How Patient Portals help you deliver better care


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How Patient Portals help you deliver better care

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How Patient Portals help you deliver better care

  1. 1. How Patient Portals help you deliver better care © CureMD Healthcare
  2. 2. Patient Portal • Almost every medical professional has a business website today but do they have the ability to provide a HIPAA-compliant account for their patients where they can interact with your practice, review their treatment plans, update account information etc. • Patient portal is fully integrated with a practice management system and can improve patient-to- office communication greatly with features that improve your workflow and allow your staff to focus more on patients, build better relationships and deliver better care.
  3. 3. Patient Relationship Management • The objective of Patient Relationship Management is ultimately to improve outcomes through continuity of care and patient communication by connecting not only to the patient, but their families and caregivers. • Patient Portal makes it ideal for collecting important feedback regarding treatment care, staff interactions, patient experience and to increase staff accountability • If done properly, it can vastly contribute to a patient- centered and family-focused care, which leads to better patient satisfaction
  4. 4. Features of Patient Portal • Patient Portals of today’s day and age must meet Stage 2 requirements of the Meaningful Use program – It should be HIPAA Secure and certified for Meaningful Use 2 – The Portal should be tightly integrated and work as one system with your clinical, medical billing and practice management software – It should be cloud-based so it is accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device by both the patient, and by the medical staff – Offer Patient-to-Provider HIPAA Secure Messaging.
  5. 5. Features of Patient Portal – Offer online scheduling so that patients can set appointments, cancel, or move an appointment to avoid costly missed appointments – The ability for patients to print any necessary forms before they come in – or even better, to register electronically right on the website prior to the appointment – Patients should be able to enter their medical history, allergies, medications, reason for the visit, and update their insurance info – Patients should be able to review labs (as deemed by the provider), request refills, and referrals – Process credit card payments so that patient can pay balances online
  6. 6. Patient Portal • Allowing patients easy access to their data, along with secure and HIPAA compliant doctor-patient communication will improve your office output, reduce time consuming tasks and improve patient satisfaction • It will give you an opportunity to provide better and more personalized care and medical treatment for your patients
  7. 7. Read more on • To read more on this topic, visit: • you-deliver-better-care/