Building Relationships with LinkedIn Recruiters (Head Hunters)


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Building relationships is one of the best ways to use LinkedIn for your job search. But not all recruiters are great people (and some are downright shady). So how do you protect yourself from the slime-balls while still building relationships with the good guys?

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Building Relationships with LinkedIn Recruiters (Head Hunters)

  1. 1. How to Effectively Build Relationahips with LinkedIn Recruiters aka – ‘Head Hunters’
  2. 2. The main goals of your LinkedIn profile 1. Attract recruiters 2. Convince them to read your profile 3. Have them put you in touch with awesome companies who are hiring.© 2014 BerchBarks Media LLC
  3. 3. The Problem… The more recruiters you attract, the better odds you have of finding a great new job.© 2014 BerchBarks Media LLC Awesome! Not all headhunters are great people • Some are incompetent (time wasters). • Others are downright shady (job search destroyers) Bummer!
  4. 4. The Problem… How do you protect yourself from the slime-balls while still building relationships with the good guys?© 2014 BerchBarks Media LLC
  5. 5. The Solution… Understand that you are NOT the recruiter’s customer. In fact, You are their PRODUCT And that’s OK – as long as you know© 2014 BerchBarks Media LLC
  6. 6. The Solution… A recruiter is not a magic wand They can help you understand the job market, and connect you with a few companies.© 2014 BerchBarks Media LLC
  7. 7. The Solution… But at the end of the day you need the skills (job and interviewing) to land the job yourself.© 2014 BerchBarks Media LLC
  8. 8. The Solution… Know Where Your Resume Goes Tell all recruiters flat out NOT to send your resume to any company without your prior consent, preferably in writing.© 2014 BerchBarks Media LLC
  9. 9. The Solution… Never let a recruiter pressure you into taking an interview or accepting a job. It’s your choice. No Exceptions.© 2014 BerchBarks Media LLC
  10. 10. The Solution… When Should I Start Building Relationships with Headhunters? Last Year (or now if you haven’t started yet)© 2014 BerchBarks Media LLC
  11. 11. BONUS Tip… If you like the recruiter, introduce them to your friends. Recruiters will love you for this, because it shows you’re interested in giving as well as taking in the relationship.© 2014 BerchBarks Media LLC
  12. 12. Find Out More… Get the full article headhunters/© 2014 BerchBarks Media LLC