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Japan and its declining population


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We discussed in our Powerpoint how the decline of the Japanese population can have major effects on its economy and social structure

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Japan and its declining population

  1. 1. Japan and its declining Population Shelby Otterbein Jonathan Grau Luis Lopez
  2. 2. Where is it happening? Within the country of Japan and its cities.
  3. 3. Who is affected? Older generation who lived through WWII
  4. 4. Affected cont. Older generation not being taken care of by children Some young adults and teenagers are staying indoors more rather go outside.
  5. 5. How does this affect everyone? Rural farmers are in need of help Jobs in nursing and business Farmers not willing to give up land
  6. 6. How long has it been happening?
  7. 7. SOLUTIONS!! • Government sponsored programs • Promotion of sex • Allow the elderly to work as well • Inequality in workplace • Immigration
  8. 8. Why did we choose this topic?