African wood sculptures


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African craft & carvings.Made from Blackwood,very smooth and elegant.Comes in many shapes and sizes. They are unique pieces for decoration,demanded in various countries. Some shapes included-Box,Candle holders,Animals,Mask,Human shapes,etc....

Commerce House, 3rd Floor , Suite 311
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Nairobi, Kenya +254-734-939308 +254-20-229781 +254-722 - 761587 Skype: steven-gordon Skype: steven.apollo

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African wood sculptures

  1. 1. Commerce House, 3rd Floor , Suite 311Moi Avenue,Nairobi, Kenya +254-734-939308 +254-20-229781 +254-722 - 761587 Skype: steven-gordon Skype: steven.apollo<br />African Wood Sculptures<br />African Candleholders - Stools - Carvings22" H5-Head Unity Stand$99.9530"Fanti Conecandleholder$69.9514" x 9"Mother & Childwoodcarving$49.9522" H  x 15" diameterLove Connectiontable$169 12"Fatimacandleholder$24.955-Head Unity Stand - This interlocking unity stand was carved from a single block of wood by talented artisans using centuries-old techniques. It is one of the most popular pieces of carving to originate from Ghana. This piece features enlarged legs and heads to make it sturdier and to create a bold look as stand alone or a glass top table. It's an exotic piece that speaks volumes in foyers, living rooms, or virtually any place in your home. 22"H Fanti Cone candleholder - This handsomely carved candleholder with well appointed Fanti Face accent will bring a warm touch to your home. The color contrast is simply stunning. Made of Sese wood. Fanti face on opposite side. 30"H. Candle not included.Mother & Child - From a mother to a child or vice versa, a true craving that reflects the special love between a mother and child. A treasure forever.Love Connection table - A romantic and functional piece of art. Sleek and contemporary form that symbolizes love between two people. Perfect as an accent table in any room of the house. 22"H x 15"diameter. Handmade in Ghana of cidrella wood.Fatima candleholder - This candleholder is named after the talented female carver, Fatima, who made this exclusively piece. Her work is shapely with very clean lines. The textured finish adds elegance. Looks perfect on a mantle or dining table. 12"H. Finish color may vary. Candle not included. <br /> <br />African Coaster Sets - Wood Carvings10"Akuaba Front Profile coaster set$34.95 10"Akuaba Side Profile coaster set$34.95 14"Praying Angelwoodcarving$39.95 each 21"Kneeling Angelwoodcarving$49.9521"Praying Angelwoodcarving$49.95 brownmottleblackbrownmottlebrownmottleThese unique coaster sets always generate conversation at get-togethers. Wow your friends with any of these seven-piece coaster set hand-crafted in Ghana. A special coating was applied to the plates to make them moisture resistant. Set includes coaster body and six plates.Praying Angel (14 inch)- A symbol of God's love for each of us. Praying position reflects a state of quiet reflection, humility and supplication. A perfect love gift for any occasion. Choose from earth tone, mottle, or black finish. Made in Ghana of sese wood. 14"H.Kneeling Angel - A symbol of God's love for each of us. A state of quiet reflection, humility and reflection. A perfect love gift for any occasion. Choose from black or mottle finish. Made in Ghana of sese wood. 21"HPraying Angel (21 inch)- A symbol of God's love for each of us. Praying position reflects a state of quiet reflection, humility and supplication. A perfect love gift for any occasion. Choose from earth tone, mottle, or black finish. Made in Ghana of sese wood. 14"H.<br /> <br /> African Wood Carvings26"Raise Me Upwoodcarving$54.95 21"My Best Friendwoodcarving$59.9521"Always & Foreverwoodcarving$59.95 20"My Love For Youwoodcarving$59.9510"A Part of Mewoodcarving$49.95Raise Me Up: A great gift for a mentor, a parent, or a role model to signify the difference they have made in a younger person's life. Two-tone finish. Handmade of in Ghana sese wood. 26"HMy Best Friend: A love gift from the heart. A handmade piece to signify an indelible bond between two people. Made of sese wood in Ghana. 21"HAlways & Forever: A carving of a kissing couple over a heart-shaped base. Appropriately titled to show the extraordinary relationship between lovers that endures forever. 21"HMy Love For You: An exquisite gift to express a deep love from one partner to another. A love dance that speaks volumes. Great two-tone finish. A great wedding or valentine gift. 20"HA Part of Me: Signifies the special bond between two people; a great gift to express the bond within family and between lovers. Two-tone finish. Handmade of cedar wood. 24"H<br /> <br />African Bowls, Boxes and Magazine Racks18"Curved Face Bowl$34.95 eachEB-MC        EB-S12"L x 8"W x 9"HKente BoxDome Lid$29.95out of stock 24"Nefertiti Headunity stand$229.95 14"L x 8"W x 12"HMagazine Rackcurved top$69.9517"L x 10"W x 24"HMagazine Rackwith handle$89.95Curved Face Bowl - You will love this crafty and stunning bowl from our skilled in-house artisans. The curves are impossible to ignore. Lift the lid to reveal an elongated bowl for candy, jewelry and many other applications. Your choice of multi-colored (left) or brown (right). 18”L. Nefertiti Head unity stand - This rare Nefertiti unity piece was carved by master craftsman, Yaw Osafo, one of the original creators of the interlocking unity heads in Ghana. His skill is unmatched and has a knack for creating life-like sculptors. This piece involved a meticulous hand-carving process that lasted a month. Limited edition. Display as a stand-alone or a glass top table.<br /> <br />African Bowls -- Stools -- Vases -- Paper Towel Holders28"H x 15" diameterMajesticpedestal stool$219.95 22"Heart to Heartwood carving$59.9517"Akuaba Headpaper towel holder$32.95 10"L x 13"W x 6"HOheneba Heartbowl$59.9515"a         ba - Mask vaseb - Abstract vase$59.95 eachMask vase Abstract vaseMajestic Pedestal Stool - Your creative mind will give you lots of possibilities with this piece. The 15" wide seat makes it a perfect bar stool. But wait, with the 28" height you can use it as a pedestal for a telephone or to display art. Very sturdy construction with bold and eye-catching mask legs.Heart to Heart - Feel the closeness, Feel the love. See the detailed craftsmanship. A great wall hanging for your loved one. Made of sese wood. 22"H Oheneba Heart Bowl - Put this Oheneba Heart-shaped bowl on your dresser or table and be ready for compliments. Oheneba, a Ghanaian name for Princess, reflects the richness of African culture. Elegant two-tone finish and metal trim.Mask vase and Abstract vase - One of the best craft shops in Ghana created these unique wooden vases. The colors are simply stunning. The finish is a smooth and textured mix and the mask accent (on three sides) gives it a classy African look. Display by itself or with floral arrangement. Choose from two styles. 15"H x 24" circumference.<br /> <br />African Masks  and Carvings19"Teku Maskson pedestal$129 19"Joined Partners$39 36"Fulani Mask male$129 36"Fulani Mask female$12913"Wisdom Mask$49.95out of stockTeku Masks on pedestal - These pieces comes to you from Josephine Forson, a very talented carver in the Central Region of Ghana. She creates the most unusual pieces and incorporates rich, warm colors in her finishes. The result is this Teku mask that will be stunning on a mantle, book shelf, or highly visible corner of your home. Set of two. 19"H. Joined Partners - Express your true feelings to your partner with this loving piece carved in Ghana of cedar wood. It symbolizes an enduring and life-long commitment to each another. The textured two-tone finish adds a graceful touch. A perfect wedding or valentine's gift. 19"H Fulani Mask (male or female) - Bold colors and artistic use of metal accentuate this Fulani mask to a level all its own. Designed and crafted by Amani in Ghana to give you a choice of display as a wall decor or a standing piece. Either way, you surely have a conversation starter in any room. Choice of male or female. Each piece 36"H.Wisdom Mask - Masks reflects the history and traditions of the people who carve them. Nana Kwame, is an old, revered chief in Akwapim Region of Ghana. He was the subject of several carved images because of the respect he commands and the wisdom he gave to people who sought advise from him. This piece is a carved representation of his face and a symbol of the wisdom he is known for. 7"L x 13"H.<br /> <br /> African Stools22"L x 12"W x 18"HUnity Stool$179 19"L x 9"W x 19"HFanti Bow Stool$179 19"L x 9"W x 17"HFanti Drum Stool$189 21"L x 10"W x 14"HCrocodilestool$18922"L x 12"W x 18"HGye Nyamestool$179Highly skilled artisans create these stunning Ashanti Stools. They select premium wood from fallen logs to ensure the craftsmanship is superb to the eye and touch. The meticulous detail will get lots of compliments wherever you place it. The unique nature of hand-carving means no two stools are exactly alike. Each piece is one of a kind, slightly different from another. Unity Stool - The interlocking circles on both sides of the stool symbolize unity of mind and spirit. Fanti Bow Stool - Fanti accents near the base elevate this classic design to a whole new level. Sitting height is a comfortable 18". Add this to your collection and create that unique, eclectic theme you always wanted. Fanti Drum Stool - A must have for those who crave more unique pieces for their home. The talented carver, Kweku Forson, worked tirelessly to create this drum stool. He produced this piece with a comfortable 17" sitting height and embellished it with cowrie shells and a Fanti face to match. A bold, conversation piece for any room. Crocodile stool - The symbol of two crossed alligators with one stomach represents unity in diversity; a message that we share a common destiny in spite of our differences. Gye Nyame stool - The Gye Nyame symbol on both sides of the stool signify the power of God to make all things equal. <br /> <br /> African Stools19"H x 12"DParent and Childtable$99 22"H x 15"DLoverstable$149 24"Htop: 14" x 19"Fang Facetable$199 30"H x 17"DElephant Trunkround table$27924"H x 15" diameterFanti Accenttable$89Parent & Child Table - A unique accent table for your favorite spot at home. Use as a plant stand, telephone table. Signifies the special bond between parent and child. Handmade in Ghana of cedar wood. 19"H x 12" diameter.Lovers Table - Intertwined lovers forever. An unbreakable bond between two people. A companion table at bedside or your favorite room at home. Handmade in Ghana of cidrella wood, known for its durability and attractive finish.22"H x 15" diameter.Fang Face Table - A conversation piece you will cherish for a long time. This table was created by Forson, one of Ghana's foremost craftsmen. His handwork and use of colors is simply stunning. Picture it in a showy corner of your room. 24"H. Top measures 14" x 19". Elephant Trunk Table - This elephant table will surely liven the decor in your foyer or living room. Notice the hand-finished detail and the rich, colorful finish. Place it by itself or as a stand to display an exquisite piece of art. Hand-carved in Ghana. 30"H x 17" diameter. Quantities limited. Fanti Accent Table - Treat yourself to this uniquely designed Fanti accent table from Ghana. It will make a perfect corner piece for a floral arrangement or to show off another piece of art. Fanti face on opposite side. The finish on each table may vary slightly. 24"H x 15" diameter.<br /> <br /> African Tables and Stands23"L x 14"W x 30"HFanti TableHalf-Round$239 32"H x 47" circumUnity StandSeven-Head$299 30"H x 19" diameterOctagon Masktable$239 22"h x 12" diameterZebra accent table$7918" H  x 10" diameterBow Masktable$49.95Fanti Table: Half-Round - This table was crafted by an award-winning artist, Kweku Forson, in Ghana. Some of his work has been displayed in exhibitions in Europe. The semi-circular design was his attempt to expand his repertoire and the fanti face legs are precision-crafted to add culture and symbolism to his work. A great addition to your decor. The finish on this table is one of a kind. 23"L x 14"W x 30"H.Unity Stand - Seven Head --This interlocking unity piece was hand-crafted from one block of wood by talented artisans using century-old techniques. It is one of the most popular pieces of carving to come from Ghana. The idea originated from the council of village elders mobilizing an entire village to achieve community goals. The new generation of unity stands have extended legs to elevate the height to a more user-friendly level. Now you can add a more exotic conversation piece to your home decor. Use it as a stand-alone display, with a glass as a table top, or with a floral arrangement,. 32"H x 47" circumference.Octagon Mask Table - Set your home apart from your friends with this Octagon Mask table crafted exclusively for African Heritage Collection by master carver J. Forson of Ghana. Nicely finished and textured in warm colors. The 30" height gives it a bold look. The decorating possibilities are endless. Place it in your favorite corner and count the compliments. 30"H x 19" diameter. Handmade in Ghana.Zebra accent table - great addition to your eclectic collection of home decor. This zebra will light up any room in your home. The craftsmanship is superb. Offers lots of decorating possibilities- use it to hold a telephone, as a plant stand or a corner table. Hand-finished in Ghana of cidrella wood. 22"H x 15"diameter.Bow Mask table - You'll get lots of compliments with this as a plant stand in a visible location at home. The unique design and contrasting finish grab attention. 18"H x 10.5" diameter.<br /> <br /> African Drums8" Face x 18"HBogolabo Drum$74 13" Face x 24"HDjembe Drumcheckered$179 13" Face x 24"HAFH-MI-DJ13BRDjembe Drumblack & red$179 7" Face x 14"HDjembe Drum7" face$357" Face x 7"HBongo Drum$35Bogolabo Drum - This drum was expertly crafted from one solid piece of Tweneboa wood by professional drummers who also make and tune their own drums. The Bogolabo drum is used to support the djembe drum in a drum ensemble. The drum face is made of hand-shaved dried goat skin. It has a rich tone and is strung tightly with very durable rope for a long-lasting sound. Made in Ghana. 8" Face x 18"H. Djembe  & Bongo Drums - The drums are made of Tweneboa wood, which is a kind of Cedar wood and a favorite wood of drum makers because of its durability and attractive finish. The wood is named after a skilled master drummer, Tweneboa Kodua, who during his lifetime was the chosen drum maker of many local chiefs. The drum face is made of hand-shaved dried goat skin. It has a rich tone and features double iron ring head construction. Our drums are strung tightly with very durable rope and a double weave around the rim. This ensures that the drum stays well-tuned with long lasting superior sound quality. Excellent sound! Due to the hand-crafted nature of the drum, you can expect some nuances in measurements and color, especially the goat skin. This is the unique characteristic of hand-carving; no two pieces are exactly alike. <br /> African Wood Inlay Portraits19" x 13" Mother & Childwood inlay$69.95 25" x 19" Girlfriendswood inlay$94.95out of stock25" x 19" Sweet Musicwood inlay$89.9525" x 19" Body Moveswood inlay$89out of stock25" x 12" Daily Prayerwood inlay$59These fine art wood inlays will bring an eclectic feel and beauty to your home. Wood Inlays are fine strips of African hardwood ingeniously mounted to form an image. Each piece is an original, finished slightly different by the artist as a unique showpiece. Mounting bracket included. Handmade in Ghana.  Kwanzaa Kinara's - Wood Carvings6" x 14"Kwanzaa KinaraArch$56.256" x 14"Kwanzaa KinaraClassic$72.50 6" x 14"Kwanzaa KinaraSankofa$72.50sold out 6" x 14"Kwanzaa KinaraTraditional$68.7515"Fanti Trio statue$34These Kwanzaa Kinara sets will come to you beautifully shrink-wrapped with all the key supplies to celebrate Kwanzaa. Each set includes a Traditional Kinara from Ghana, seven tapered 12" candles, straw mat, unity cup, and an information sheet on how to celebrate Kwanzaa. Pattern on cloth trim may vary.Fanti Trio statue - Quality craftsmanship with a whimsical flair. Carved of Sese wood, the three figures holding hands symbolize the playful nature of children and the bonding that endures within a family. 15"H. <br /> <br /> African Mirrors - Wall Plaques17" x 24" Adinkra - mirror$105 17" x 24" Double Fantimirror$105 15" x 12" Kneeling Angelshadow box$89.9525" x 19" Ode To Parentswooden plaque$34.959" x 12Jabez Prayerwooden plaque$34.95Adinkra mirror - Colorful patterns add warmth and class to this African craftsmanship. Crafted of Sese wood, this Adinkra mirror will reflect your lifestyle and taste, not to mention the drama it will create on the wall. 15"L x 18"H. Also available in Medium (17"L x 24"H),Double Fanti mirror - Add character to your wall space with this attractive Double Fanti Face mirror. Excellent craftsmanship with bold African designs. 15"x18". Also available in Medium (17"L x 24"H)Kneeling Angel shadow box - A hallowed framed piece to wake up your walls. A hand carved Kneeling Angel beautifully framed for your loved one. Made in Ghana. 15"H x 12"LOde To Parents  Ashanti Stool Plaque - Words of appreciation and love for your parents. The plaque was crafted in the shape of an Ashanti Stool that symbolizes support and strength. The Gye Nyame symbols portray the power of God to make all things possible. Mansonia wood. 13.5"L x 9"H.Jabez Prayer plaque - A popular Bible verse on a superbly crafted open Bible plaque. Words hand-written on plaque. 9"L x 12"H. Same words available on an African Hut style plaque. <br /> <br /> African Wooden Wall Plaques15" x 15" Brass Maskshadow box$99.95 14" x 12" Divine Householdwooden plaque$34.95 8" x 12" Jabez Hutwooden plaque$34.9510" x 11" My Homewooden plaque$34.9524" x 9" Mother & Childwall comb$34.95<br />Commerce House, 3rd Floor , Suite 311Moi Avenue,Nairobi, Kenya +254-734-939308 +254-20-229781 +254-722 - 761587 Skype: steven-gordon Skype: steven.apollo<br />