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Project Inteliant (MediaForce) concept deck


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Original concept deck for Project Inteliant (previously codenamed MediaForce) which later became the actual product, Curatiant

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Project Inteliant (MediaForce) concept deck

  1. 1. Project  Inteliant  An  intelligent  compliance  solu4on  for  health  care  social  media  engagement  Corey  Rawdon  
  2. 2. Project  Inteliant  Built  on  the  pla>orm  the  solu4on  is  a  cloud  app  that  can  be  u4lized  as  a  stand  alone  solu4on  or  integrated  with  a  customer’s  exis4ng  instance  
  3. 3. Social  content  aggrega0on  and  cura0on  Health  care  en44es  want,  need  to  par4cipate  in  social  conversa4ons;  however,  the  barriers  to  entry  are  oHen  seen  as  too  large  to  overcome  and  seem  at  odds  with  the  premise  of  social  media  engagement  
  4. 4. Intelligent  workflows  help  catalog  and  priori0ze  Conversa4ons  happen  in  many  social  channels  at  once.  An  intelligent  filtering  mechanism  is  necessary  to  separate  ac4onable  messages  from  noise  and  help  priori4ze  for  response  
  5. 5. Perils  of  ill-­‐advised  social  media  responses  The  health  care  industry  is  highly  regulated  and  monitored;  a  mishap  like  these  would  be  detrimental  not  only  to  the  ini4a4ng  en4ty  but  to  the  future  of  social  engagement  for  health  care  as  a  whole  
  6. 6. Systemic  valida0on  and  control  process  Project  Inteliant  includes  standard  and  customizable  valida4on  rules  to  help  ensure  that  only  proper  messaging  reaches  the  external  audience  and  protects  against  off-­‐target  messaging  
  7. 7. Secondary  review  and  approval  process  OHen4mes  a  secondary  review  of  the  messaging  is  needed.  Project  Inteliant  queues  up  messages  for  review  and  keeps  a  detailed  audit  history  for  each  social  messaging  request  
  8. 8. Engagement,  sen0ment  iden0fy  the  0me  to  respond  Your  message  will  be  viewed  as  disrup4ve  or  ignored  completely  if  delivered  at  the  wrong  4me  to  the  receiver.  Well-­‐4med  messages  delivered  when  the  receiver  is  most  likely  engaged  will  be  well  received  
  9. 9. Everyone  can  curate  social  content  With  Project  Inteliant  anyone  can  curate  content  for  the  social  web.  Please  contact  Corey  Rawdon  for  more  informa4on