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Opinions through images


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Opinions through images

  1. 1. Opinions Through Images By Eanan Nagle
  2. 2. Precedents• All of us are familiar with the expression of opinion and meaning through images and art.• Political cartoons have been around for centuries, and they’ve helped to not only advance this type of self- expression, but enhance the art of satire.• People figured out a long time ago that visual fields are ideal for giving opinions.
  3. 3. The Inspirational Effect• When people think of inspirational images, they almost always think of photographs. However, even a personal creation can have a major impact.• Take, for example, this familiar image from the annals of history:
  4. 4. Advantages• All essays and written presentations are meant to channel the creator’s intentions and create mental images. Visual methods skip straight to this end goal.• Much more straightforward• Much more difficult for an audience to lose focus
  5. 5. Drawbacks • Stigma that images, by being simpler than essays and the like, are also “dumber”. Some people will ignore it automatically. • Just like written works, if a visual presentation isn’t creative or coherent, it will flop, and has no more room for error than other vehicles
  6. 6. Authenticity• Even if an image manages to convey your thoughts, there’s no guarantee it will succeed.• Given the nature of the Internet, humor and shock will always triumph over level-headedness.
  7. 7. Controversy• Just as some people are not going to be accepting of your opinion, so too are there those who will denounce how you present it.• Take, for example, the works of Andres Serrano, whom people have blasted for his approach to art.