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Cubits Bitcoin Whitepaper: Payment Processor


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Learn how Bitcoin can help and improve current Payment Processors.

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Cubits Bitcoin Whitepaper: Payment Processor

  2. 2. Cubits operates under the UK’s HM Revenue and Customs regulations. 2 +44 330 606 0750 Cubits imagines a world where Bitcoin is accessible to anyone,anywhere.Our mission is to provide everyone with convenient access to Bitcoin. Cubits lays the infrastructure for the world to speak one common payment language. O U R B U S I N E S S Buy & Sell Bitcoin Instant buy and sell options with 17 supported currencies. C U B I T S C U B I T S P A Y Bitcoin Wallet Secure Bitcoin storage and portal for transfers and payments. Bitcoin Payments Bitcoin payment processing for merchants and professionals. Founded in 2014, Cubits is an all-inclusive platform to buy, sell, manage, and use Bitcoin. With locations in London and Berlin, our mission is to make Bitcoin easily accessible to everyone around the world. Cubits launched in November 2014 with a Bitcoin wallet and merchant services. O U R M I S S I O N C U B I T S P A Y
  3. 3. Cubits operates under the UK’s HM Revenue and Customs regulations. 3 +44 330 606 0750 Cubits Pay empowers payment processors with a Bitcoin payment solution. Adding an additional payment method will increase your customer base and significantly reduce your transaction fees. You’re now ready for the future of payments. No fees help businesses grow With no fees incurred on your first €100,000 in earnings, you can keep the extra money and reinvest it back into your business. Earn exactly what you charge. BitPay launches with its Bitcoin payment processing May 2011. In the past 2 years, Bitpay has acquired 43,000 more merchants. Now, people can spend Bitcoin with 44x more merchants. +4400%increase of merchants that accept Bitcoin Result: 44,000 Merchants as of November 2014 1,000 Merchants as of October 2012 Designed for global commerce Cubits Pay connects you to Bitcoin users worldwide so you can boost your revenue. Eliminate the need for locally based payment processors. Quick and easy setup Our integration tools require no additional hardware— you’ll immediately have access to our collection of shopping carts, payment buttons, and API. Our support team is only a phone call away. C U B I T S Eliminate fraud and chargebacks With Cubits Pay, you are protected from fraud and chargebacks. Transactions that occur are irreversible and require no expensive reprocessing fees. O U R F E A T U R E S T H E G R O W T H O F I N N O V A T I O N R E D E F I N I N G P A Y M E N T S C U B I T S P A Y
  4. 4. Cubits operates under the UK’s HM Revenue and Customs regulations. 4 +44 330 606 0750 Now,let’s compare Cubits Pay with BitPay.We use key metrics such as time and costs to let you decide which payment provider better suits your business and its future. Market Focus Payment Services Europe European focus with and international setup. Established in the US and now expanding globally. B2B and B2C Only B2B Cubits offers both a wallet and merchant payment services to create a seamless payment ecosystem. Available Currencies Merchant Support 15 currencies Free 8 currencies $300/month GBP EUR USD CAD AUD JPY SEK CHF DKK NOK PLN CZK HRK HUF RSD USD CAD NZD EUR GBP ZAR AUD MXN For both email and phone support. Buy & Sell Bitcoin < 1 minute Not possible Cubits customers are able to buy and sell Bitcoin in less than one minute. Currently does not allow users to buy and sell Bitcoin directly on their platform. C U B I T S P A Y USA Customers MUST have Bitcoin and external wallet to complete purchase. For both email and phone support. Senior Developers can assist you with any integration issues or custom solutions. T H E S H O W D O W N
  5. 5. Cubits operates under the UK’s HM Revenue and Customs regulations. 5 +44 330 606 0750 P A Y M E N T & D O N A T I O N B U T T O N S S H O P P I N G C A R T P L U G I N S C U B I T S A P I Pay with Bitcoin Donate Bitcoin Payment and donation buttons are the most immediate means of accepting Bitcoin. From our Cubits Pay interface, you can set an individual item’s description and price, which will generate HTML code and a preview of the button. If you have specific needs or require more control over the payment process, we have a custom API to suit your business’ needs. The Cubits API offers: With ready-made libraries and documented example code, we make using the Cubits API a very straightforward process. Our professional support staff and engineers are ready to aid you in the process. • Secure authentication mechanism • Invoice creation with single API call • Permanent payment screen URLs • Custom reference fields • Flexible and secure callback mechanism • Customer support • Payments and invoice change notifications With Cubits Pay,you will have FREE access to our collection of shopping cart plugins,payment buttons, and API. No matter how big or small your business, we have a Bitcoin payment solution for you. No additional hardware is required. Our customer support is standing by to help you with any of your integration needs at Cubits Pay has integration tools for popular shopping carts. Don’t see your cart here? Our support team can customize a solution for you. I N T E G R A T I O N T O O L S
  6. 6. Cubits operates under the UK’s HM Revenue and Customs regulations. 6 +44 330 606 0750 Once you have integrated your Cubits payment button,shopping cart plugin,or custom API, you are ready to accept Bitcoin! Here is how the process works when your customer decides to pay using Bitcoin: CUSTOMER HAS BITCOIN CUSTOMER DOES NOT HAVE BITCOIN Cash out in Bitcoin, your local currency, or a mixture of both. You earn exactly what you charge. A customer with a Cubits wallet can log into their account and checkout within seconds. ZERO transaction fees for your first €100,000 in earnings and only 0.9% after. A customer can sign up for a Cubits wallet and have Bitcoin within minutes. A customer shops at your store and decides to pay using Bitcoin. Your customer is given 10 minutes to make the purchase. Reinvest the money you’ve saved on fees back into your business. T H E P A Y M E N T P R O C E S S
  7. 7. Cubits operates under the UK’s HM Revenue and Customs regulations. 7 +44 330 606 0750 (1) Under the supervision of HMRC, the company is registered and operating under the Telecommunications Digital & IT Payment Service Provider under the Money Laundering Regulations 2007. Source: (2) In March 2014, HMRC further clarified that no VAT is due on the value of Bitcoin when they are exchanged for fiat currencies like Pounds Sterling or Euros. Source: U K H M R E V E N U E & C U S T O M S R E G U L A T I O N S O U R R E G U L A T I O N C O M M I T M E N T At Cubits, we see regulation as a necessity for cryptocurrencies to exist and survive in the long-run. Cubits is registered as Telecommunications Digital & IT Payment Service Provider under the Money Laundering Regulations 2007 with the HM Revenue & Customs and applies strict Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering controls using Jumio. For data protection purposes, Cubits is also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. We have partnered with Bitcoin organizations like Diacle and Innovate Finance to uphold the highest level of regulatory transparency and compliance.