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Bringing User Generated Content into the Ecommerce Experience – Curalate Partner Webinar Series


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Integrating user generated content into the ecommerce experience drives increased conversion rates, shopping cart sizes, and time-on-site. Our data proves it.

So, how can you bridge the gap between social and ecommerce, bring UGC onto your website, and leverage this growing trend before the 2014 holiday season? Find out.

Urban Outfitters’ Senior Marketing Manager Moira Gregonis shares how one of social's most innovative brands was able to get organization-wide approval to bring UGC on-site and make fans' photos shoppable.

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Bringing User Generated Content into the Ecommerce Experience – Curalate Partner Webinar Series

  1. 1. Bringing UGC into the Ecommerce Experience Moira Gregonis, Urban Outfitters Brendan Lowry, Curalate +
  2. 2. Details • Brendan will lead Q&A at end of call • Tag your tweets with #CuralateUGC • A follow up will be sent with slides and recording of the webinar
  3. 3. What you’ll learn • 3 reasons to combine UGC and ecommerce • How UO got organization-wide buy in for UGC • Why fan photos have been so valuable for Urban • A few lessons learned by Moira along the way • Use-cases for UGC outside of ecommerce
  4. 4. 1.8 BILLION images shared daily
  5. 5. YOU & THEM.
  6. 6. THEM & THEM.
  9. 9. UGC matters because… • Generates social proof • Improves merchandising • Creates a more visual “review & ratings” system • Celebrates advocates
  10. 10. SOCIAL PROOF.
  11. 11. Merchandising VS Traditional Product Shot Fan Photo
  12. 12. Ratings & Reviews VS Text Review Fan Photo
  14. 14. HOW?
  15. 15. Moira Gregonis, Senior Marketing Manager
  17. 17. #UOONYOU
  18. 18. Ah-ha! Moment with Sincerely Jules.
  20. 20. OOPS.
  21. 21. Why UGC? • Natural progression of the brand based on customer behavior • We are proud of our customers and people that are associated with our brand • Customer appreciation • Localized style inspiration
  22. 22. Team Structure • Associate Marketing Manager • Coordinator - Instagram asset creation • Coordinator - Fanreel management
  23. 23. Success Metrics • Engagement w/ photos that contain the #urbanoutfitters hashtag increased 94.51% since the launch of Fanreel (September 2013) • On average, over 900 photos per week are now shared to Instagram with the hashtag #UOonYOU • That's a 2x increase in photos shared each week compared to January 2014
  24. 24. Next Steps • Promoting hashtag in-store • Fanreel in our mobile app • Pulling images for the music gateway • New Gallery page that allows us to filter • Better UX design throughout our site • Monetizing our OWN instagram account
  25. 25. Fanreel Overview Collect Moderate Productize Display
  26. 26. Additional Fanreel Use Cases • Instagram Campaign • Product Detail Page • Content Repository
  27. 27. CAMPAIGN
  28. 28. CAMPAIGN
  29. 29. 1M 238% Instagram impressions increase in engagement 32% growth in followers
  32. 32. 10K 20% images in the first 3 months average click through rate 11% increased time on site
  33. 33. YES! TAGS
  34. 34. YES! TAGS
  35. 35. ANNOUNCING
  36. 36. Discover. Personalize. Purchase.
  37. 37. What is Like2Buy? •Monetizes your Instagram account in under five minutes •Provides the optimal mix of safety and speed for the consumer •Generates revenue from the likes you already have •Delivers rich analytics so that social teams can show results
  38. 38. How it works. •Fans sees your photo in their feeds •Fans simply click on your name to arrive at your profile •Your captions continue to maintain the creativity and voice that you’re used to: no need to clutter things with prices, sizes, etc. •Super safe - No need for consumers to put personally identifiable info such as email addresses in a comment
  39. 39. How it works. •Fans click on the link on the profile
  40. 40. How it works. • A gallery of the Instagram photos you’ve associated with a product in Curalate’s back end is shown to the consumer •Consumer can tap on the product they’re interested in or continue to scroll down the “Featured” tab for further inspiration
  41. 41. How it works. •Consumer can also click “My Likes” to see any product photos they’ve previously liked from your brand •Enables you to monetize past engagement •Tapping an image takes the consumer directly to that product’s detail page
  42. 42. How it works. •Consumer arrives on your product page to purchase •Enables them to explore additional product photos, confirm product availability, and read your product story •Seamless fulfillment with the systems you already have in place and in an environment consumers trust - your site
  43. 43. Your site is optimized for transactions and trust. Leverage it. ! Like2Buy lets you take credit for delivering traffic to your site and gives you ownership of the consumer experience.
  44. 44. Q&A Brendan Lowry, Curalate +