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Dickie’s Pitch Brief


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sic blue-collar clothing brand has ended its relationship with AOR Creature Seattle after four years and could soon launch a creative review.

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Dickie’s Pitch Brief

  1. 1. NEW BUSINESS PITCH Quality Workwear and Apparel
  2. 2. NAME Dickie’s Leaves Creature Seattle BRAND PITCH TYPE Creative Work MARKET United States DATE March 15 , 2016 The Data You Need to Win This Pitch th DESCRIPTION Dickie’s, a longtime favorite of factory workers and skate punks everywhere, may soon be looking for a new ad agency partner. The classic blue-collar clothing brand has ended its relationship with AOR Creature Seattle after four years and could soon launch a creative review.
  3. 3. Client Profile / Market C.N. Williamson and E.E. "Colonel" Dickie began their business careers in the "vehicle and harness" business in Bryan, Texas in 1918. They and a few friends established the U.S. Overall Company, and in 1922, C. Don Williamson joined with his father and cousin to buy 100% of the overall company on a one-third-each basis, renaming it the Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company. From its early years, Williamson-Dickie enjoyed steady growth, slowed only by the Great Depression. During World War II, the company produced millions of uniforms for the nation's armed forces. In converting to civilian production after the war, C. Don Williamson began a strategy of geographical expansion and established new production facilities, warehouses, and sales territories throughout the United States. In the late 1950s, Williamson-Dickie became an international company and is currently sold in all 50 U.S. states and throughout the world in countries such as Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Australia, Russia, Chile, South Korea, Japan, Iceland, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Croatia, Poland and Mexico. FINANCIAL OVERVIEWCOMPANY BACKGROUND MAIN COMPETITORS 2015 Sales (mil) 2015 Employees Employee Growth Percent Assets (mil) Net Income Growth Percent Sales Growth Percent 2,422.175 5.300 NA NA NA NA
  4. 4. APPAREL RETAIL SALES GROWTH 2012 - 2013 MenWomen Men’s apparel sales growing faster than women’s Men’s apparel retail sales reached $60.8 billion in 2013, a 5 percent increase over the $57.8 billion generated in 2012, according to The NPD Group, a market research firm. By comparison, the U.S. women’s apparel market grew just 4 percent with sales of $116.4 billion dollars. 5% 3,75% 2,5% 1,25% 0% 3.80% 5.00%
  5. 5. Shopping: A Millennial male’s passion 38% 10% Thirty-eight percent of Millennial Males shops for clothes twice a month, whereas only 10 percent of Non- Millennial males shop as often. Millennials buy more frequently and spend twice as much on apparel per year as previous generations. % OF CONSUMERS SHOPPING FOR CLOTHES TWICE A MONTH Millennial Males Non Millennial Males 2x Male Millennials spend twice as much $$$ on apparel per year as men of previous generations. Boston Consulting Group
  6. 6. INTERESTS AVG. ANNUAL SALES GROWTH Online sales generate growth GROWTH IN ONLINE SALES FROM 2010 TO 2015 Men’s Clothing Groceries Shoes Health products, vitamins, supplements Computer & tablets Cosmetics Beer, wine & liquor INTERESTS AVG. ANNUAL SALES GROWTH Men’s Clothing Groceries Shoes Health products, vitamins, supplements Computer & tablets Cosmetics Beer, wine & liquor PROJECTED GROWTH IN ONLINE SALES FROM 2015 TO 2020 The growth is expected to continue and by 2020, analysts from Ibisworld predict growth of 14.2% Online sales of Men’s clothing registered double digit growth, outpacing more popular items like beer and electronics.
  7. 7. The rise of new trends THE LUMBERSEXUAL THE ATHLEISURE Bearded Flannel - Wearing Outdoorsy looking Comfortable Sporty Expresses a lifestyle
  8. 8. LUMBER SEXUAL • • • Recent efforts by the company (along with competitors like Carhartt) appeal to a younger, hipper audience. - - • • •
  9. 9. Lumbersexual 101 • Beard Care: Importance of the beard. • Bold Beanie: A fashion staple. • Pullover fleece • Flannel Shirt • Vintage-styled tee • Vest • Distressed Jeans • Hiking / Climbing / Working Pants • Hiking Boots MOTOR DRINKS OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES TECHNOLOGY PASSIONS
  10. 10. Lumbersexual 101: The Value of the Beard Men’s grooming market to hit $6B by 2017. 41% of social conversations about lumbersexuals is primarily related to their beards. “For the first time in history, men spent more cash on male-specific toiletries than on shaving products.” - -
  11. 11. TATTOOS Are sported by many lumbersexuals. “Inked” and “Freshly Inked” are among their favorite magazines. PLAID SHIRTS The plaid shirt market grew 65% in 2015. - BOMBER JACKETS Arriving in the US and UK in Spring ‘15 grew, this trend grew 128% compared to the year before. Lumbersexual 101: Personal Style
  13. 13. DICKIE’S AUDIENCE CROSSOVERS TOP SOURCESTOP BRANDS Lumbersexual 101: Motors MOTORCYCLES 190.2 ( popularity index ) MOTOR LOVERS 188.7 ( popularity index ) They are motor lovers too (Pop. Index: 185.6) They spark high interest on Motorcycles (Pop Index: 193.4) Indian (159.6) & Harley Davidson (159.1) are highly relevant Bike Exif (R 150.5) is among the top news sources
  14. 14. DICKIE’S AUDIENCE CROSSOVERS BEERS 179.1 ( popularity index ) TOP SOURCESTOP BRANDS LIQUORS 177.8 ( popularity index ) Lumbersexual 101: Drinks Alcoholic Beverages are popular (Liquors 181.6 | Beer 170.9) They over index on Liquor and under index on Beer, compared to Lumbersexuals They prefer other beer brands. (Pabst Blue Ribbon 157.2 | Coors Light 152.6 | Corona 150.9) Midnight Moon Moonshine (151.3) and Jagermeister (150.4) are not the favorite liquor brands, but still relevant
  15. 15. DICKIE’S AUDIENCE CROSSOVERS BACKPACKING 188.7 ( popularity index ) TOP OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES 174153134117102 0.14% 0.30% 0.47% 0.63% 0.79% POPULARITY BACKPACKING MOUNTAIN BIKING HUNTING REACH Lumbersexual 101: Outdoor Activities CANOEING SURFING They enjoy Outdoor activities (Outdoor Lovers 180.2) They don’t resonate with backpacking activities (15.9 Pop) Mountain Biking scores very low in popularity index (3.4) Hunting is highly popular (189.8)
  16. 16. SHARING CONTENT VIA... TOP BRANDS NERDS 128.8 ( popularity index ) Lumbersexual 101: Technology “He looks like a man of the woods, but works at The Nerdery, programming for a healthy salary and benefits. His backpack carries a MacBook Air, but looks like it should carry a lumberjack’s axe.” - - 24.3% 23.2% 19.4% 9.7% Android Mobile Web iPhone Desktop / Web DICKIE’S AUDIENCE CROSSOVERS They are interested in GoPro too (R 152.0) They are definitely not interested in DJI (R 25.3) Both audiences are interested in vintage music items produced by Crosley Radio (147.2) They can’t be defined as nerds. This psychographic trait scores poorly in popularity (7.0)
  17. 17. 65% LUMBERSEXUAL Dickie’s - Lumbersexuals Adherence Dickie’s audience share 65% of the Lumbersexual’s favorite interests and passions.
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