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Linked in socialmediamarketingevent_presentation_mk_13.04.10

  2. 2. Facebook peoplehas more and more spend anthan over than avg of1.01 585 800 6.5BLmonthly users ML daily users ML Facebook H on Facebook updates each month every day
  3. 3. UK64ML 1.01BL 15.7 = +
  4. 4. Social media has changed the way that brandscommunicate and interact with their fans and customers.
  5. 5. How can we tangibly measure the engagement and value of our social media efforts? By how many Is this really By the number By the amount By the number people are valuable? Are of new of shares or of likes? talking about we missing followers? re-tweets? us? something?060504030201 It’s time we begin to change our approach as to how to use and extract value from Facebook and our social media activities in order to maximize the loyalty, engagement and revenue potential of our captive audience.
  6. 6. Facebook is not just another communication channel. It CAN be alsobe a way to gather detailed social insights and rich data about your customers and users. Just imagine if you knew your customers’ Favorite musician Which sports teams they follow Where they live Where they work Where they studied How much money they make If they are “single”, “in a relationship” or “married” How many friends they have Where they go for brunch each Sunday morning Their favorite television show Where they go for brunch each Sunday morning Their favorite television show
  7. 7. An app is the key to collect social data about your customers and users.
  8. 8. When people sign into your site using a Facebook Login on engage with your app, they consent to share their social data.Demographic info InterestsActions Likes
  9. 9. Cubeyou is a revolutionary customer analytics tool that enables you to turn yoursocial media marketing into a competitive advantage for your business by leveraging a Facebook login or app. DEMOGRAPHIC PICTURES Age and Gender City and Country Language POSTS CLEAN DATA INTERESTS Books LIKES TV Movies Sports PLACES Restaurants LOCATIONS Sport Arenas Shopping CRUNCH DATA SOCIAL PSICOGRAPHIC CONNECTIONS Music Lover Brand Consciuos Young Parent Our mission is to help companies understand their audience so that they can createmarketing programs with impact and build better products, services and experiences.
  10. 10. GENDER AGE RANGE MARITAL STATUS COUPLE 0-17 12% SINGLE 12% 18-25 20% 48% 26-35 45% 36-45 15% >45 8% MARRIED 40%62% 28% AVG AGE 32 Cubeyou is a flexible and robust, cloud-based platform that makes it easy to store, access, analyze and uncover meaningful patterns in your data. We help you makes sense of your audience information.
  11. 11. HOW IT WORKS 1 2 3 4 5 6 FB ACCEPT GET ACCESS SEGMENT ACT LOGIN APP DATA DATA1. You engage your customers using a Facebook Login/app2. Your customer accepts your app permissions3. You collect your customer’s social data4. You use Cubeyou to access all of your customer insights5. You use Cubeyou to create customized segments and uncover your target customer groups6. You use your newfound insights to take action!
  12. 12. Cubeyou gives you 3 ways to get to know your audience: All users Segments IndividualsA big picture overview A look at customized An up-close and detailedof all your customers audience segments to access to individuals understand a group’s profiles. unique characteristics.
  13. 13. Cubeyou gives you big picture look at all of your users. When you login to Cubeyou, you will see a simplified, interactive dashboard of yourcustomers’ social data that includes detailed demographics, brand affinities, interests, social influence metrics, a typical buyer persona of your users and in-app metrics.
  14. 14. Slice and dice your audience by any variable to create customizeduser segments and understand, in seconds, how groups compare and how they differ. DEMOGRAPHICall MALE users in NY + 25-35 years old and INTERESTS HOCKEY NY TIMES COLDPLAY TORONTO CSI
  15. 15. Cubeyou makes it easy to understand your typical customer and your customized segments through our buyer personas.
  16. 16. Cubeyou gives you an up-close and detailed access to individuals profiles.
  17. 17. Cubeyou’s game changing features and benefits:1. Plug and play: Cubeyou is easy to use and even easier to install; simply copy paste and go.2. We keep it fresh: Access information that is updated with every “like” giving accurate, real-time insights into the latest developments of your customers’ lives.3. Raw, real relevant information: Cubeyou gives you genuine customer insights by focusing on Facebook data. Unlike other social media where users often “put on a professional face” or don’t keep an update profile, users on Facbook are very active and like, post, comment and share information about their personal lives and true interests.4. Compare apples and oranges: Uncover meaningful differences between segments by comparing one group to another.5. A single home base: Cubeyou enables companies to aggregate and store data from multiple apps and social logins on one flexible, cloud-based platform.6. Spread your message: Export your customer information including names and email addresses so that you can control who you reach and how often you reach them.7. Privacy protection:  We take customer data safety very seriously. Our system is EU and USA privacy compliant and security certified at the highest level ISO 27005. 8. Data Ownership: We’ve got 2 words for you: it’s yours!
  18. 18. Cubeyou turns your customers’ social data into a competitive advantage for your business. Content marketing Increase brand engagement by developing and Partnerships providing content that your customers actuallyIdentify partnership, co-marketing and corporate care. sponsorship opportunities with brands that are favored by your target customers. Keep them interested and you will keep them on your site longer. Effective advertisements Incentivize customer loyalty Create customized ads and offers for different Create better ways to attract and reward target segments based on what they do or what customers. they like Media Buying Know which media channels and programs are Location planning popular among target customers. Use customer distribution for more effective store planning Identify spokespersons and celebrityendorsements that your target customers follow.
  19. 19. A travel company segments its audience by their “relationship status” to deliver atargeted direct email campaign for weekend getaways to specific customer groups.Cubeyou is integrated with Mailup! Engaged/in a Singles relationship Family Treat yourself and enjoy a night romantic weekend Family weekend together on the town! getaway
  20. 20. Who thinks we are cool“With Cubeyou we can finally collect invaluable information about our customers and gain insights like never before.” Francesco Fabbri, Marketing Manager, Amadori “Thanks to Cubeyou, we’ve been able to convert our Facebook fans into a real and tangible value for the company.” Marco Locatelli, Digital Media Manager, Finelco Group (Virgin Radio)
  21. 21. To get started and begin driving real value from your social media, go to
  22. 22. Here is what you’ll need APP APP APP SOCIAL SECRET ID LOGIN KEY*you can find this information at where your app was created.
  23. 23. Enter your app information in the appropriate form fields.Click on Generate Code.
  24. 24. Cubeyou will generate a unique tracking code for each one of your apps. Copy and paste this simple javascipt the backend of the webpages where you app is located. Copy . Paste. Done!
  25. 25. The complete Cubeyou solutionPersonalized and brand Canvas page + App + Customer analytics FB APP
  26. 26. In the age of social media, the customer is king!“In the age of the customer, the only sustainable competitive advantage you can have isthe degree to which you know and engage with your individual customers”The Wall Street Journal“By using big data to truly understand customer preferences and anticipate futurebehavior, companies can significantly improve customer service and loyalty. In the era ofthe digital empowered consumer, this is crucial. Customer information and analytics canhelp companies connect with customers in new more effective and relevant ways thatenhance and personalize customer interactions and satisfaction.Mr. Michael J. Schroeck , IBM
  27. 27. Your customer expect and deserve a personalized experience and relationship with you and with the hundreds of brands in their lives.Brands that listen to their fans and followers and leverage the vast sources of dataavailable will succeed. Those that don’t will increasingly become strangers to their customers. Where will you be? Thank you!