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The Software-Defined Data Center - Dell and Cumulus Networks


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The software-defined data center has been rapidly identified as a key technology to better enable organizations of all sizes to achieve the affordable capacity and operational efficiency that the largest cloud operators enjoy.
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The Software-Defined Data Center - Dell and Cumulus Networks

  1. 1. Dell & Cumulus Networks Open Networking for Software-Defined Datacenters
  2. 2. v Open Networking in the Software-Defined Data Center Tom Burns Vice President & GM Dell Networking & Enterprise Infrastructure @tburnssocal JR Rivers CEO & Co-Founder Cumulus Networks @JRCumulus Moderated by Larry Hart November 2014
  3. 3. v How does Open Networking fit into the larger theme of the Software-Defined Data Center?
  4. 4. v It seems that Dell has really embraced partnerships like the one with Cumulus Networks to deliver software-defined technology to a broad customer base. Why is this important to customers?
  5. 5. v Are there any emerging and important characteristics of software and system providers for the Software-Defined Data Center?
  6. 6. v The enterprise has traditionally been the last bastion of highly engineered solutions. Are you noticing trends or behaviors that hint towards a changing mindset?
  7. 7. v How do I find out more about Dell & Cumulus Networks?
  8. 8. v Twitter: @CumulusNetworks Twitter: @DellNetworking 8