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Content Curation: The Biggest Benefits According to 28 Experts


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What is the biggest benefit of curation to content marketing? Hear from 28 of today's top marketing experts, including Lee Odden, Heidi Cohen and Jay Baer

Published in: Marketing
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Content Curation: The Biggest Benefits According to 28 Experts

  1. What’s the biggest benefit of curation to content marketing? Download  the  full  eBook  for  even  more   expert  cura6on  6ps.   Keep  reading  to  see  how  28  of  today’s   top  marke7ng  experts  weigh  in.  
  2. “It's difficult to pin down one big benefit of content curation since there are many. But I think it comes down to authority and usefulness. When you curate top notch information and resources for your audience, you are showing that you have their best interests in mind.”     ARNIE KUENN President,  Ver6cal  Measures     @ArnieK  
  3. JASON MILLER Senior Manager of Content & Social, LinkedIn @JasonMillerCA “The  biggest  benefit  of  cura6on  to  content   marke6ng  is  that  it  can  posi6on  your  company  or   brand  as  a  defini7ve  source  for  topics  and   trends  relevant  to  your  target  audience.  In   addi6on  to  your  own  branded  content,  cura6ng   news,  thought  leaders,  research,  ar6cles  and   other  types  of  content  is  an  excellent   supplement  to  any  successful  content  strategy.”    
  4. “Content curation is the jewel in the content marketing crown for the following 3 reasons: 1.  Makes you a tastemaker by providing context to your content and other people’s content. 2. Enables you to find and give new life to your existing content. 3.  Extends your content distribution.” HEIDI COHEN Chief  Content  Officer,  Ac6onable  Marke6ng  Guide   @HeidiCohen  
  5. SHERRY LAMOREAUX Writer/Editor,  Act-­‐On     @SherryActOn   “There's  only  one  star  in  our  sky,  and  that's  our  reader.   We  focus  on  what  that  person  might  find  educa6onal  or   interes6ng  or  helpful,  and  work  to  present  various  types   of  content  that  meet  their  needs.  Cura7on  broadens  the   paleJe  of  content  we  can  present  to  our  readers,  and   brings  in  fresh  voices  and  new  viewpoints  –  which  makes   our  site  more  valuable  to  our  readers.”  
  6. “In the buying process, buyers consume content from many places. But they trust content by peers the most, experts next, and vendors the least. Rather than creating more vendor content as most content marketers do, there's a large and untapped opportunity to bring together content from all three sources to guide your audience through the buying process.” PAWAN DESHPANDE  CEO,  Curata   @TweetsFromPawan  
  7. BARRY FELDMAN  Founder,  Feldman  Crea7ve     @FeldmanCrea7ve   “I  think  the  most  important  benefit  of  cura6on—done   really  well—is  building  trust  with  your  audience  …  If   you're  a  thorough  and  thoughSul  curator  of  the  high   quality  content  that's  truly  useful  to  your  customers,  you   earn  their  trust  by  con6nuously  demonstra6ng  you  have  a   firm  grasp  of  the  challenges  they  grapple  with  daily.”    
  8. IAN CLEARY Founder,  Razor  Social   @IanCleary   "With the overwhelming volume of content available using a content curation tool is absolutely essential. It saves you significant time and helps you identify the diamonds in the rough. That is the great content you never want to miss out on!"
  9. “It's very hard to consistently generate remarkable ideas for content marketing projects. Curation lets you create valuable content assets based on other people's ideas in a way that’s both helpful to your audience and allows you build relationships with influencers who will likely notice that you mentioned them.” LARRY KIM Founder/CTO,     WordStream     @larrykim  
  10. Like what you’re seeing? Download the full eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Content Curation, for even more expert advice and 80+ pages of curation best practices. Download  eBook  >>>  
  11. JAY BAER President Convince & Convert @jaybaer “To produce enough content to meet the information and Youtility needs of your entire audience, it's almost impossible to do it all yourself, from scratch. Curated content allows you to broaden your content topics and do so in a fast, cost-effective way.”
  12. “There are many benefits of curation for content marketing ... However, one of the most underutilized applications of curation for content marketing is for brands that are active in their content and media relations efforts to curate earned media and their own content. As part of a blended approach, this use of curation can be just as powerful for attracting and engaging customers as original content.” LEE ODDEN CEO, TopRank Online Marketing @leeodden
  13. DOUG KESSLER Creative Director Co-Founder, Velocity @dougkessler “Curation positions you as a facilitator of industry conversations in your market -- and that's a great thing to be. Not every important insight on an issue will come from you and your team. Curation lets you harness the wisdom of the market for your own content marketing efforts.”
  14. CARLA JOHNSON President Type A Communications @CarlaJohnson “Even in our crazy, hectic, always-connected world, you still can't be everywhere all the time. That's where content curation comes to play … If you're a content producer, curation is evidence that you're willing to admit that you don't know it all. You'll build credibility by bringing other experts to the table.”
  15. “My goal is to make sure that I am consistently answering the questions my customers have each and every day. The curation method of finding, organizing and annotating has been one that has served me very well. When you are finding (seeking out new content), organizing (love the editorial calendar) and annotating (sharing the goods) with others that crave the answers to daily pain points you are helping to show not only relevance but also key expertise in your specified field.” JAMIE WHALEN Manager, Content Marketing Lionbridge @jamielaliberte
  16. RAND FISHKIN Founder Moz @randfish “The greatest benefit of curation that I see is to help distill signal from noise and become a trusted and authoritative resource in your field. If you're the source of what's truly important and useful, you can stand out even in crowded markets and earn a significant audience.”
  17. “The ability to link your ideas to related ideas to build credibility with the markets you serve. Curating and sharing content on its own will help, but it doesn't increase value through the addition of your expertise. If you share someone else's ideas and expand upon them with your own, you gain credibility, share your knowledge and make whatever you curated more valuable in the process. This also reduces the need to create a ton of compelling content from scratch and serves as an invitation for interactive and progressive dialogue that can promote buying momentum.” ARDATH ALBEE CEO & B2B Marketing Strategist @ardath421
  18. BETH KANTER Social Media Expert, @kanter "The single best benefit to content curation to content marketing is that helps build the expertise of the organization and the individuals who work there which in turn builds thought leadership and can give you a competitive advantage."
  19. RYAN SKINNER Velocity Partners @rskinn11 “Single biggest benefit? Earning a specific market's interest - repeatedly and consistently - by selecting and presenting the news, stories and ideas that that market wants to see, based on a refined understanding of what drives them.”
  20. ROBIN GOOD Top Tools for Communications Professionals @RobinGood “Helping a brand showcase its competence. When you curate you can't fake true expertise. It shows through. You can only curate what you really have had the courage to explore, taste, digest and comprehend. To curate provides one great opportunity to marketers who can leverage subject-matter experts in their niche: to position their brand instantly above all others by becoming an information hub for others in that space.”
  21. PAM DIDNER Author Global Content Marketing @PamDidner “The biggest benefit of content curation is to stretch your marketing budget so that you don't need to create all content from scratch. Select content intelligently and carefully so that they will read your curated content with a sense of wonder such as "Wow, that's interesting..." or "Oh, I didn't know that..."
  22. TODD WHEATLAND Author @ToddWheatland “Curation allows you to scale your conversations beyond what you can afford to initiate with original content only. By understanding your audience, curating relevant content allows you to host a broader range of discussions and act as a hub of information broader than what you could create on your own.”
  23. “The act of curating starts with research. Therefore, the single biggest benefit of curation is discovery. Great ideas, concepts, campaigns, statistics, facts, quotes, videos, infographics, and other content types are likely to be discovered during the research phase, making curation both important from a strategic, competitive research standpoint, as well as a tactic of value employed by content marketers looking for interesting, valuable, relevant content.” SCOTT ABEL The Content Wrangler @scottabel
  24. JEFF ROHRS Exact Target @jkrohrs The best curation saves both readers and marketers time by filtering out irrelevant content while promoting (and usually synopsizing) the most relevant. Accordingly, “time savings” could be viewed as the biggest benefit of curation. However, one cannot underestimate the brand lift from great content curation. When you stand on the shoulders of giants (i.e., associate with and amplify the best content and thought-leaders in your industry), your view (and brand) can only improve.
  25. “Content curation is a fantastic option for companies looking to grow their content strategy. Many companies don't have the bandwidth to create original, high quality content. By curating other thought leadership, you are expanding your in-house content to include resources created by other like-minded leaders. This helps with distribution, but it also shows your audience that you care about education, not just promotion.” DAYNA ROTHMAN Senior Content Marketing Manager Marketo @dayroth
  26. MATT CARTER Program Director, Big Data & Analytics Category Digital Marketing IBM @Dmattcarter "Content curation allows brands to blend their own points-of-view and perspectives with that of the external world, creating a natural bridge of contextual relevance between the two."
  27. DAN MOYLE Multimedia Marketing & Communications Specialist Amerifirst @danmoyle “Content Curation is about creating value by identifying the best and most relevant content for your readers, highlighting the main points and wrapping your own insight and guidance around that. The smarter we get, the better our tools are, the more we can do that in a regular and ethical and respectful way.”
  28. JEANNINE ROSSIGNOL VP Marketing Communications Xerox @j9rossignol “[Content curation] gives our prospective clients a fuller picture of the topics they read about. In this way, Xerox uses curated content to educate and inform on a broader, industry-wide scale.”
  29. “Content curation strengthens an organization’s opportunity to become THE GO-TO SOURCE for information on a topic(s) of interest to their audiences. Especially if the content is 1) timely, the audience has a convenient way to stay up to date; 2) represents the landscape of topical perspectives, the audience has a home for getting their arms around the whole terrain rather than just a facet; 3) represents the best of the Internet’s content tsunami, the resource will save the audience a ton of time in wading through channels in pursuit of relevance.” CARLOS ABLER Leader, Online Content Strategy 3M @Carlos_Abler
  30. In her post, A Simple Content Marketing Org Chart, Ann says, “[A content curator] is an often-overlooked role in the content team, but it's an important part of the content publishing process...Filtering the best stuff and sharing it with your audience either directly or through your content creators makes you a go-to source; in other words, it enhances your credibility.” ANN HANDLEY Chief Content Officer MarketingProfs @AnnHandley
  31. Convinced content curation is right for you? Download the full eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Content Curation for step-by-step instructions to implement a curation program.