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Combine the best of NAS and Cloud with Avere’s Enterprise Hybrid Cloud NAS


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While the advantages are attractive, organizations must overcome the challenges of using the cloud like potential performance degradation, user disruption, cloud gateway limitations, and unfamiliar interface. Enterprise needs a solution that can combine the features of on-premises NAS with Cloud to boost productivity and provide agility.

Read more to understand how Avere Hybrid Cloud NAS provides an infrastructure that is simple, easy to install, create and configure.

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Combine the best of NAS and Cloud with Avere’s Enterprise Hybrid Cloud NAS

  1. 1. Enterprise Hybrid Cloud NAS: Enabling Flexibility and Simplicity DOWNLOAD SOLUTION BRIEF
  2. 2. © 2014 Avere. All Rights Reserved. IT organizations are increasingly interested in using cloud for their enterprise-class computing and storage. Cloud services offer many benefits, including cost savings and the ability to keep up with exponential data growth. Moving to the cloud simplifies IT management. You won’t have to worry about servers, disks, software upgrades or maintenance, as all of this is taken care of by the cloud service provider. Also, your time to productivity can be drastically reduced. No more waiting for equipment to be delivered, installed and configured. You can be up and running in the cloud with all the compute and storage you need in a matter of minutes. The cloud has many advantages, but it also presents some challenges for enterprises. • Unfamiliar interface. Object storage presents an unfamiliar interface such as Amazon S3 to users. Most applications running in the data center do not support cloud storage interfaces. Instead they support NAS protocols such as NFS and SMB/CIFS. • Performance degradation. Communication with the cloud is over long geographic distances, resulting in high network latency and significant performance degradation. • User disruption. There is no easy way to get data into the cloud without impacting users. • Cloud gateway limitations. Cloud gateways afford simple access to the cloud but do not scale and introduce single points of failure, putting serious restrictions on their usefulness for enterprise applications. Avere Enterprise Hybrid Cloud NAS The solution to these challenges is Avere Enterprise Hybrid Cloud NAS – an IT architecture that can allow you to use cloud IT resources much like you use a utility. But how do enterprise data centers cost-effectively overcome the challenges and transition to infrastructure as a utility? And, how does it become as seamless and reliable as traditional utilities like electricity where many are serviced from just a few centralized ‘power’ sources? • Access through Avere FXT Edge Filers. Compute and storage resources in the cloud and on-premises compute and storage resources are made available to each other by using Avere FXT Edge Filers. Physical FXT Edge Filers sit in the data center and Virtual FXT Edge Filers run in cloud compute, both providing low latency and high availability by caching data in local high-performance storage and allow users to take advantage of cloud compute with out the risk of moving the data. The Edge Filers also simplify data management by supporting global namespace as well as lower costs by allowing data to be stored wherever it makes sense. • Scalable cloud NAS. Virtual FXTs deliver scalable NAS for cloud compute servers. Virtual FXT clusters scale from 3 to 50 nodes and allow for burst compute and permanent IT infrastructure.
  3. 3. © 2014 Avere. All Rights Reserved. With Avere Hybrid Cloud NAS, it is easy to use cloud compute resources and storage just when you need them to accommodate peaks, process large data analysis jobs, support file-based apps, or replace aging on-premise infrastructure. Data can stay on-premises or move to the cloud. Your enterprise NAS apps can be moved to cloud compute servers without rewriting. Avere Hybrid Cloud provides an infrastructure that is simple. It is easy to install, create and configure Virtual FXT Edge Filer nodes. And, no shipments or labor-intensive setups are needed to get started. Avere’s Enterprise Hybrid Cloud NAS provides a simple, flexible and cost-effective infrastructure that combines the best of NAS and Cloud. To learn more, download the Cloud Bursting Solution Brief. DOWNLOAD SOLUTION BRIEF