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Portfolio of Corporate Communication


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Portfolio of Corporate Communication for private, public and non profit organizations in different sectors: Civil Construction, Telecommunication, Health, Agriculture, housing, Real state, Opinion maker, volunteer, etc..

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Portfolio of Corporate Communication

  1. 1. ] ] Corporate Communication Portfolio Cássia Ayres
  2. 2. Personal Profile Brazilian, born in 1977. I have a BA in Social Communication from the Catholic University of Salvador – Brazil and extra courses in field of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. My experience covers more than 15 years working with: • Corporate Communication • Advertising and Marketing • Media Relations and Public Relations • Sustainability Management and Corporate Social Responsibility • Social and Environmental Journalism • Author of Journals and articles
  3. 3. Opinion Maker, Social Journalism and Volunteering
  4. 4. Opinion Maker, Social Journalism and Volunteering Spokesperson and Opinion
  5. 5. Opinion Maker, Social Journalism and Volunteering Opinion Articles
  6. 6. Opinion Maker, Social Journalism and Volunteering Journalism - EXAME Angola Business Magazine
  7. 7. Opinion Maker, Social Journalism and Volunteering Journalism – Eco Desenvolvimento – Webportal
  8. 8. Opinion Maker, Social Journalism and Volunteering Coordinator of “Viver” group - assisting people with HIV-AIDS Volunteering
  9. 9. Opinion Maker, Social Journalism and Volunteering Coordinator of Eco-friendly education program – “Kamba Verde” Volunteering
  10. 10. Opinion Maker, Social Journalism and Volunteering Coordinator of Eco-friendly education program “Kamba Verde” Volunteering
  11. 11. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability
  12. 12. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Profile Founded in 2006 by Mitrelli (Former LR Group), the Art and Culture Foundation is a private non-profit organization whose goal is to provide social support to the community in Angola with projects in the areas of Culture, Arts Education and entrepreneurship. The Foundation is a national reference in Corporate Social Responsibility, for bringing the topic at conferences and debates with civil society, encouraging adherence private investment in human development. Responsibilities Deputy Director - responsible for supervising 12 active projects, managing HR global budget, institutional communication, being the official spokesperson of the NGO.
  13. 13. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Press Officer
  14. 14. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Projects Supervisor
  15. 15. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Profile UNICEF has been working in partnership with the Government of Angola in special programs such as "11 Commitments to Children" under "Millennium Development Goals" – MDG and immunization campaigns. The goal is to ensure that all children in the country have access to their basic rights and enjoy a better quality of life. Services Performed Planning of advertising campaign with the Ministry of Social Welfare on “11 commitments”, and health preventive campaigns.
  16. 16. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Planning of Advertising Campaign
  17. 17. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Profile The United Nations Development Program - UNDP in Angola integrates Developing Sustainable Business program, which aims to increase the knowledge of private partners in the country on the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR based on the Global Compact. One strategy for stakeholder involvement was conducting a market study that mapped CSR that culminated in the first national conference on the theme that brought together business decision makers and public. Another step is to create the first network Social Responsibility in Angola. Services Performed Consulting and coordination of group communication and fundraising, being a member in coordinating both areas for the formation of CSR Network.
  18. 18. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Communication Advisory and Planning of Advertising Campaign
  19. 19. Civil Construction and Real State
  20. 20. Civil Construction and Real State Profile Multinational company that operates in diverse sectors such as engineering and construction, real estate, oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals, biofuels, Defense and Technology, among others. In Angola, the company that has existed for 30 years, stands for tradition and important works of infrastructure in the project to rebuild the country after the civil war. Performed Activities Through a partnership of advertising agency, I coordinated several campaigns of real estate projects to A income class, such as: Nobless, Belas Garden, Arte Yetu, acting in planning, account manager and production areas.
  21. 21. Civil Construction and Real State Campaigns
  22. 22. Civil Construction and Real State Profile Kora is a mixed capital company (private-state) whose main project is the construction, development and real estate of 40,000 affordable houses throughout the country under the public project "Meu Sonho, Minha Casa" created by the Government of Angola to provide access to housing to the lower income society. Performed Activities Press officer for release stage and post launch.
  23. 23. Civil Construction and Real State Press Officer
  24. 24. Health
  25. 25. Health Center for health and labor safety Profile The CSST is the first center in Angola that provides service to public and private companies for all profiles, acting in the early diagnosis of the clinical problems of health, detecting the evaluation of occupational risk factors and advising for effective treatment of occupational diseases detected. Performed Activities Press officer in release.
  26. 26. Health Press Officer
  27. 27. Education
  28. 28. Education Focus Education Present in Angola for over 20 years, through its subsidiaries this group offers integrated solutions in the field of education and vocational training for young people and entrepreneurs. Perform Activities Communication coordination which includes, branding, advertising campaign, and press officer on the launch and pos-launch, of Youth Village and Center of entrepreneurship – CLESE
  29. 29. Education Assessoria de Imprensa e Campanha Publicitária
  30. 30. Education Press Officer and Campaing
  31. 31. Agriculture
  32. 32. Agriculture Profile The company provides agro/industrial solutions in projects of construction and rehabilitation of farms, material suppliers, training and management in agro/business. Performed Activities Public relation, press officer and advertising consulting.
  33. 33. Agriculture Press Officer
  34. 34. Agriculture Profile The New Society Village, previously conceived as an agricultural enterprise of public character, completes a year and a half of private management. The new model of sustainable self-management aims to monitor the agro-industrial and promote socio-economic development of small farmers and farmers of the province of Kwanza Sul - Angola. Services Performed Coordination of the first press conference and maintenance of existing advisory.
  35. 35. Agriculture Merchandising and Clipping
  36. 36. Telecom & TI
  37. 37. Telecom & TI Profile Net One Telecommunications aims to popularize broad band internet access in Angola through affordable costs of modern easy to use equipment. Launched in 2010, the company was the first to bring the innovative technology WiMax, 4G broadband Internet, using portable and wireless devices to a target made up of professionals and students. Performed Activities Coordination of advertising campaign to launch products. Assistance in press conferences and in events of marketing relationships.
  38. 38. Telecom & TI Coordination of Campaign Launch
  39. 39. Telecom & TI Organization of Press Conference Events
  40. 40. Telecom & TI Profile Era Optima is capital own Angolan company providing services in the geographic information system, owns the brand Mototrax. The pioneering service in Angola launched in 2007 allows tracking of vehicles and works by linking a built-in antenna to a receiver that can perform transmission both CDMA as GSM, and satellite. Services Provided Press office and design of booth for exhibitions.
  41. 41. Telecom & TI Press Officer
  42. 42. Security and Defense
  43. 43. Security and Defense Profile Created by Israeli LR Group, the LRD International has extensive experience in the field of security and defense. In Angola, the company operates since 1991, successfully in several projects in partnership with the Ministry of Interior and the National Police Command. Among the major projects that stand out are the Rehabilitation and training of Police Border Guards and the launch of the Laboratory of Forensic Science in Luanda. Services Performed Press office during launch projects.
  44. 44. Security and Defense Press Officer
  45. 45. Financial Market
  46. 46. Financial Market Profile The African Investment Bank - BAI is the one of country's largest bank, with branches and an asset net of 83,383 million dollars (2010). The brand has distinguished itself by diversifying services and proximity to the consumer (Microcredit) Created in 2006, the International Business Bank - BNI Bank was the first "corporate" bank in Angola, aimed at domestic and foreign investors. Over the past three years, the bank began service to individuals by Express Network 24. activities carried out. Activities Performed BAI - Coordination and media production launch campaign of savings and attracting investors in Portugal. BNI - Planning and coordination of the launch campaign of "Rede Expresso 24" and merchandising campaign.
  47. 47. Financial Market Advertising Campaign Planning
  48. 48. Lodging
  49. 49. Lodging Profile Kilunda Paradise Resort is a new concept created in Luanda that allows its users to enjoy unique experiences with nature without leaving the city. After three years of creation, a new management changed the concept, bringing leisure combined to facilities for the corporate market needs. Services Performed Rebranding, complete visual identity, website and social media support, advertising and media relations.
  50. 50. Lodging Chegou um novo conceito de resort à cidade de Luanda -Restaurante -Bungalows -Piscina -Sala de Conferências -Ginásio Externo -Heliporto -Segurança Permanente -TV com antena parabólica -Internet Wireless E-mail: Tlf.: 923349659 Tlm.: 927202625 Endereço: Comuna da Funda, Municipío de Cacuaco, Luanda Site: Facebook: Branding and Advertising
  51. 51. Public Sector
  52. 52. Public Sector Profile Bahia State Government Secretariat of Industry, Commerce and Mining Between 2001 and 2010 the State Government has invested in attracting industrial investments at home and abroad through a policy of tax incentives. The highlights are the automotive industry pulp and paper, footwear and furniture. Activities Press office and house organ production.
  53. 53. Public Sector Profile Angola Government After the Civil War ended in 2002, the process of national reconstruction has used the public sector with special emphasis on rehabilitation services and infrastructure, aiming at socio-economic development by improving the quality of life of the Angolan citizen. Activities Coordination of advertising campaign for the Department of Administration, Employment and Social Security, Ministry of Commerce and the Provincial Government of Luanda, the latter one is in partnership with Odebrecht Angola.
  54. 54. Public Sector Advertising Campaign’s Planning
  55. 55. My links Kamba Verde Main Articles Magazine Exame Sustainability Youtube Channel
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