-time access for entire staff Streamlines Business Processes with NetSuite By allowing us to automate key business processes, NetSuite has increased the efficiency of our operations, logistics and finance teams by 20%“
    56. 56. Overview – Portable coolers – Founded in 1947 – 250+ employees – Based in Katy, TX – NetSuite eCommerce, Inventory Management, Shipping, CRM Challenges Rapid product turnover lead to static catalogs Unattractive and costly consumer website Strengthen online presence while limiting IT spend Meet Ecommerce needs while maintaining wholesale business model NetSuite Benefits Web store traffic increased 40% and sales increased 30% year-over-year Fast, easy to design and maintain customer product information Smooth handoff to third-party Ecommerce vendor for easy order fulfillment Easy integration with Fluid Media website tools NetSuite Helps Boost Igloo’s Online Sales by 30% Igloo has claimed full control over their online content and presence, thanks to the powerful Web tools delivered by NetSuite.“
    57. 57. Overview ‒ One of the largest printing supplies websites in the US, Canada, and UK. ‒ 50 employees ‒ Based in Bell, CA ‒ Replaced Quickbooks, UPS Worldship and MIVA ‒ NetSuite OneWorld, Ecommerce and Advanced Inventory Challenges Need a faster way to get orders in and shipped out Human errors from multiple data entries NetSuite OneWorld Benefits Faster turnaround with Integrated order, fulfillment and shipping Proactive customer service resulting in repeat orders Marketing tied to Inventory helps move products out Opened doors for International business – easy setup, complete control and automatic currency and tax compliance Apps Integration lead to high savings and efficiencies grows exponentially with NetSuite NetSuite has helped us close a lot of deals. Without NetSuite, we would need five additional people to handle our current volume.“ ”
    58. 58. Overview – Portable GPS Devices – Founded in 1986 – Over 200 patents in GPS Technology – Based in Santa Clara, CA – Replaced SAP and Home- Grown Systems Challenges Outdated and underpowered Ecommerce system Real-time transaction processing and reporting were unavailable Lacked integration between webstore and financial system 3 month new product rollout to website NetSuite Benefits Increased daily online transaction processing by 3X Seamless integration between webstore and on- premise Oracle financials Cut product launch times from 3 months to 1 week IT cost for Ecommerce cut by 20% Magellan GPS Reduces IT Costs 20% and Triple Productivity with NetSuite NetSuite unifies our Ecommerce efforts on a single platform, and gives us real- time order processing unavailable with our outdated legacy system.“ ”
    59. 59. Overview ‒ Leader in portable GPS devises ‒ Based in Santa Clara, CA ‒ Founded in 1986 ‒ NetSuite OneWorld replaced SAP and homegrown system ‒ NetSuite running across eCommerce, Marketing, Merchandising and Customer Service Challenges Ten year old homegrown Ecommerce system lacked flexibility Existing Ecommerce system was expensive to maintain Real-time reporting unavailable Real-time transaction processing unavailable NetSuite Solution Benefits Overall transaction processing time 10% less Reduced Ecommerce-related IT spending 20 percent Overall transaction processing times 10 percent less Call handling times 35 percent lower with NetSuite customer service solution Triples Ecommerce Productivity, Reduces IT Costs Over 20% We have tripled our productivity, enhanced our risk management, and reduced our overall Ecommerce IT expenditures by more than 20 percent switching to NetSuite. ”“
    60. 60. Overview ‒ Discount medical supply and equipment store ‒ 90 employee ‒ Based in Brooklyn, NY ‒ Replaced Quickbooks and Monster Commerce ‒ NetSuite ERP, CRM and Ecommerce Challenges Error prone, manual data entry between webstore and QuickBooks Difficult to manage customer records and orders Limited number of users have access to data NetSuite Benefits Stress free implementation using best practices Automation frees 20+ hours per week Able to provide better and efficient customer service Integrated accounting, CRM and Ecommerce provides efficiencies and increase in productivity Discount medical supply store increases revenue by 30% with NetSuite NetSuite automates our business processes giving us the opportunity to focus on growing the business instead of managing business processes.“ ”
    61. 61. Overview ‒ Provider of the Santa and Bunny photo experience ‒ Company founded in 1981 ‒ Headquarters in Arvada, CO ‒ NetSuite replaced Customer-built software ‒ Using NetSuite for ERP, Inventory, CRM, and POS ‒ Considered SAP, Microsoft, and Epicor Challenges Disparate POS and ERP systems inadequate to support growth Unable to track sales generated by specific promotions Lack of automated inventory tracking across 200 sites – manual, error-prone labor intensive process Sales compromised by the limitations of electronic cash registers NetSuite Benefits Integrated POS and ERP fostered innovation - expanded product offerings by 4x. Robust reporting and centralized POS and ERP data enabled Noerr to measure ROI on each promotion Increase efficiency by automating inventory management - saving 10 hours weekly Seasonal Photo Experience Provider Saves Time , Boosts Efficiency With NetSuite, we can see customer, transaction, and inventory data in real time. We have put aside concerns about the next day and focus on our mission which is creating holiday magic. “
    62. 62. Overview ‒ Provider of home brewing equipment ‒ Customer Since 2009 ‒ Headquarters in Roseville, NY ‒ NetSuite replaced Homegrown POS ‒ Running NetSuite across ERP and POS Challenges Limited in-house POS software couldn’t support growth Disparate POS Software and NetSuite ERP slowed order processing Unable to respond to customer demand due to lack of visibility into inventory across three retail stores NetSuite Benefits Efficient order-to-cash process saves one full day for credit card payments Integrated POS and ERP systems reduced stock-outs at retail stores Reduce inventory by 15% with real-time inventory reporting Homebrew Business Boost Efficiency to Prepare for Growth Before NetSuite we shipped inventory to our stores on a weekly basis. Now we ship daily, which improves our customer responsiveness, and helps us cut out wasted inventory. “
    63. 63. Overview – Online toy retailer – Based in Litiz, PA – 85,000 SKUs – Replaced Proprietary IBM based solution – NetSuite ERP, CRM, Ecommerce Challenges Transition from phone to webstore for order placement Needed to improve order processing, inventory management, to keep customers happy and supply chain efficient Existing webstore not compliant with security standards and did not interface with business systems NetSuite Benefits Saving more than $100,000 yearly over the cost of comparable on-premise business software Order-to-cash process increased up by approx. 25% Saving $25,000 per year on webstore-management staff with no increase in warehouse staff SEO reporting, other upgrades have helped increase webstore traffic by 27% Outback Toys Grows by 33%, While Saving $100,000 Yearly With NetSuite With NetSuite, we're running a lot more proficiently. Growth isn't a problem now—it's an opportunity and we can make the most of it.“
    64. 64. Overview – Wholesale distributor of point of sale supplies – Based in Danvers, MA – Replaced ACT, QuickBooks Enterprise, Miva Merchant – Chose NetSuite over and SalesLogix – NetSuite CRM, Advanced Inventory and eCommerce Challenges Disconnected sales, marketing, and accounting hampered growth Sales and marketing analysis was difficult and slow Limited financial resources were strained by existing IT infrastructure NetSuite Benefits $50,000 savings from productivity gains and reductions in IT spending 50 percent gain in sales campaign effectiveness Supporting 40 percent growth in sales volume NetSuite Helps Save POS Supply $50,000 While Supporting 40% Growth We were initially just looking at NetSuite’s CRM side, but after looking further we began to think about integrating our CRM, ERP, e-commerce, and UPS shipping, and realized what a powerful solution that would be. “
    65. 65. Overview – Online retailer of consumer electronics – Based in Hong Kong – Replaced Microsoft Office Accounting, Excel Spreadsheets – Selected NetSuite over Microsoft Dynamics ERP Challenges Wanted to take advantage of fast-growing demand for consumer electronics products by online retailers Spreadsheet-based system created data entry bottlenecks, and caused pricing inaccuracies Shipping errors caused by manual data entry NetSuite Benefits Doubled growth to $30 million in sales without adding any IT staff Saved $65,000 over the cost of on-premise business software End-of-quarter financial reconciliation now takes four minutes versus 50 hours with the previous system Reduced on-hand inventory by two-thirds Red Hare LTD Doubles Sales, Cuts Costs Using NetSuite Besides helping up keep on a sharp growth curve, NetSuite has put us at the top of our field.“
    66. 66. Overview – Online retailer of wine accessories – Based in Sonoma, CA – Replaced QuickBooks, proprietary and manual IT systems – Running NetSuite across ERP, CRM and Ecommerce – Went live in just 4 months Challenges Wine cabinet and cooler maker wanted to expand into accessories market QuickBooks and proprietary systems couldn't scale to high-volume business Existing IT systems slow and inflexible NetSuite Benefits Accessory sales have tripled each month, without need to hire admin staff Saving $24,000/year versus previous software Reduced order processing time from 20 min. to 20 sec. Custom report takes 10 min. vs. 1 day Sonoma Wine Accessories Grows by 30% While Saving 50% Using NetSuite With NetSuite, we've boosted business processes, and we're able to do serious, proactive marketing, which is just what the new business needs.“ ”
    67. 67. Overview – Online retailer of flooring products – Based in Birmingham, AL – Founded in 1952 – Replaced Miva Merchant, QuickBooks – Chose NetSuite to manage ERP and eCommerce Challenges Company required affordable, agile solution Required solution that would support growth and allow founders to focus on strategic goals Previous systems lacked automation resulting in paper-bound processes and delays NetSuite Benefits NetSuite supported eightfold growth in revenue from 2007 to 2011 with just three sales professionals Able to shift half of all transactions to the Web Product import capabilities allow update to thousands of products in 5 minutes South Cypress Grew Revenue Eightfold Using NetSuite NetSuite's cloud-based model allows us to scale without having to worry about additional IT infrastructure.“
    68. 68. Overview – Online sports retailer – Based in Chicago, IL – Replaced Retail Star – Chose NetSuite over Microsoft Dynamics/Great Plains and Sage ACCPAC Challenges Difficulty exploiting growing order volumes Disconnected order processing between retail outlets and Web store caused conflicts, lost sales Lack of multi-site inventory management slowed order deliveries. NetSuite Benefits Sales growth of 400% without additional staff Order automation and shipping integration freed 5 employees for customer service Integration with payment processors enables better negotiation of payment processing rates Wrigleyville Sports Grows by 400% Using NetSuite NetSuite is helping us handle substantial growth in order volume without having to maintain on-site hardware and software and a staff of IT support people.“
    69. 69. Overview – Retailer of wine products – Based in Sydney, Australia – NetSuite OneWorld – Replaced Volusion ecommerce software Challenges Maximize growth while keeping costs low Manual order processing was error-prone and slow Previous website was difficult to navigate leading to low customer conversion and high cart abandonment NetSuite Benefits Automated order processing handling a 650% increase in orders Website conversions have increased by 50% Driven first-call resolution to 95%+ Reduced call back time by 75%+ Multi-subsidiary, multi-currency management Improves Web Site Conversions by 50% using OneWorld Now we can handle all the orders we get, and it's all automatic. All information is held centrally, our business processes are simplified and we've got a smooth path to near-infinite growth. “
    70. 70. Services Customers
    71. 71. Overview – Provider of TV broadcast services – Based in Quezon City, Philippines and Redwood City, CA – Replaced custom CRM and ERP system – Chose NetSuite ERP, CRM, and inventory over Microsoft Great Plains Challenges Costly IT maintenance for patchwork of software applications across multiple operating regions Lacked worldwide visibility into sales effectiveness and inventory levels Adding new customers, products, promotions, and locations required IT support and resulted in delays NetSuite Benefits Flexible, efficient two-tier ERP model with integrated reporting into parent company's SAP instance Self-service capabilities eliminated dependence on IT Flexible and reliable CRM, inventory tracking, and accounting across multiple operating regions ABS-CBN Streamlined Business Using NetSuite Two-Tier ERP model NetSuite provides the functionality and flexibility we needed, and a single version of the truth, with a reduced initial cost outlay.“
    72. 72. Overview – Provider of media/publishing services – Based in Singapore, Southeast Asia – Replaced Microsoft Great Plains and Sage CRM and HR – Chose NetSuite OneWorld after evaluating Challenges Needed to consolidate to a single global ERP Wanted to jump-start and manage new regional operations with minimal expense Reduce high costs of network communications for remote access as well as multiple disconnected ERP systems. NetSuite Benefits Business growing globally, yet spending less on IT Accounting report-calculation time cut by 50% Yearly external audit costs have been cut by 45% ADH Cut AP Reporting Time by 50% Using NetSuite OneWorld With NetSuite OneWorld we get real-time reporting in all our subsidiaries, and we have the ability to customize our reports at a high level and in just the way our top management needs. “
    73. 73. Overview – Provider of IT consulting services – Based in Sydney, Australia – Replaced Sage ACCPAC and PeopleSoft – NetSuite OpenAir, financials, CRM Challenges Spinning off a 130-employee "startup" within a 90-day timeframe Needed a complete business software architecture but parent company’s on-premise solution was too costly Wanted to boost sales pipeline visibility NetSuite Benefits Added pipeline visibility and other functions while saving more than $250K in upgrade costs Monthly invoices are now processed in 4 days rather than 2 weeks DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) has been cut by 30% BearingPoint Saved $250K Using NetSuite OpenAir Prior to NetSuite, we were many versions behind out parent's applications because of the costs and detailed customizations needed to upgrade.“ ”
    74. 74. Overview ‒ Provider of cleaning services ‒ Based in Hertfodshire, UK ‒ NetSuite replaced Sage Peachtree ‒ Deployed NetSuite to manage ERP Challenges Difficulty supporting fast growth with its combination of limited business software and spreadsheets Accessing and reporting data was time-consuming and costly Company didn't have coherent view of P&L, salary, and marketing data NetSuite Solution Benefits Has the ability to support 150% growth year on year over the next three years Company achieved software ROI within 5 months of full NetSuite implementation Cut Time and Costs To Support Cynergi's 150% Growth Goal NetSuite gives us a complete view of our business in real time. It saves the leadership team time we can use to focus on growing our client base by 150% over the last three years. ” “
    75. 75. Overview – Strategic management and technical consulting – Based in San Jose, CA – NetSuite SRP – Replaced, and Deltek Advantage Challenges Hairball of three disparate systems Cumbersome spreadsheets required for deep business analysis Invoicing process was time-consuming and error- prone Existing systems lacked uniform user interface Needed to reduce IT expenditures NetSuite Benefits NetSuite SRP reduced invoice generation time by factor of ten Real-time, role-based visibility into key metrics Refocused resources on sales and billable services NetSuite SRP Integrated EORM’s Sales, Delivery, and Invoicing NetSuite SRP gives us the ability to handle a higher volume of business with the same staff.“
    76. 76. Overview – Provider of online publishing services – 30 million readers per month – Based in New York, NY – Replaced QuickBooks and Excel with NetSuite OneWorld Challenges Operational inefficiencies hindered growth Difficulty optimizing complex, multi-dimensional advertising contracts using QuickBooks Lack of consolidated financial information Inefficient revenue recognition and limited business visibility NetSuite Benefits Deployed NetSuite OneWorld in 60 days Integrated accounts payable and receivable processes cut bookkeeping costs by 20% Role based dashboards give up-to-the minute views of order performance, receivables and expenses NetSuite OneWorld Reduced Gawker Media’s Bookkeeping Costs by 20% Our processes are integrated and automatic, and our analysis is based on dependable, up-to-the-minute information.“
    77. 77. Overview – Provider of security services – Founded in 1999 – Based in Beijing, China – Serving 11 cities in Asia – NetSuite OneWorld replaced QuickBooks and Excel Challenges Global operations across China, India and SE Asia needed sophisticated enterprise wide solution On-premise system had no CRM capabilities, poor data flow and reporting resulting in human error Previous solutions offered minimal marketing opportunities NetSuite OneWorld Benefits NetSuite provides easy, fast, and accurate tailoring of local tax and VAT rates in each operating region Sales Proposal process cut by 50% Expanded limited accounting staff into full international financial group using OneWorld Integrated marketing campaign, and improved customer analysis NetSuite Cloud Improved ICD’s Sales Efficiency 50% Going through SOX compliance with NetSuite has been easy, inexpensive, and fast.“
    78. 78. Overview – Nonprofit provider of healthcare service – Based in Lafayette, CO – Founded in 1963 – 550+ employees – NetSuite running Finance – Replaced Microsoft Great Plains and Microsoft Access Challenges Streamline service delivery to families dealing with cognitive disabilities Inability to report and share financial information Needed to minimize costs and maximize worker efficiencies NetSuite Benefits NetSuite efficiencies helped Imagine! avoid 3 full-time-employee hires Managers get financial reports whenever and whenever they want Saving $2,000+ annually on postage costs alone Imagine! Avoided 3+ FTEs Using NetSuite Our biggest advantage is in reporting, because every manager and supervisor is able to use NetSuite to check on their budgets and employees using real-time data. “
    79. 79. Overview ‒ Financial security company ‒ Based in London, UK ‒ Selected NetSuite over Sage 200 ‒ Deployed NetSuite to Manage Commissions Challenges Attract and retain highly qualified sales staff with accurate commission payments Manual data entry slowed administrative processes Needed a secure, reliable software system to handle complex financial scenarios NetSuite Benefits Helped Imagine FS automate its commission processes Reduced commissions time from 1 day to 5 minutes Dashboards allow directors to plan and control growth Finanacial Services Startup Grew its Sales Force by 400% With NetSuite, we get the efficiency of end-to-end integration, real time information, and all the flexibility we'll ever need to stay on our growth path. ”“
    80. 80. Overview – Provider of infrastructure services – Based in Short Hills, NJ – Replaced QuickBooks and SugarCRM – NetSuite and OpenAir Challenges Corporate spinoff needed enterprise-grade systems Previous parent company used disparate systems for accounting, CRM, and customer support Re-keying data between multiple systems, slowing processes and severely limiting visibility NetSuite Benefits Saved 1.5 FTE due to automated processes Quote-to-billing takes minutes Cloud delivery ensured go live with company launch Streamlined prospect-to-customer processes Visibility into the success of lead-generating activities InfrastructureWorks Accelerates Quote- to-Cash Process with NetSuite SRP The combination of NetSuite and OpenAir gives us complete, paperless enterprise management and allows us to stay lean.“
    81. 81. Overview – Provider of IT services – Based in London, UK – NetSuite OneWorld – Replaced, Maximiser, Goldmine, Sage Challenges Multiple business units couldn't share sales and other data, hindering company growth Manual invoicing was slow, error-prone Inability to track sales leads NetSuite Benefits 60 users across UK; 100 employee users in California access NetSuite easily via browsers and dashboards Company sales have increased by 100% Company is saving 33% of administrative time over previous system Better visibility into customer data Innovise Grows Sales by 100% With NetSuite OneWorld Using OneWorld stopped duplication of effort and improved financial accuracy by eliminating the errors inherent with manual processing.“
    82. 82. Overview – Provider of IT services – Based in London, UK – NetSuite – Replaced Scala, Excel, and Outlook Challenges Bringing company processes and systems up to date to enable future growth Needed to eliminate duplication of information between departments Simple tasks took far too long to complete NetSuite Benefits Company more profitable due to accurate, live data at fingertips Frees up time to process mass transactions, turn queries and issues around rapidly More dynamic and accurate across all departments Reduction in back-office staff ITS-PLC Drives Profitability with NetSuite NetSuite has helped us to leap frog our competitors. “
    83. 83. Overview – Provider of full service market research – Based in Austin, TX – Founded in 1999 – Replaced QuickBooks and – Chose NetSuite over Microsoft Great Plains, Sage MAS 90 and 200 Challenges Needed to improve financial forecasting and business performance Fragmented systems and spreadsheets delayed accurate financial reporting and close NetSuite Benefits Reduced accounting time for cash flow analysis by 18 hours per week Reduced time spend on monthly close by 8 hours Saving $50,000 yearly over extra staffing Profitability analysis helps direct sales efforts Expedited project mgt., expense reporting and purchase-order processes Mindwave Saving $50,000 Annually Using NetSuite NetSuite helped us significantly reduced the hours we were spending on accounting allowing us to spend more time on forecasting and profitability.“
    84. 84. Overview – Provider of real estate services – Based in Honolulu, HI – NetSuite CRM – Replaced Challenges Lacked efficient way to share data with agents and sales managers Needed solution to blend real estate market data with customer data No off-the-shelf solution supported its unique workflow NetSuite Benefits Agents able to manage 10X more relations over previous system Delivering 1.5 million e-mails on behalf of agents yearly 98% buy-in from 240 independent real estate agents Integration between NetSuite CRM+ and Prudential Web portal NetSuite CRM+ Led to Prudential’s Skyrocketing Agent Productivity We knew we needed a solution that was both powerful and easy to customize. NetSuite was the most flexible architecture for our needs.“
    85. 85. Overview – Provider of IT services – Based in Makati City, Philippines – NetSuite Mid-market International – Replaced SugarCRM Challenges Company wanted to expand globally but held back by administrative inefficiencies Lack of critical functions, such as customer case management, limited company's ability to grow Client billings were inaccurate NetSuite Benefits NetSuite has helped company increase customer case management by 50% over old system Improved service and billing accuracy has boosted customer satisfaction Timesheet automation is helping company save $3,000 per year in administrative costs SQL Became Globally Competitive With NetSuite Solution NetSuite gave us a way to streamline our internal processes and automate functions that had been performed manually, so we will be prepared for growth and expansion. “
    86. 86. Overview – Provider of education services – Based in Tokyo, Japan – Replaced Microsoft Access and Excel – Chose NetSuite over and SAP – Running Netsuite across CRM and Financials Challenges Needed to handle sudden growth in prospective student applications System needed to handle student applications coming via Website as well as phone and other channels Tight cost controls would not allow adding to IT staff. NetSuite Benefits Temple efficiently growing 20% per year Boosted the speed of response and follow-up to prospect applications Recruiting teams work more efficiently NetSuite Helps Temple University Efficiently Scale Student Recruiting by 20% Since we moved to NetSuite, we’ve had a flexible, platform-oriented, extendable, customizable system that offers complete hosting functionality. None of the other solutions had this. “
    87. 87. Overview – Provider of professional services – Based in Los Angeles, CA – NetSuite OneWorld – Replaced Microsoft Great Plains Challenges Underpowered and inefficient accounting system Slowdowns occurred in client and employee payments, damaging relationships Disparate processes and separate instances risked errors in expenses and commissions NetSuite Benefits Reconciliation now 50% faster and fully accurate Commissions calculated quickly and paid on-time Streamlined billings ensure that sponsors pay on time and process expenses fast Financial information available to in real-time NetSuite Helps Cut WMG’s Billing Reconciliation Time by 50% With NetSuite, our contracts and processes are linked, making it much easier to see what we keep and what we remit.“ ”
    88. 88. Overview – Provider of IT services – Based in Bedford, NH – Replaced QuickBooks, QuickBase, and Microsoft CRM – Chose NetSuite over Microsoft Great Plains Challenges Disparate systems resulted in the inability to reconcile financial information Financial reporting, billings were hampered by limited visibility and unreliable revenue recognition processes Small-business applications stifled growth NetSuite Benefits Business has grown 20% annually without adding extra staff Billing processes simpler, more reliable Integration of customer information and product- support information NetSuite for iPhone helps users connect remotely Using NetSuite, WhippleHill Grows 20% Without Adding Extra Staff The NetSuite approach to revenue recognition is much better than the massive spreadsheet we had to use before, which inevitably introduced errors in our accruals. “
    89. 89. Overview – Provider of digital marketing services – Based in Toronto, Canada – Replaced in-house CRM – Chose NetSuite CRM over and FranConnect Inc. Challenges Expensive in-house ad campaign software In-house CRM system not cost effective to keep Difficult to measure and maximize advertising impact NetSuite Benefits Target prospects for high lead-to-sales conversion using site performance and customer behavior reports KPI reporting helps manage ad campaigns and marketing spend Opened new markets in Europe, Asia and Australia using high-volume processing and analytics Same-day response to high-priority leads NetSuite Helps WSI Automate Lead Management Our conversion rates are consistently better than the industry average, and NetSuite plays a large role in that success.“
    90. 90. Overview – Provider of rental car services – Based in Paranaque City, Philippines – Using NetSuite across accounting, CRM and Ecommerce – Chose NetSuite over SAP and Quickbooks Challenges Losing money because of errors in manually prepared invoices Company had no way to foresee changes in rental volume by large clients Thin profit margins prohibited Diamond from bringing in expensive on-premise IT software NetSuite Benefits Billing automation saves $10,000+ annually through faster, more accurate invoicing Accurate forecasting helps manage rental fleet dynamically by responding to changing market conditions DFMS Saves $10,000 Yearly Using NetSuite With NetSuite, analytical and reporting tools are available instantly, from any Internet-enabled terminal.“
    91. 91. Retail Customers
    92. 92. Overview – Provider of clean energy – Based in Melbourne, Australia – Chose NetSuite OneWorld over Microsoft Dynamics – Replaced MYOB and SugarCRM Challenges Wanted to leverage the growing clean-energy market Fragmented software applications Customer questions on complex configuration or installation issues often required hour-long phone calls NetSuite Benefits Saved $200,000 over buying on-premise software and servers, and is now doubling revenues yearly Average order-to-cash time has decreased by 33% Website price updates now happen instantaneously Customer self-service enables sales to come in daily without requiring any employee contact, while reducing hour long service calls to 20 minutes. Energy Matters Slashes Order to Cash 33% Using NetSuite OneWorld NetSuite has enabled us to grow at a rate faster than we expected, from 20 people to more than 100 in just a few years.“
    93. 93. Overview – Provider and retailer of musical supplies – Based in West Lake Village, CA – Chose NetSuite CRM over – Replaced custom built software Challenges Manual handling of complex sales quotes Sales of equipment and services to recording studios and live venues require extended contract negotiations Quate system consisted of Excel spreadsheets NetSuite Benefits 3X growth in three years Increased sales efficiency helping company to achieve 12% annual growth rate in a difficult economy Improved pipeline efficiency has reduced quote time from 5 hours to 1 hour Pipeline analysis reports help sales representatives increase effectiveness NetSuite CRM Helps Guitar Center Grow Outside Sales Division With NetSuite our salespeople can organize their workday, and we can deliver sales quotes that are impressively accurate.“
    94. 94. Overview – Provider of Christian health services – Based in Shelby, NC – Chose NetSuite for ERP, CRM, and Ecommerce – Replaced ProfitCenter Software Challenges Order fulfillment errors due to limited IT system Unreliable accounting, lack of reporting lead to lost revenues on shipping costs Wanted to maintain hard-won leadership position NetSuite Benefits Saved $500,000 over cost of on-premises installation Will save $50,000 annually in extra staff expenses vs. on-premise system Ecommerce sales increased by 25% in 6 months Real-time data for call center, marketing, Web, accounting, retail stores, IT, and CEO office Hallelujah Acres Increases Ecommerce Sales by 25% With NetSuite NetSuite has helped us improve customer service and order fulfillment. Plus it is flexible enough for us to affordably customize it to fit the company's long-term needs.“
    95. 95. Overview – Culinary school – Based in Makati City, Philippines – NetSuite Challenges Needed robust solution for CRM and back-office finance Required a unique system to meet student and course needs Required a solution supporting educational and restaurant-grade supply needs NetSuite Benefits Significant cost savings over alternative solutions Avoided hiring dedicated IT personnel due to NetSuite cloud delivery Reduced IT overheard ICF Drives IT Efficiency Using NetSuite NetSuite meets all of the requirements for a school, and automates many of the processes we would normally have to perform manually.“
    96. 96. Overview – Manila-based fast food company – $800m revenue – 32,000 employees – 1,800 stores – Strategic emphasis on rapid global expansion – Oracle Financials at corporate Challenges Robust growth potential threatened by fragmented, unreliable financial information Aggressive expansion goals made consolidated financials essential Too lengthy and costly to deploy Oracle worldwide NetSuite OneWorld Benefits Completed rollout to 10 stores in Vietnam took two months 265 stores subsequently rolled out in China Automating reporting, and enforce governance Real-time visibility across territories Standardizing ERP at a Fraction of the Time and Cost of Oracle NetSuite OneWorld gives us a way to deliver a standard platform across the organization in a timeframe and at a cost that supports our continued growth and development. “
    97. 97. Overview – Global education company – Based in Singapore – $2B+ annual revenue – 40,000 employees – 3,700 locations worldwide – NetSuite OneWorld and SuiteCloud customization – Replaced on premise ERP system Challenges Needed a solution that could be rapidly deployed and scaled to existing and new subsidiaries The cost of implementing an on-premise ERP solution for subsidiaries and new acquisitions would be cost prohibitive Needed flexibility and transparency into ERP, financial management, reporting and analysis in the company's subsidiaries NetSuite Benefits Four month rollout to 6 subsidiaries Reduced ongoing systems costs by 70% Real-time consolidated view of performance across subsidiaries Knowledge Universe Gained Agility and Reduced Costs With NetSuite OneWorld We chose NetSuite OneWorld for its multi-entity consolidation functionality combined with the capability to tailor the system to meet the unique business requirements of each individual subsidiary. “
    98. 98. Overview – Mountain bike retailer – Based in North Hollywood, CA – Chose NetSuite over Microsoft Great Plains,, and Quickbooks – Replaced Quickbooks and Excel Challenges Adding international channels meant complexity in bookkeeping, inventory management Wanted to attract quality employees by simplifying remote access Manual inventory management slowed order processing NetSuite Benefits Real-time sales pipeline visibility maximizes cash flow Saving $100,000 annually by eliminating additional bookkeepers Additional savings of $20,000 per year vs. conventional server-based VPN NetSuite Helps Niner Bikes Grow and Save $100K Annually NetSuite is easy to use, but it also can take us to a $100,000,000 company without missing a beat.“ ”
    99. 99. Overview – Provider of tools used in the culinary profession – Based in Sydney, Australia – Chose NetSuite OneWorld over SAP BusinessOne – Replaced Microsoft Great Plains Challenges Migration from startup software to Microsoft Dynamics GP failed after 12 months of significant investment Microsoft Dynamics GP provided virtually no usable reporting data Solving GP problems would require over $100,000 in hardware, plus additional IT headcount NetSuite Benefits Saving over $100,000 in server hardware, plus ongoing IT headcount Cut accountant billable hours in half Majority of customizations now managed and implemented in-house, saving on consulting fees NetSuite OneWorld Saved TCT Hundreds of Thousands on IT We quickly realized just how deep NetSuite's functionality is. NetSuite is powerful enough for us to enhance, refine, and grow with.“
    100. 100. Overview – Provider of fair trade clothing and accessories – Based in Camperdown, Australia – NetSuite running across ERP and CRM – 85 users – Switched from Markinson Shopkeeper running across VPNs Challenges Maintaining a VPN across so many sites was both complex and time consuming Managing data across sites took time and risked data integrity Software upgrades was a logistic challenge No real-time information NetSuite Benefits Real-time data available across all stores and the head office Greater insights into the business performance Reduced hardware requirements and eliminated ongoing upgrades and maintenance Eliminated the need for provision and maintenance of individual VPNs Tree of Life Overcomes Barriers to Growth With NetSuite Using NetSuite has allowed us to concentrate on what's important, secure in the knowledge that NetSuite has created a strong and reliable system.“
    101. 101. Manufacturing Customers © NetSuite 2010 101
    102. 102. Overview ‒ Provider of novelties and gifts ‒ Based in the London, UK ‒ Customer since 2007 ‒ NetSuite OneWorld ‒ Replaced QuickBooks ‒ Chose NetSuite OneWorld over SAP and Exchequer Challenges Managing growth across 3 continents Managing multi-location inventory and supply chain Needed financial consolidation for vendor and products NetSuite OneWorld Benefits Saved £50,000+ over on premise software and servers Grew from £1.2 to £2.8M since switching to NetSuite Multi-currency capabilities facilitate financial consolidations BLUW Saves £50,000 Over On-Premise IT We operate on three continents and our business is undergoing enormous growth. It would be impossible to predict future systems and infrastructure requirements for our business. With NetSuite OneWorld, we don't have to. ” “
    103. 103. Overview ‒ Provider of industrial supplies ‒ Based in Oakland, CA ‒ Founded in 1948 ‒ Customer since 2003 ‒ Switched from QuickBooks & MBA Accounting Software to NetSuite ‒ Using NetSuite for ERP, Inventory, CRM, and Ecommerce Challenges Shrinking building materials margins as economy tightened Accurate competitive analysis to determine price changes Improve performance by increasing operational efficiency NetSuite Benefits Analytics help management make pricing adjustments based on accurate competitive analysis Set prices for thousands of SKUs in a day, compared to a week or more NetSuite reporting capabilities help managers track sales, order pipelines and inventory Feeney Competes and Diversifies in Tight Economy NetSuite helps us be more competitive, more agile, and plan our future with precision. It gave us the tools to provide better customer service, and it gives our departments the information they need. “
    104. 104. Overview ‒ Provider of fan sports apparel ‒ Based in Hoboken, NJ ‒ Founded in 2005 ‒ Customer since 2010 ‒ Switched from Quickbooks and PDGsoft to NetSuite ‒ Chose NetSuite over Microsoft Great Plains and Sage Mas 200/400 ‒ Running NetSuite across ERP, CRM, Ecommerce, Inventory, & Manufacturing Challenges Poor integration between QuickBooks and webstore lead to duplicate effort and flawed order management Lack of visibility into order exceptions and stockouts impacted margins Difficult and labor-intensive raw materials tracking Benefits Automatically import and process orders improving shipment times and customer satisfaction eliminated 9 week material ordering delays Commission reporting cut from four hours to four minutes GameWear Cuts Waste and Streamlines Order Management with NetSuite Using the NetSuite Ecommerce platform is boosting sales, and gives us the opportunity to scale up our business-to-consumer operations. ”“
    105. 105. Overview ‒ Provider of transportation technology ‒ Based in St. Paul, MN ‒ Customer since 2008 ‒ NetSuite OneWorld ‒ Switched from SAP ‒ Running NetSuite in 2 months ‒ Deployed NetSuite across inventory, ERP, and CRM Challenges Needed scalable ERP system after 3M spinoff Unable to perform financial or sales analysis Growth limited by lack of visibility into new sales opportunities NetSuite OneWorld Benefits NetSuite provides a scalable, cost effective ERP system that allows GTT to continue rapid growth Even with 3 subsidiaries, GTT gets detailed, weekly financial and sales reports Dashboards provide instant inventory, backlog and pipeline visibility GTT Running on NetSuite OneWorld with 2,000+ Customers in Just 60 Days In 60 days we had a complete, scalable ERP infrastructure, thanks to NetSuite, and we're now growing at a good pace. ”“
    106. 106. Overview – Division of Honeywell – Running SAP R/3 for financials – Running NetSuite in a hub and spoke model with SAP R/3 – Real time integration Challenges Using SAP R/3, but lacked dedicated SFA, support, and Ecommerce Sales and service had limited visibility into order status and customer info had to query SAP R/3 NetSuite Benefits Integrated NetSuite Ecommerce and CRM with corporate SAP R/3 deployment Easy for Honeywell CPG channel customers to place orders, research products, and verify orders Reduced maintenance costs User friendly application for support staff Using SuiteCloud Connect for SAP Honeywell CPG Turns to NetSuite to Drive Sales and Service Consumer Products Group
    107. 107. Overview ‒ Manufacturer of electrical components ‒ Based in Lake Forest, CA ‒ NetSuite replaced QuickBooks and spreadsheets ‒ Chose NetSuite over SAP BusinessOne ‒ Deployed NetSuite across ERP, CRM, customer and partner portals Challenges Exploit opportunities for international growth Needed cost effective, multi-language ERP solution Distributed workforce and partners needed remote access Benefits 25% greater functionality over SAP BusinessOne 120% growth without adding FTEs Saving $30K to $50K on VPN connections Dashboards provide real-time visibility into supply chains and sales pipeline iConn Technologies Saved $100,000 with NetSuite SAP BusinessOne would have required us to triple staff, spend more, and we still wouldn't have the functionality and ease of use we're getting now. NetSuite puts you in the driver's seat, so you're not spending time figuring out the software. “
    108. 108. Overview ‒ Provider of classroom audio technology ‒ Based in Tualatin, OR ‒ Customer since 2005 ‒ NetSuite replaced Peachtree, FileMaker and Excel ‒ Running NetSuite in 3 months ‒ Deployed NetSuite across ERP, Inventory, and CRM. Challenges Fragmented CRM and ERP slowed order processing Sales people couldn't track order status Combined software and spreadsheets caused data duplication, errors and inconsistencies Benefits NetSuite scalability supports Lightspeed’s rapid growth Significant drop in order processing and customer support handling times Anytime, anywhere access to distributed sales force Eliminated data duplication and extra data entry saving employees from additional administrative hours Lightspeed Technologies Doubled Growth Since NetSuite Go-Live NetSuite gives us a single view of the customer. We’ve strengthened customer support and relations, and we've been able to speed up order processing while improving system availability at the same time. “
    109. 109. Overview ‒ Manufacturer of light covers ‒ Based in Northbrook, IL ‒ Customer since 2008 ‒ NetSuite replaced QuickBooks, customer software and spreadsheets ‒ Chose NetSuite over, and Infor ‒ Deployed NetSuite across ERP, Inventory, and CRM. Challenges Cut cost of inventory, shipping, and logistics despite a growing list of 8,000 SKUs Expand business while helping customers save money in difficult economy Increase operational efficiency Benefits Saving 75K+ yearly on reduced staff, shipping and paper/toner Increased inventory turns by 66% with real-time carrying cost visibility Automated order processing saves 15-20 hours per month Malcolite Cuts Order Processing Time from 3 Days to 40 Minutes with NetSuite NetSuite has helped our business improve customer service, eliminate paper and waste, and utilize advanced inventory management techniques to bring new products to market quickly. ” “
    110. 110. Overview ‒ Manufacturer of minted awards and gifts ‒ Based in Green Bay, WI ‒ Customer Since 2008 ‒ 37 NetSuite users ‒ Replaced BPCS AS400 with NetSuite ‒ NetSuite runs ERP, CRM, eCommerce Challenges Grow customer base, make better use of its website Phone orders slowed processes and limited potential for higher-margin custom sales Complex drop-ship orders processed manually, slowing shipments to multiple customer locations NetSuite Benefits Added 25% new customers since NetSuite go-live Reduce sales staff 50% since automating order processing Assembling custom-order kits now takes just 20% of the time it took before NetSuite Medalcraft Mint Adds Customers, Cuts Production Time with NetSuite NetSuite helps us across the board. The customer center helps us grow by taking a lot of the labor out of custom order-handling. Shipping automation lets us handle larger organizations that might want to ship products to 200 locations—much more easily. “
    111. 111. Overview ‒ Manufacturer of healthcare tools ‒ Based in Lake Forest, CA ‒ Founded in 1978 ‒ NetSuite customer since 2007 ‒ NetSuite replaced QuickBooks, and Corezon ERP Challenges Manage complex, integrated assembly and quality control processes amid increasing price competition Maintain fast order fulfillment despite fluctuating customer ordering patterns and expanding sales in 90- plus countries NetSuite Benefits 50% decrease in customer order fulfillment times No new IT staff despite continued growth Production planning time reduced from days to hours Complete order-to-source traceability on inventory lots NetSuite Helps Monobind Cut Order Fulfillment Times By 50% NetSuite provides the critical tool to see our current sales demand, direct the orders through our seven-step assembly process, and ensure that they go out the door on time to give the best delivery performance possible. “
    112. 112. Overview ‒ Manufacturer of torque tools ‒ Based in San Jose, CA ‒ NetSuite customer since 2004 ‒ NetSuite replaced Great Plains, Peachtree and Goldmine ‒ NetSuite deployed across ERP, CRM and Advanced Inventory Challenges Couldn't keep up with growing demand for products Legacy IT software fragmented, costly, difficult to upgrade and customize Manual sales and inventory tracking caused lost sales, incomplete product shipments. NetSuite Benefits Saving more than $100K per year by eliminating custom development, server hardware Time to generate a complex purchase order has dropped from 4 hours to 30 minutes Automated order processing reduces errors by matching sales estimates with purchase orders Mountz Saved $100,000 Per Year Over On-Premise Systems With NetSuite, sales people can manage their own accounts, manufacturing people can track work orders and inventory in real-time, and our CEO is now fully engaged with our information technology. “
    113. 113. Overview ‒ Manufacturer of fireplace, stone and bathroom fixtures ‒ Headquarters: South Yorkshire, UK ‒ Founded in 1923 ‒ Customer since 2009 ‒ NetSuite OneWorld replaced Bespoke product Challenges Management of three separate divisions, each in different locations Urgent need to replace single server set-up with limited licenses Distributed workforce needed system access NetSuite OneWorld Benefits OneWorld allows areas of the business to operate as individual entities Automated processes eliminated administrative burden and saved the equivalent of two employees Integrated and streamlined end-to-end processes, from point of sale through to delivery and invoicing R.O. Arnold Turns to the Cloud to Support Growth while Reducing Costs We use NetSuite for absolutely everything and the productivity savings since switching have been huge. To achieve the same results without NetSuite would have meant hiring at least two new employees. “
    114. 114. Overview ‒ Manufacturer of Architectural Wood Products ‒ Based in Boise, ID ‒ Established in 1991 ‒ Switched to NetSuite from SAP ‒ NetSuite runs inventory planning, sales, marketing, reporting and analysis Challenges SAP inflexible and inappropriate for the custom demands of commercial clients like RedBuilt Needed enterprise ERP solution after RedBuilt became independent from corporate parent Weyerhaeuser Rapid ERP replacement required, as former corporate parent would terminate access to SAP in 6 NetSuite Benefits Avoiding $275,000 in annual salary costs for SAP and database administrator First-year costs with NetSuite are just half of what RedBuilt would spend to stay with SAP Transition from SAP to NetSuite completed in just 86 days RedBuilt Switch from SAP in Just 86 Days; TCO Nearly $300,000 Lower We share the vision NetSuite has that the cloud is the future of information systems. At just a fraction of the cost of keeping SAP, NetSuite provides us a solution that is much more flexible and dynamic. “
    115. 115. Overview ‒ Manufacturer of fire equipment ‒ Based in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ‒ Established in 1983 ‒ NetSuite Replaced Oracle, Sage and Spreadsheets ‒ NetSuite CRM Challenges Inability to track sales leads caused company to lose share of growing market Company unable to evaluate effectiveness of large global marketing expenditures Oracle E-business Suite costly, complex, unable to track new business leads NetSuite CRM Benefits New leads are proactively solicited within 3 days Real-time reporting lets managers identify most profitable customers, improve customer relationships 30-day deployment met critical deadline Manufacturer Saves $300,000 Yearly Over On-premise CRM NetSuite gives us the ability to track leads, evaluate the value of each lead, and find out which customers we should be pursuing to maximize profits. We couldn't do that before. “
    116. 116. Overview ‒ Manufacturer of automotive oil ‒ Based in St. Louis, MO ‒ Founded in 1839 ‒ NetSuite Replaced AS/400 ‒ Chose NetSuite over SAP and Microsoft GP ‒ Running NetSuite across ERP, Order Management, Purchasing, Inventory, and CRM Challenges Company growth outpaced 25-year-old AS/400 system Cumbersome manual processes slowed customer shipments Larger customers were requesting automated order and payment methods NetSuite Benefits Web-based software strengthens Schaeffer's competitive advantage Customer shipping time improved from 2.5 days to 1 day, with more accuracy Use of EDI order entry grew from 30% to 70% of orders EFT payments grew from 2% to 15% of orders Saved $100,000 Annually on Programming Costs Alone We were becoming a big company, but we couldn't afford a big, integrated ERP system. With NetSuite our competitive advantage is strengthened. ”“
    117. 117. Overview ‒ Manufacturer of fire safety products ‒ Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates ‒ NetSuite CRM Replaced Sage 500 Challenges Startup wanted to leverage growing market for custom- built ambulances Complex quotation/approval slowed order processing Manual reporting of sales drained human resources, increasing margin of error. NetSuite CRM Benefits Company has grown by 30% without adding extra staff Automated order processing places new orders in seconds, compared to 2 days with old system Single repository and visibility for all customer information Grew By 30% Without Adding Extra Staff Turning quotes into sales was essential to our success, but quotes can get very complex. With NetSuite, we go from quote to approval to sale in a matter of seconds. “
    118. 118. Overview ‒ Manufacturer of wire rope and steel cable ‒ Based in Highbridge, Somerset, UK ‒ Chose NetSuite over Sage ‒ Running on NetSuite in 3 months Challenges Integrate Ecommerce with back-office accounting and inventory Needed IT infrastructure to scale as business grew Avoid cost prohibitive ERP NetSuite Benefits Doubled in size since implementing NetSuite at startup Remote and mobile access saves the company approximately £50,000 per year Automated front- and back-office processes let Tecni- Cable thrive against larger competitors Startup Uses NetSuite toThrived Against Larger Competitors NetSuite has been our system of choice since startup and will continue to be into the future. If we could have dreamt up a system that fitted all our requirements we would have created NetSuite. “
    119. 119. Overview ‒ Manufacturer of wireless products ‒ Based in Herndon, VA ‒ NetSuite OneWorld Replaced, Made2Manage and Remedy ‒ Running NetSuite across ERP, SFA, Marketing, Manufacturing, Inventory and Customer Support Challenges Growing customer base put strain on disconnected, manual processes Couldn't grow business without adding costly headcount Little integration or visibility across business groups NetSuite OneWorld Benefits Eliminated numerous cumbersome, manual processes Company continues growth without adding headcount Real-time visibility improves accountability, simplifies compliance management NetSuite OneWorld Strengthens Links at Wireless Matrix Before NetSuite, growing our subscriber base also meant increasing our operational expenditures. Now we can grow without increasing headcount, by leveraging the efficiencies of NetSuite. “
    120. 120. Other Customers
    121. 121. Overview ‒ Professional baseball team ‒ Based in Oakland, CA ‒ Chose NetSuite CRM over ‒ Have been the Oakland A’s since 1968 Challenges Reliance on outdated software caused errors and wasted time processing and forecasting sales Lead tracking errors lead to poor ticket sales and lack of fresh data Management couldn’t track activities of sales reps NetSuite Benefits Greatly improved sales-lead tracking and management Improved targeted ticket packages due to better analytics Customizations allow the A’s to create new ticket varieties Automated reports provide visibility into sponsorship promotions Oakland Athletics Boost Ticket Marketing, Strengthen Sponsor Relations NetSuite's top-tier service and scalability allow us to make changes that positively impact our performance, products and keep our business moving forward. ”“
    122. 122. Overview ‒ Study Arboriculture ‒ Established in 1964 ‒ Based in Hampshire, UK ‒ NetSuite replaced Sage 50 and Microsoft Access ‒ Live on NetSuite in 3 months Challenges Move all information into one single database Provide staff with remote access to data Needed a solution which required little on-site maintenance or management NetSuite Benefits Significant saving on hardware Data is backed up automatically by NetSuite, ensuring company information is secure Requires minimal on-site IT infrastructure and management, further reducing costs Transformed Critical Business Processes with NetSuite’s Cloud Software With NetSuite, all of our data is 100% accurate, presented in real time and available at the click of a button. It’s made a huge difference to the way we work.“
    123. 123. Customers Results with NetSuite Ecommerce
    124. 124. Results with NetSuite Ecommerce grew from 3 to 11 webstores in 18 months without adding additional staff. Saving $70K in IT costs and 20 hours/week with NetSuite. experienced 50% YOY growth, without having to hire dozens of additional employees. ESET’s ecommerce sales revenue increased 10X since adopting NetSuite. Went from 4K to 30K estore orders processed/month. Average page views +20%; Average time on site +50%; Bounced rate dropped by 40% and Conversion rate up by 50%
    125. 125. Customers Quotes