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Can MLM and Network Marketing Comp Plans Survive Competitive Industry


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Can MLM and Network Marketing Comp Plans Survive Competitive Industry?

This is a serious question you should ponder as an independent business owner. Is it possible for traditional MLM and Network Marketing companies to compete with a 100% pay out plan like the new kid on the block...

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Can MLM and Network Marketing Comp Plans Survive Competitive Industry

  1. 1. Downfall of MLM and Network Marketing CompensationPlans? nfall-of-mlm-and-netw ork-marketing-compensation-plans.html October 2, 2012Can MLM and Network MarketingComp Plans Survive CompetitiveIndustryThis is a serious question you should ponderas an independent business owner. Is itpossible for traditional MLM and NetworkMarketing companies to compete with a100% pay out plan like the new kid on theblock, Empower Network.Don’t get me wrong I endorse (not promote) the majority of MLM products andservices. However, as a business owner and entrepreneur it only makes senseto take a look at an opportunity that has an outstanding reputation amongstactive community members, proven results that have tremendous feedback, andendless growth.The great part is if you have a primary opportunity/ business you are growing,Empower Network is the perfect tool to have in your arsenal. How would you feel if you could help the majority on your team succeed, instead of only the few? I am sure ecstatic!Top Earners in Major MLM Companies Making More inEmpower Network Than Their PrimaryRight now Top Earners in major network marketing companies are making morein Empower Network profits than their primary business. Does this meantraditional Network Marketing companies are going to have drop their oldcompensation plans to keep up with Empower Network’s viral growth? Notnecessarily.
  2. 2. One thing is for sure, no other company has the triple threat: 1. An awesome community of like-minded and motivated people from all walks of life. 2. Game changing products and training that are created by Top Earners in the industry. 3. 100% Commissions directly deposited to your bank account daily.Most Go Through Life As Failures, Waiting For The Right Time To Take ActionIf you are an action taker like me, go ahead and register here. I will contact youa.s.a.p. to get you on the fast track with an “Acton Takers Only” daily action plan(D.A.P.) to build an income of $10,000 a month.If that sounds like a weeny income, bare inmind it is only a starting point. There aremembers making $100,000+ a month rightnow (earnings disclosure) and the companyis currently less than a year old.If a measly $25 is honestly is too much foryou to invest into your financial freedom Ihave an option for you to be able to build amarketing budget. It will only take youaround $7 to get started making 500- 700% commissions (click here). Keep inmind this is part of our front end funnel to help people earn money to invest backinto their business. The real life changing income is earned through EmpowerNetwork.Remember it is not about the opportunity. It is about the community. Peoplewant to be part of team that is moving and shaking, not just standing still.P.S. If you would like to get moving and shaking with my team, here is alink bypassing the presentation (link for application form). I will contactyou shortly upon submission to get you started on the fast track tosuccess.P.S.S. To view presentation, enter your email here.