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Cuff Publishing is the nation's only free law enforcement publication service. Our publications and services help jails to communicate more effectively with inmates and with bail bondsmen, saving time and money for everyone involved! If your jail or detention center is interested in our services, please visit

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Cuff presentation 6 19-13

  1. 1. PUBLICATIONS& SERVICESfor JailsNationwideFREE
  2. 2. American Jailershave a problem…They have to house and regulatea growing inmate population.
  3. 3. Inmates have questions.• What are the rules?• How do I get bail?• What’s an arraignment?• What’s for lunch?Meanwhile, your budget is underpressure. You have to do morewith less.
  4. 4. Cuff Publishing has a solution:FREEpublications & services to jailers.
  5. 5. Jail Handbooks• Produced FREE foryour jail.• Explains your jail’spolicies andprocedures• Reduces staff timespent answeringrepetitious questions• Enhances complianceas inmaterequirements areclearly spelled out
  6. 6. Jail Handbooks• Customized for yourfacility• Reprinted as often asevery 6 months• You control allcontent• Includes informationon visitation, healthcare, work and more• Featuresadvertisements forlocal bail bondsmenand attorneys• Also includesinformation oncommunity servicesfor inmates orfamiliesTaxpayerexpense:ZERO
  7. 7. Bail AgentDirectory &Hotline• Produced FREE foryour jail.• Randomly listsagents serving yourjail• Eliminatesduplication orappearance offavoritism• Hotline numberrotates among bailagents, insuring a fairbusiness opportunity• Laminated forposting at phonesTaxpayerexpense:ZERO
  8. 8. Cuff Newspaper• Produced FREE foryour jail.• Explains legalprocedures followingan arrest to inmate orfamily members• Provides consistentanswers to commonquestions• Includes courthouseand judicialinformation• Features communityservices locationsand numbers• Spanish languagesection includedTaxpayerexpense:ZERO
  9. 9. CuffLynx Tablet& Application• Provided FREE foryour jail.• Allows inmate tosecurely recordphone contact andcredit cardinformation duringthe booking & intakeprocess• Also includes jailhandbookinformation or videos• No access to internetor unauthorized apps Taxpayerexpense:ZERO
  10. 10. CuffLynx Tablet& Application• Inmate connectsphone to tabletduring intake.• Tablet app recordscontacts for later use• Tablet includes creditcard reader to storefinancial info• All date stored in thecloud off site• Tablet uses facialrecognition forsecurity• All data auto-deletesafter 90 daysTaxpayerexpense:ZERO
  11. 11. AdditionalPublications• Provided FREE foryour jail.• Address commonquestions orproblems:Arrest, DUI, DomesticViolence & TRO• Include in-depthdetails about thejudicial process• Customizable foryour facility• Featuresadvertisements forlocal bail bondsmenand attorneysTaxpayerexpense:ZERO
  12. 12. Bail AgentWebsite• Customized andFREE for your jail.• Allows bail bondingagent to recordinmate information• Take notes• Scheduleappointments• Collect contacts andimportant numbers• Review client history• Insures timely andaccurate recordkeeping Taxpayerexpense:ZERO
  13. 13. MED FoundationThe MED Foundation was created to provide communication toolsto law enforcement and establish a self-funding mechanism forcontinuing development of educational resources for detentioncenters nationwide.The MED Grant funds development of guides and handbooks toinform arrestees and their families about the arrest, incarcerationand judicial processes. Most detention facilities will qualify forMED grant. Visit for more information.
  14. 14. Our motto:Good InformationPuts YOU in control!
  15. 15. Like what you’ve learned?Cuff Publishing can help your jail:• Communicate effectively with prisoners• Deal fairly with bail agents, and• Save taxpayer dollarsYour facility probably qualifies for a MED Grant. Visit usonline today to learn more:
  16. 16. 1900 Bridge LaneUnit 1ASteamboat Springs, CO 80487(202)670-5045