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Have you heard of us? by Emma McLean - Culture24 Lets Get Real conference


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Failing Forwards case study presented by Emma McLean (National Maritime Museum) at Culture24's Let's Get Real conference 2011: How to Evaluate Success Online?

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  • Name Organisation
  • what you tried to do (the aim in one sentence- how you defined success at the start) and who it was for (specifically!) This summer we had two major marketing campaigns 1 – Sammy Ofer Wing, awareness campaign , come and see all the new things 2 – High Arctic, new unique immersive exhibition, buy a ticket – clear CTA Two very different camapigns Digital arm was targeted at a new audience for the NMM - contemporary, users of and interested in digital technology (smart phone literate, active in online communities and social media) and cultural attenders – heritage, arts, architecture. Top level success – tracking click throughs to the dedicated landing pages using unique URLs
  • 2. what you actually did For High Arctic we had an online advertising schedule, utilising AdWords and GDN, site takeovers, email marketing and dedicated social media activity – all things that we can track. Challenge for the SOW, we’ve done online advertising for awareness campaigns before and didn’t see good levels of engagement. We took a different path and utilised Foursquare - commissioned a freelance writer to research and write around 50 facts about other cultural sites – presenting an interesting fact about the venue/place but showing how they link to maritime history, posted these to Foursquare as NMM. This did include a link through to a dedicated page on the website profiling all the new features of the Sammy Ofer Wing – not hard sell, peaking interest through an invitation to discover more interesting stories.
  • 3. what the result was (specifically) and how you measured it (or not!) High Arctic – provided 2 of the top 10 traffic sources between opening and end Aug SOW – No click throughs to our site via the Foursquare links were recorded – we couldn’t measure how many people had seen our tips!
  • 4. What questions are we now asking as a result Should we still be doing awareness campaigns in times of tight budgets and limited resources? Better than a poster campaign? – We couldn’t track user engagement, so in digital terms we see this as a bit of a failure. However marketing teams spend thousands on poster campaigns, which don’t give hard metrics - that’s not seen as a failure and it’s very expensive Some may argue - should digital always be measurable? You can’t predict how people will interact with your content – just because it’s digital doesn’t make it instantly measurable – and that’s ok
  • 5. what you are going to do now (as a result of what you learned) Incentivize and empower our audiences to actively participate – we think that’s the key to long term engagement. Going to move our digital activity away from awareness campaigns - all of our upcoming campaigns are exhibition or event based Future use of Foursquare will involve specials, actionable tips, getting followers as a brand page rather than friends as a profile – we want our audiences to be active rather than passive.
  • Have you heard of us? by Emma McLean - Culture24 Lets Get Real conference

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