Content Curation Success - Verne Global Case Study - Curata Curation Rockstar Summit


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This presentation by Lisa Rhodes, VP of Marketing and Sales at Verne Global discusses marketing challenges solved with content marketing through content curation.

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  • Thank you for the invitation to speak
    We’ve been a Curata client since 2008
  • Not a brand people in the room likely known nor one you’ll hear about when you leave.
    We build data centers in Iceland
    How many of you know a) number of data centers your corporation has? B)where? C) how much power they consume?
    Truth is most people wouldn’t know unless you are Yahoo, Google, Microsoft or one of the other online/internet companies.
  • Fact is data centers consume 2% of all power available and by 2020 are expected to exceed the airline industry in terms of carbon emissions.
    Iceland’s power grid is based upon 100% renewable power and it 80% less expensive than the major data center hubs in the world.
    Centrally located between 2 key data center markets: US and Europe
  • You are generally only talking about yourself on your website
  • Netcraft’s March 2012 website survey discovered over Half a billion active websites.
    There are over 507,000 data centers in the world and probably 50,000 hosting companies. Finding Verne Global would be like searching for a needle in a haystack.
  • I assure you this wasn’t the answer you got 7 seven years ago when you did a google search.
  • Start-up with no budget
    No brand loyalty
    No brand recognition
    Black Swans
  • Getting 10 hits a month on our website. -
    We needed a different approach and establishing ourselves as a thought leader made sense.
    Curata offered a simple cost-effective solution that created an “established” feel to a market topic which was just starting to get talked about.
    We want readers to feel:
    GDCN is an encyclopedia for all things green IT
    We want not only curated content but original content by respected journalists in the the field
    We want to feel current and still be a repository for research on past events
  • Craziest thing happened about 3 months after GDCN was operating
    Higher referral traffic from GDCN to Verne Global website than direct search
    Inbound Press interest from Tier 1 outlets
    Potential clients started asking me if I knew about a site called GDCN?
  • Universities started calling, MBA students started calling, and slowly our target audience starting submitting requests on the Verne Global website.
  • Content Curation Success - Verne Global Case Study - Curata Curation Rockstar Summit

    1. 1. Curation Rockstar Summit October 2013
    2. 2.
    3. 3. The Problem is Power A Power Intensive Industry
    4. 4. Number One Marketing Tool
    5. 5. How Many Websites in the World?
    6. 6. “Data Center Iceland”
    7. 7. Answer Was More Like
    8. 8. Marketing Challenges
    9. 9.
    10. 10. What Does Green Data Center News What Does Green Data Center News Do For Do For Verne Global? Verne Global?
    11. 11. Thought Leaders on Green ICT
    12. 12. Low Cost Marketing •Social pull-through •Surveys •Video promotion •Partnering and advertising
    13. 13. Sleuth Selling • Get invited as media • GDCN forums • Lead generation
    14. 14. Media Attention
    15. 15. What’s Trending in Terms of Content Video Images Infographics
    16. 16. Thank you. Takk fyrir.