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Heinz pitch brief


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Kraft spent $540 million on domestic ads last year, and Heinz spent more than $40 million. The combined figure is expected to drop—and be spread among fewer agencies—as the conglomerate strives for greater efficiency.

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Heinz pitch brief

  2. 2. OVERVIEW Kraft spent $540 million on domestic ads last year, and Heinz spent more than $40 million. The combined figure is expected to drop - and be spread among fewer agencies - as the conglomerate strives for greater efficiency. Currently, Kraft Heinz is reviewing its creative accounts with an eye to cutting costs - and the company is actively looking for agencies to come up with creative marketing ideas (while the work itself will be outsourced to production houses). Most likely, this review will involve Heinz's incumbent agencies: McGarryBowen, Leo Burnett, Taxi, CP&B, Cramer-Krasselt and David. But, if you were to want to catch the attention of one of the biggest food brands in the world, this is how we would go about it: Understand the Heinz audience better than Heinz does! Here is our in-depth analysis of the Heinz consumer. BACKGROUND SUMMARY Founded by Henry Heinz in 1869, the H. J. Heinz Company manufactures thousands of food products in plants located on six continents, and markets these products in more than 200 countries and territories. Its top-selling product is the world-famous Heinz Ketchup. Heinz’s mission is “to be the best food company, growing a better world” and on March 25, 2015, the brand announced its merger with Kraft Foods, arranged by Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital.
  3. 3. OVERLAP ANALYSIS 6.41% 5.18% Some of the best marketing opportunities can be inspired by one audience’s enthusiasm for multiple products (need we say: “chocolate and peanut butter?”). Here we see where the Heinz audience overlaps with two other major food brands: TGI Fridays and Ore-Ida. The Overlap analysis, among H.J. Heinz company brands, reveals that about 1/20th of the Heinz Ketchup audience follows other Heinz brands in other markets. The highest overlap occurs between Heinz Ketchup and Ore-Ida frozen french fries and tater tots, while TGI Friday’s restaurant audience gathers less ketchup consumers. 2.8%
  4. 4. We can also see in which demographic segments Heinz enjoys the deepest penetration. The brand resonates strongest with Generation Z who are growing up with the Heinz brand. We found the penetration scores by measuring the number of people interested in Heinz Ketchup in the reference market. Then we segmented penetration by generation cohorts in order to measure the Heinz ketchup social media presence in each generation. Penetration peaks with Generation Z (13 to 17-year-olds) at 11.5%, after which it falls to 8.5% for Baby Boomers, 7.1% for Generation Xers, and a paltry 6.5% for Millennials. Heinz is already trying to improve their performance with Millennials by launching globally-inspired flavors, like Sriracha and Jalapeno, which is appropriate for this demographic segment known for globe-trotting. PENETRATION ANALYSIS 8.5% BABY BOOMERS GENERATION X MILLENNIALS GENERATION Z 6.5% 7.1% 11.5%
  5. 5. Ian McCarthy, Heinz’s Marketing Controller, said in an interview that Heinz’s social media strategy is to primarily drive engagement and advocacy stating, “our priority is to add value to consumers through branded messages that are in touch with their needs and reinforce their love for our amazing brands.” Last year’s facebook campaign “Grow Your Own” reached 11 Million people, expanding Heinz’s social presence for the cost of giving out free tomato seed packets. CURRENT MARKETING GOALS PLAY ME
  6. 6. The Heinz Ketchup audience is composed prevalently of college educated women without kids but who are in relationships. Forty percent of the audience belongs to the middle class with annual incomes between $40k and $70k. The majority of people in this audience belong to the Millennial generation (31%), followed by Gen Xers (26%) and Baby Boomers (22%). AUDIENCE ANALYSIS TARGET SEGMENT: HEINZ’S KETCHUP CUSTOMERS POPULARITY 156175124139 20.42% REACH 7.81% 13.94% 27.27% 34.50% 196 SPORT LOVERS MOVIE LOVERS BUSINESS PEOPLE FOOD LOVERS FASHION LOVERS TRAVEL LOVERS SOCIAL ACTIVIST BEAUTY & WELLNESS AWARE OUTDOOR ENTHUSIAST GAMERS BOOK LOVER PET LOVERS HOME DECORATORS & DIY’S PUBLIC FIGURES FOLLOWERS GENDER Female (67%) AGE 25-34 (31%) STATUS Married (51%) FAMILY No Kids (68%) EDUCATION College (66%) INCOME $40K - $70K (43%) # NAME REACH POPULARITY RELEVANCE 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 Beauty & Wellness ... Fashion Lovers Music Lovers Travel Lovers Sport Lovers Car Lovers Movie Lovers Social Activist Home Decorations ... Public Figures Foll... 28.23% 25.04% 20.26% 19.61% 19.44% 19.34% 19.32% 17.26% 17.03% 16.15% 185.69 171.88 124.60 178.90 141.49 194.26 146.61 160.89 189.37 173.29 189.94 190.82 149.40 185.24 160.57 194.81 163.97 173.33 191.74 181.40
  7. 7. HEINZ CONSUMER PASSIONS - FOCUS: FASHION Their fashion preferences go to unisex and women's clothing, while clothes specifically designed for children and men have a very limited reach. In terms of a specific brand, Old Navy and Hanes best reach the Heinz ketchup audience. Both clothing brands are known for comfort and affordability. # NAME REACH POPULARITY RELEVANCE 2 3 4 1 Unisex Women's Clothing Children's Clothing Men's Clothing 31.69% 30.07% 12:06% 2.97% 128.11 111.44 143.32 64.9 151.26 140.09 158.77 102.26 TRENDS + 2,5% + 4,63% + 24,44% + 10% # NAME REACH POPULARITY RELEVANCE 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 Old Navy American Eagle Out... Hanes Coach Levi's Carhartt Life is good Hollister Co. Gap Express 7.46% 3.5% 3.01% 2.93% 2.47% 2.31% 2.14% 2.08% 2.07% 2.02% 176.63 129.5 192.23 168.82 165.21 162.73 175.48 107.51 174.09 116.45 173.64 141.53 162.08 161.68 157.39 153.51 159.27 123.5 157.5 127.23 FASHION GENRES Top 10 Unisex Clothing Brands IF YOU WANT KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS AUDIENCE CLICK HERE
  8. 8. Taking a look at the music preferences of the target, we discover a down-to-earth audience who likes to be entertained by themes of everyday life, perfectly represented by the country legend Johnny Cash as well as new stars like Lady Antebellum. Of course, this All-American audience would listen to Country. # NAME REACH POPULARITY RELEVANCE Pop Music Classic Rock and Ol ... Indie and Alternativ ... Country Music Urban and Hip-Hop 1 2 3 4 5 48.22% 43.58% 35.28% 31.36% 30.1% 73 72.33 36.9 113.34 49.44 114.99 114.45 90.8 141.5 99.12 TRENDS +20,51% -10% -0,41% -5,86% -3,61% REACH RELEVANCE 100591750.04%39.78%26.52%13.26%<0.01% 141 183 Johnny Cash Lady Antebellum George Strait Rascal Flatts Jason Aldean Carrie Underwood Kenny Chesney Brad Paisley Tim McGraw Reba McEntire HEINZ CONSUMER EMOTIONS - FOCUS: MUSIC TOP MUSIC GENRES TOP 10 COUNTRY SINGERS IF YOU WANT KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS AUDIENCE CLICK HERE
  9. 9. The websites visited most by this audience are about entertainment, an interest which reaches 64% of the target. Among these websites, the “sports funny-page” grabs the attention of the 9.4% of the audience with a very high penetration percentage. # NAME REACH POPULARITY RELEVANCE Sports-Funny Page YouTube FreeFlys XFINITY Best Vines 1 2 3 4 5 9.76% 9.16% 4.16% 3.68% 3.58% 193.86 114.52 129.64 147.43 22.53 177.06 138.2 143.57 152.15 77.55 RELEVANCE 12314292106 31.09% REACH 4.43% 17.00% 46.87% 64.55% 164 FOODTRAVEL HEALTH GOSSIP FASHION GREEN KIDS BEAUTY MUSIC, ENTERTAINMENT NEWS & SEARCH ENGINES POLITICS BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY MOTOR ART EDUCATION & CULTURE MOVIES HEINZ CONSUMER MEDIA - FOCUS: WEBSITE TOP 5 FOOD WEBSITEWEBSITE GENRES
  10. 10. Among all the influencers we found fictional characters to be the most relevant to the target audience. Dory, the funny fish from Disney’s Finding Nemo, comes in at first place in the ranking, gathering 5.1% of the audience. # NAME REACH POPULARITY RELEVANCE 2 3 4 5 1 Dory Sheldon Cooper Patrick Star Reptar Winnie the Pooh 5.19% 3.5% 3.28% 3.07% 2.95% 124.76 131.39 115.95 99.43 161.8 140.95 141.79 132.2 120.81 156.35 REACH RELEVANCE 100755175.04%56.29%37.52%18.76%<0.01% 125 149 Other Famous People Actors and Directors Writers Fictional Characters Politics Models Artists Chefs HEINZ CONSUMER INFLUENCERS - FOCUS: FAMOUS PEOPLE FAMOUS PEOPLE GENRES TOP 5 OTHER FAMOUS PEOPLE IF YOU WANT KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS AUDIENCE CLICK HERE
  11. 11. If you need more insights on this target and its competitors click HERE or drop us a line We are here to help!