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ePrescribe Controlled Substances With Ease


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This is very great presentation of CureMD.

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ePrescribe Controlled Substances With Ease

  1. 1. Presentation @Joe_Martin01CureMD Premium Services Presenter: Joe Martin Controlled Substances With Ease ePrescribe
  2. 2. Agenda EPCS and its necessity? Legal & Social Implications Requirements EPCS Enrollment Process How to e-prescribe controlled substances with CureMD
  3. 3. Poll Question 1 How many controlled substances prescriptions do you send out on an average every month? NONE 5 OR LESS BETWEEN 10 & 25 MORE THAN 25
  4. 4. What is EPCS?
  5. 5. EPCS provides practitioners with the option of sending prescriptions for controlled substances electronically (Schedule II to Schedule V). It also permits pharmacies to receive, dispense, and archive these electronic prescriptions. The rule was published on March 31, 2010 and became effective on June 1, 2010.
  6. 6. Why EPCS?
  7. 7. 90 % of all doctors prescribe controlled substances EPCS is now approved across all states apart from Missouri Schedule II to V can be ePrescribed in all States (Vermont only allows Schedule III to V) Compliance with all federal and state level regulations Decreases time and cost, increases accuracy, and prevents misuse Start ePrescribing Controlled Substances to go completely paperless Minimize your workload by adopting to the new technology right now rather than waiting for further legislative obligations (MU3, ICD-10 etc.) ICD-10 will have its own set of major changes that will deter your switch to electronic prescriptions PMP & PDMP ROPES Registration (NYS only) All major retail pharmacies are EPCS ready!
  8. 8. PROBLEM ? 09 EPCS Pharmacies % by State Source: Dr First May 2015
  9. 9. Legal & Social Implications The PROBLEM: Addiction to prescription drugs and deaths from overdoses Drug overdose deaths in New York have risen 56% since 1999 Nationwide, drug overdose was the leading cause of death from injury in 2012 Most drug overdose deaths (53%) are caused by prescription drugs 53% Each month, 6.2 million American adults use prescription drugs non-medically Deaths from opioid pain reliever overdoses are four times the rate of heroin and cocaine deaths combined and, as a percentage of total prescription drug overdoses, are up: forwomen since 1999 formen since 1999 6.2million56% Each day, 46 Americans die from an overdose of prescription painkillers Source: Dr First
  10. 10. Legal & Social Implications New York Fights Back As part of the Internet System for Tracking Over-Prescribing (I-STOP) Act, all New York practitioners, pharmacists and other individuals authorized to prescribe, administer or dispense controlled substances will be required to: Beginning March 27, 2016, electronically prescribe legend drugs (eRx) and controlled substances (EPCS) As of August 27, 2013, check the New York prescription monitoring program (PMP) before prescribing Schedule II – IV controlled substances How Can the PMP and E-Prescribing Help? Checking PMP and using electronic prescribing systems streamline clinical workflows and provide critical security measures designed to: Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse by making it easy to spot overprescribing Prevent “Doctor Shopping” by making it easy to see a patient’s controlled substance prescriptions from other providers Prevent Prescription Fraud by eliminating paper prescription pads that can be stolen, altered or forged In 3 years, up to 1.4 million Rx pads were stolen from NY hospitals Source: Dr First
  11. 11. Legal & Social Implications facilities with e-prescribing capabilities by March 27, 2016. As of January 1, 2015: New York’s healthcare IT software vendor community is moving quickly to enable providers, pracices, hospitals and extended care Ambulatory EHRs serving 77% of NY providers are on target to support eRx and EPCS, including leading systems Acute EHRs serving 85% of NY hospitals are on target to support eRx and EPCS of NY pharmacies are EPCS-ready 86% of NY pharmacies are eRx-ready97%80% 85% Source: Dr First
  12. 12. EPCS Requirements All physicians or NP/MA with DEA can ePrescribe CS Strict Identity Proofing (IDP) Two Factor Authentication Process EPCS administrator should be assigned in practice
  13. 13. EPCS Enrollment Process 7 steps: Registration for EPCS Confirmation Letter from Experian Email Invite from DrFirst IDP Two Factor Authentication Activate EPCS Logical Access Control IDP Transaction ID
  14. 14. IDP & Two Factor Authentication Registration with Dr First IDP through Experian® IDP process help Video Two Factor Authentication No effect on Credit Score IDP cannot be performed if your profile is locked! Provider name should match in NPI Registry and Experian Profile Security Code & Passphrase Smart phone or token device can be used PC/Laptop are not allowed
  15. 15. 2 types of Token Devices Soft Token Hard Token VSMT46618564 Credential ID 216154 28 Symantec VIP Security Code
  16. 16. Which token device would you prefer to use for Two Factor Authentication? Poll Question 2 Mobile device (Soft token) Key chain device (Hard token) Both
  17. 17. IDP & Two Factor Authentication
  18. 18. IDP & Two Factor Authentication
  19. 19. IDP & Two Factor Authentication
  20. 20. IDP & Two Factor Authentication
  21. 21. IDP & Two Factor Authentication
  22. 22. IDP & Two Factor Authentication
  23. 23. IDP & Two Factor Authentication
  24. 24. IDP & Two Factor Authentication
  25. 25. IDP & Two Factor Authentication
  26. 26. IDP & Two Factor Authentication
  27. 27. IDP & Two Factor Authentication
  28. 28. IDP & Two Factor Authentication
  29. 29. IDP & Two Factor Authentication
  30. 30. Contact Premium Services team for EPCS activation. Note: The user won’t be able to access the EPCS Logic Access Control Screen without the EPCS Activation option available on the CureMD application. Please contact Support for further assistance. Enabling EPCS
  31. 31. The following steps should be followed to activate EPCS for a provider successfully. 1- Enter NPI number for that provider and click on Validate 2- Select the device. If the VIP access application is installed on the phone, the eRx Admin needs to select it from the dropdown menu 4- Finally, the eRx Admin needs to enter the 6-digit OTP code that can be viewed on a smart phone [iOS or android] or through a hard token device 3- Enter the passphrase that was created during the identity proofing process Authorizing a Prescriber
  32. 32. Authorizing a Prescriber
  33. 33. Authorizing a Prescriber
  34. 34. To e- prescribe a new controlled substance via EPCS service, the prescriber needs to select a drug and fulfill the following criteria: The drug should be a controlled substance Appropriate fields should be entered Pharmacy should be CS enabled! ePrescribing Controlled Substances
  35. 35. ePrescribing Controlled Substances
  36. 36. ePrescribing Controlled Substances After documenting all the details, the prescriber needs to click on the eRx button at the bottom of the screen.
  37. 37. A prescription preview screen will appear; the prescriber needs to click“OK”on it. ePrescribing Controlled Substances
  38. 38. Once the prescriber clicks on the eRx button on the prescription screen, the system will redirect to the signing in screen. Here the prescriber ID is verified via a Two Factor Authentication process. Two Factor Authentication process
  39. 39. Two Factor Authentication process
  40. 40. After that, the prescriber has to click on Sign and Send button. Now, the status of the prescription shall change to“Queued”. Status of an ePrescribed Controlled Substance
  41. 41. After two or three minutes the“queued”status of the prescription will be updated to“Sent”. Status of an ePrescribed Controlled Substance
  42. 42. Application Workflow EPCS Demonstration on the CureMD Application
  43. 43. Q & A Session
  44. 44. NextW ebinar Application for ICD-10 Jumpstart your CureMD Aug 6, 2015 2:00 PM Must attend for all physicians and practice managers
  45. 45. Thank you! To find out more, please email ICD10 Consultation Service Credit Card Processing Service eFax Claim Scrubber Look out for our email, containing the webinar recording. Other Integrated CureMD Premium Services